What Makes DigiCert World’s Largest High-Assurance Certificate Authority

Looking for an SSL certificate provider can be a daunting task as there are not many reliable ones in the market. The main purpose of having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is that it offers a detailed method of encryption. These certificates are highly beneficial in safeguarding the data going from one computer to another website. Plus, it makes sure that the data is unreadable by any hacker, intruder, or third-party. Thus, having an SSL certificate by a reliable provider makes sure that your data is secure and protected within the servers. It builds trust between visitors and the website. Plus, it encourages SEO website rank.

Although there aren’t many SSL certificate providers in the market however the best out of all is DigiCert. It is the best SSL certificate provider with 59% of extended validation in the SSL market. Plus, 96% of organization validation certificates all across the globe.


DigiCert has a partnership with Cloudflare where it offers 13million plus organization-validated certificates and that too through the CDN platform. This largest high-assurance certificate authority is in the business for a very long time and has gained the trust of its customers very well.

Amazing features and pricing plans of DigiCert

There are basically four pricing plans of DigiCert which includes different features. Every feature of DigiCert is unique and offers great customer satisfaction. The entire information including the features as well as pricing plans are mentioned below:

  • Standard SSL plan

The standard SSL plan of DigiCert is of $207.00. Under this plan, there are DigiCert features like standard X.509 certificates, symmetric 256-bit encryption, unlimited server licensing. It also supports 2048-bit public key encryption, offers customer support, display address bar, etc. Plus, DigiCert is compatible with various browsers as well as mobile devices under this plan.

  • EV SSL plan

This plan is for $327.00 with features including RSA public key SHA2 algorithm, unlimited licensing of server, customer support, compatible with the computer, and other devices. Apart from this, you also get DigiCert features like wildcard option, EV option ECC public-key cryptography, etc.

  • Multidomain SSL

the multidomain SSL comes at the cost of $391.00. This plan includes features such as securing unlimited subdomains, compatible with all major devices, offers standard X.509 certificates, symmetric 256-bit encryption, customer support, ECC public key cryptocurrency.

  • Wildcard SSL

this plan by DigiCert is for $653.00. The plan includes four DigiCert features in total. You will get features like RSA public-key SHA-2 algorithm, ECC public-key cryptography, no limit on server licensing, and offers support to the 2048-bit public key encryption with 3072-bit as well as 4096-bit available.



  • It is a credible Certificate Authority in the world.
  • It is cost-effective and highly convenient.
  • It offers strongest Encryption to secure the information round the clock.
  • It is highly compatible and offers universal compatibility with all kinds of devices and browsers.
  • It offers enhanced conversion rate with Site Seal.
  • It has a highly competent and award-winning team of customer support executives to assist customers round the clock.
  • It is now known as the most reliable and secured internet security source catering to over 115,000 clients and customers all across the world.



To sum up this entire DigiCert review, it is definitely the best SSL certificate provider. The platform removes the tension with PKI which results in simple SSL/TLS. DigiCert is the most reliable and trusted certificate authority all across the globe. The features of this platform are superb with 24/7 customer support. Therefore, this is the best certificate management platform to secure your business or website. It is trustworthy and purchase-worthy undoubtedly.





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