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Why Thrive Architect is the best WordPress Page Builder 2020?

The 21st century is displaying a tendency of rapid growth that comes from the urge of transformation. Businesses are now seeking advancement in everything in keeping pace with the dynamic changes. The use of technology has been modified by experts to match up with the flow of marketing. Thrive Architect has become one of the best examples of it. Its technical advancement seemed to be in sync with the new-age creative marketing, which in turn has proven beneficial for providing businesses with speedy development.

Our experts invested prolonged hours in making the Thrive Architect review after inspecting it from every possible perspective. The efficiency of turning ideas into a visual lead-generating landing page in no time has given this WordPress page builder a bit extra edge over others. Understanding the sales-oriented approach of marketers, Thrive Architect landing page, and other features are crafted by its team of experts. This very reason put Thrive Architect in the top 10 WordPress page builder plugin list.


What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect, as the name suggests, is an advanced WordPress landing page builder that intensively focuses on boosting up your business by lead generation. This WordPress site page builder plugins convert your ideas into a beautifully formatted landing page, full of high-quality content. Thrive Architect is ideal for a website build. It makes your online presence felt with its modern features, combined with a fast pace.


Thrive Architecture Features Overview 

Design Templates: 

Templates for Landing Page

One of the main features that keep Thrive Architect ahead of other competitors is its enormous numbers of templates for landing pages of your WordPress site. Thrive Architect lead generation-focused template designs are unique. These are created by experts for making it look professional with an aim for converting leads into paying customers.

Page Builder: 

Webinar Pages

For marketing aficionados, a webinar is the new-age lead generating technique for your business. Marketers often try to involve webinars in the marketing strategy, though creating a webinar funnel is not that easy as it seems. Luckily, with Thrive Architect now, setting up a fully functional webinar funnel is possible without facing high price issues and technical difficulties.

Sales Pages

The abundance of choice does not end with the landing page templates. Sales Pages of Thrive Architect speak volumes with an updated sales-driven format, countdown timer, box shot, proficient content styling, and unique call to action buttons. The added advantage of customized templates of contents and pricing comparisons will push the sales page of your WordPress site a notch higher than your competitors. The professionally immaculate design of your page will catch the attention of your targeted potential customers.

Conversion-oriented Homepage

Your homepage is what you are. This is the most believed concept in the industry that your homepage is the highest visited page. Using professional layouts and advanced features have a higher chance of engaging visitors that leads to boost your conversion.   

Opt-in Pages

Opt-in holds a huge significance in the marketing strategy. It is a page where page visitors opt for newsletter and email notifications. Thrive Architect literally heightens the number of subscribers through its well-structured attractive Opt-in pages.     

Formatted Blog Posts 

The business is evolving its course, so as blogging. Content marketing strategists are now not only writing a text appropriate for your business but empowering your copy with well-structured formats, fonts, images, and relevant social media updates. Experts have seen how organic traffic has a major impact on the business. The higher the shares your blog gets, the chance of engaging customers will be high, which indirectly becomes a driving force to generate leads.

Product Launch Pages

Sketching the marketing plan of your business will be easier yet organized now with the Thrive Architect sets of product launch pages. Designing the product launching page somehow voices your opinion about the product and the thought you hold for your business. Through this page, your potential customers make an impression of you. We have just made it highly professional so that your launch sequence gets a positive response, and your business set out for bigger success.


Design Layouts: 

An awesome Column Layouts with Ultra-Flexible

Column layouts are designed with flexibility for offering customers an ultimate user experience. Whenever a user lands on the page, they will surely notice the contents of these layouts filled with the information you want them to see. It enhances the chance of getting page viewers converted into customers.  

Full-Width Layouts- An X factor of Your web Page

The competency of the thrive architect displayed from the skilled presentation shows the visitors when they land on your page. The span of the entire screen width will be structured professionally with a full-width design layout. The background seems enticing, but the content and other layouts predominately catch the eye of visitors.

Vertical Split Layouts- Unique Combination of Image and Content 

Creating the vertical split layout through the thrive architect has a prime conversion advantage. This type of design layout grabs visitors’ attention due to its larger attractive images, without failing to deliver the message through its headline and body copy.     

Advanced Editing:

The Facility of Instant Drag and Drop Editing

This current era has changed the stream of marketing in accordance with the demands of the industry. Thrive Architect understands the significance of quickness, thus making editing a simple yet fast process with drag and drop. This latest technical advancement removes all the time taking processes that might become hindrances for giving your business page a conversion boost.  

Numerous Hover Effects On Columns 

Your business pages represent your attentiveness towards your customers. Digital marketers use Thrive Architect hover effects knowing the truth full well that captivating hovers increases the possibility of conversion. You can use these hover effects inside a container element.

Font Customization for an Awesome Look

The page you want where your customer to be landed, reciprocates your uniqueness. More useful and fascinating the page will be, more customers will start believing that your service is way better than others. Now, the beautification of text layouts has become easy with a huge number of custom fonts, thanks to Thrive Architect. It has really proven helpful for sites to stand out in the crowd.

Detailed Styling Without Coding Knowledge

With Thrive, you are the one-man army who knows what your business needs. You don’t have to be a pro in coding when setting up your business page. With live updating preview, you can do all the changes in a layout without being a proficient coding expert.   

Text and Image Combinations

Using Thrive also recommended by designing experts for maintaining a perfect synchronized text and image combination. The usage of texts and images at the right places with the right marketing strategy push your lead conversion chances higher.

Dynamic Web Page: 

Dynamic Animations and Actions

The dynamic nature of marketing does not go with the static nature of the website. The changing features of marketing can give you benefits only if you opt for a dynamic version of the website. Not only it breaks down the monotony of static pages, but it also provides your page with plenty of animations and other effects for generating high converting leads.

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Mobile Experience With Thrive Architect

Mobile Responsive Features:

The great aspect of opting for Thrive Architect is its mobile responsive feature. It turns up your ideas of making a sales-oriented page for mobile users a reality. Let’s see how Thrive creates an impactful mobile experience for your business.

Toggle Visibility- Content Blocks and Elements

Providing a premium user experience needs a lot of strategies to implement. Understanding the requirement of such plans, Thrive comes up with Toggle visibility of content blocks and elements for different devices. The screen sizes can be defined for elements of pages where it should be hidden or shown. This one simple step helps you in offering the perfect layout option for different screen sizes.

Different Screen Size Preview

Setting up is necessary, but checking out if the setting is working on your favourite is far more important. Thrive with its different screen size preview sort out the issue of the preview without giving you the stress of page reloading.

Detailed Mobile-Responsive Editing 

The new-age marketing knows that people, nowadays, prefer motion over the static condition. Thrive Architect, as one of the carriers of the approach, concentrate fully on the betterment of mobile user experience. The mobile responsive editing facility assists you in changing your page according to different screen sizes. The editing of your layouts, positioning of elements can be possible without the fear of showing or hiding duplicate elements.

Thrive Architect For Your Social Presence:     

Securing a position in the top 5 WordPress page builder demands lots of quality. Thrive Architect, by far, makes it possible to offer its clients quality services based on the market demands. Encouraging social presence is one of the valued services provided by them. Let’s check out what they have in store for giving your business a social recognition.   

Boost website engagement through quizzes

Thrive Architect is fully aware of the fact that giving your business identification of its own is only possible through its social activity. Thrive Quiz Builder is presented by the Thrive team for letting you engage your customers with tailored quizzes. It permits you to catch their attention and an idea about their insight. It will help you to create a segment-wise email list. This situation will be fruitful for increasing your web engagement and helps you in getting huge numbers of social shares.

Gather Testimonials and Displaying them for Social Proof

Nowadays, content marketers and digital marketing strategists are emphasizing on the small details rather than focusing on big things. Major things are always important, but it is often noticed that paying attention to intricate matters can give you fruitful results, which you might not have imagined. Thrive Ovation is one such functionality that displays testimonials on auto-pilot mode, which acts as a conversion booster of your business.

Make commenting fun and engaging

Thrive team has brought to market the efficient Thrive Comments function, keeping the scope of marketing in mind. Through this advanced property, business owners will be able to take advantage of quick feedback from their customers and enhance the engagement level with the help of various innovative features such as downvoting, upvoting, after-comment-actions other than comment incentives.

Speciality of Thrive Architect (Bold and Different Structure)  

  1. Rapid Implementation- Speed Up Your Growth in Online Business

With a faster implementation of Thrive Architect advanced techniques, you can provide the required stimulation to your business for maintaining rapid growth. Speedy page creation, editing, and usability combinedly assist entrepreneurs in picking up the pace for flying high.

  1. Contact Pages and A/B Testing

Entrepreneurs and small businesses, most of the time, face the turmoil of building a sales-driven contact page. Thrive Architect has made it simple with its contact pages implementation that will help you to generate sales lead for your business.

Other than a contact page, one of the major features Thrive Architect has added in its service, which is A/B Testing. This feature has become popular in the online market for providing business owners an understanding of the effectiveness of two different landing pages. This particular step offers business owners the advantage of measuring the performance of your landing page.  

  1. Email List Creation with Your choice of Email Marketing Tools

Thrive is all set to outsmart its own thrive architect content builder plugin with the advanced version of WordPress page builder plugin features. This page builder plugin has incorporated enormous email marketing tools with which your lead generating forms can be integrated for offering you a sales-driven email marketing list.

  1. Forget the Cluster of Plugins by Installing Thrive Architect

One and for All is the message of Thrive. It does not believe in installing lots of plugins for different purposes. Rather, it incorporates everything to bring every advantage in one place.

All that plugins that might not be needed if you opt for Thrive Architect WordPress Page Builder Plugin:

Thrive Architect Page Builder

  1. Creation of Evergreen Countdown Campaign

The fifth point of this specialty of Thrive ends with the creation of evergreen countdown that makes a difference in popularity. The campaigns will establish the social presence of your business in the target market, while others will be trying hard to find their space in the market. Evergreen countdown campaign creation can be possible with the Thrive Ultimatum tool. This marketing means for WordPress is efficient in heightening the conversion activity of your site. Incorporation of a countdown timer and running evergreen scarcity campaigns are some of the things that spur the growth of your business.

Devices Supported Thrive Architect

We have shared the list of devices where Thrive Architect is supported. See Below:

  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac
  4. Web-based


Thrive Architect integrations with all the services made it an all-rounder service provider of the industry.

Company Size

Thrive Architect lead generation WordPress page builder plugin comes with attractive packages for different sized organizations. It has offers for:

  1. Small Business
  2. Medium Business
  3. Freelancers

Available Support

Support from the Thrive Architect team is, without a doubt, premium experience for its customers. It offers the below-mentioned supports for clients:

  1. Live Support
  2. Tickets System
  3. Training Support

Thrive Architect Page Builder


  1. The Aspect of User-Friendliness

The compactness of the page builder is the USP of Thrive Architect Plugin. Many find it a bit complicated due to its several functionalities in the dashboard, but the useful thrive architect landing page templates and sections cover every requirement of an online business. In this case, the complex usage factor can be overlooked by users.   

  1. The Price Facet of Thrive Architect

It does not matter whether you are a new entrant in the market or a seasoned one. You must admit that the availability of a better WordPress page building plugin in the price of Thrive Architect is almost zero. One thing is sure that Thrive Architect price packages are worth trying due to its reasonable rate with variable features.    

  1. Thrive Architect Support for Its Customers

The support group is not a strong suit of Thrive Architect. If you are expecting a world-class customer care group that solves your problem within a very short time, then it’s not the case with Thrive Architect. Due to the huge numbers of features, one has to go through a lot of explanations. You need to give the support team access to your site to check problems from within.


Technical experts have reviewed this plugin operator other than the marketing professionals of the industry. After analyzing this WordPress page builder from different aspects, professionals have Recommended Thrive Architect for enterprises, medium businesses, and freelancers. We should also mention that some business owners think that it’s better to use Thrive Architect than hiring web developers. The matter is not that simple, as for SMBs, hiring web developers can have some added advantages than just these above-mentioned factors.    

User Experience and Rating

We have kept the user experience and the rating of Thrive almost at the end of this article. These two factors make you understand why marketers are opting for Thrive Architect Plugin. SMBs and freelancers have already tried it out and get the taste of success as well.

Our team has analyzed every aspect carefully before displaying the user experience count and the rating as per experts. The figures are approximate and are given as per our intense research. It may vary for others.

User Experience- 95% to 97% Approximately

Rating From Experts- 8.8 (Close to 9)       


The Thrive team in such a short period has started leaving its footprints in the industry due to its excellence in combining technical advancements with marketing strategies. The outcome, without a doubt, has become a remarkable success.

These Thrive Architect page builder plugin testimonials are just a glimpse of its boldness and efficacy to turn around the market from competitive to innovatively challenging. All these testimonials are not proof, but the pillars of customer reliability.


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