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Why AWeber Email Marketing is Called a Hidden Gem?

Email marketing has become a new buzz word in the world of online marketing. It is an effortless and incredible way to reach a global audience, get in constant touch with an already engaged audience, and to enhance revenues to manifolds without making much effort. However, often it is seen that businesses or companies face a hard time while managing marketing through emails. This is so because they have never come across a fabulous email marketing tool. A well-planned and organized marketing tool is very essential to run flawless email marketing campaigns to fulfill your business targets. Today, one can find a plethora of email marketing tools but for many starters it’s hard to pick the best one. If you are sailing in the same boot as others then it is high time to know about AWeber. It is a market leader for business and entrepreneurs email marketing software. The software was founded in 1998 and for more than 20years it is proving to be the best email marketing software. Till now, it has helped over one million customers all across the globe.

With AWeber, you can have access to responsive landing pages, manage as well as load contacts, analyze the overall results, and can send wonderful emails. It has amazing email marketing features which also includes marketing automation, lead capture, and lead management. Above all, it has a 30days free trail which is a win-win situation for all. Plus, you can cancel your account whenever you want.

Incredible features of AWeber

AWeber is called the best email marketing software for a specific reason. It is so because it offers basic to a high level of AWeber features. All these features are highly beneficial in the long run. Here are some of them mentioned below:

  • Split-test functionality – this is one of the new AWeber features that works brilliantly. It lets you split test to optimize the results in a simpler way. The feature is specially designed to broadcast emails. As compared to other email marketing tools, split-test functionality is only available with AWeber. It benefits in testing various approaches and later you can adopt that for your audience.
  • 850+ integrations – there over 850 integration offered by the software. These will help you in connecting AWeber with other tools as well. Some of the best and popular integrations at the software are:
  • Website builders such as Wix, WordPress, etc.
  • E-Commerce like PayPal, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Social Media like Facebook, Twitter
  • Mobile Applications – as compared to other email marketing platforms, it is AWeber that offers mobile apps. These are available on Android as well as on iOS. There are three mobile apps with a particular purpose.
  • AWeber stats for live email stats.
  • Atom app which is helpful in adding subscribers from the phone.
  • Curate that allows you to create and send emails.

Apart from all these features, AWeber has much more to offer such as full opt-in control, highly customizable signup form builder, drag-and-drop campaign builder, and a lot more. It also offers a versatile range of over 700 HTML e-newsletter templates. One can easily get over 200 templates for Getresponse, 50 templates for Campaign Monitor, and over80 templates for Mailchimp.

Pricing plans of AWeber

AWeber has pricing plans which are set according to small scale business. There is also an option for a 30day free trail. But if you want to have access on all AWeber’s features then here are some of its paid plans:

  • For 500 subscribers, available at $19 per month
  • For 501-2500 subscribers, available at $29 per month
  • For 2501-5000 subscribers, available at $49 per month

How AWeber outshines all the other email marketing tools

  • It offers highly responsive, beautiful, and engaging email designs. One doesn’t need to resize them according to the screen. They automatically get resized as per the device. Thus, one can easily view the content on smart phones and tablets without facing any problem.
  • Unlike other email marketing tools, one can easily use different web fonts with this tool. One doesn’t need to stick to the standard web fonts. Currently, it offers 11 different fonts, including Lato, Arvo, Lora, Merriweather, Noticia Text, Open Sans, Playfair Display, Roboto, Source Sans Pro, Permanent Marker, and Merriweather.
  • It also offers incredible marketing automation feature that helps you to design a professional flowchart to track certain actions of users and target them accordingly with right mails. You can get to know about everything, including site visits, link clicks, purchases made etc. Thus, one can use relevant triggers to design and send mails to enhance the growth rate and conversions.
  • It also offers AMP for email which is an exclusive feature of AWeber. It is a feature which helps recipients to take a call of action, including fixing an appointment or replying to an event within an email without going out. They can also put dynamic content into it such as cricket scores, weather updates, results of surveys, etc.
  • The tool also allows you to segment data in a simplistic manner. You can create new segments on the basis of contents, fields, user activity to ease your mailing task.
  • It also gives you smooth integration with all prominent 3rd party apps, including cloud-based software, web builders and CRM tools.
  • Aweber also offers round the clock support through phone, email, and live chat to offer instant solution to customers queries and problems.


To sum up the entire AWeber review, it is a highly potential email marketing software. It has maintained its standards in the market more than any other competitive email marketing software. Apart from offering great and beneficial features, it also takes care of its customers by providing phone support, 24/7 live chat, and ticket support.

Therefore, AWeber is definitely a hidden gem and you should not hesitate while trying your hands on it.

This AWeber review is completely unbiased and solely meant for the customer’s benefit.


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