HMA VPN – The Fastest and Easiest VPN Available

Do you fear the dangers on the other side of your connection? Are you in need of a trustable VPN? Well, all these questions and fears are fair. The VPN is known as a Virtual Private Network that is beneficial in protecting your online activities as well as maintains your online confidentiality. It is highly used to hide the IP address and allows it to bypass geo-blocks. Plus, a good VPN is efficient in guarding your data from hackers as well as government surveillance. We all know that the online world has become very vulnerable. Thus, an excellent VPN service provider will always keep you safe from online hackers and fraudulent activities.

Although there are many VPNs in the marketplace but HMA VPN is highly trusted and the oldest in the market. It was founded in 2005 and was attained by Avast in 2016. From that time, HMA VPN has launched various marketing as well as advertising campaigns.

Currently, the company is offering its services to around 1000servers in countries like Asia, Africa, America, Guam, Macau, Russia, Australia, Europe, etc.

A speed test of HMA VPN

HMA VPN truly stands for what it promises that is its internet speed. The smart load balancing built makes sure that when you are browsing, you are routed to the fastest and safest server available. The speed of HMA VPN is outstanding within countries like Europe, the U.S.

Whenever you are browsing or streaming HMA VPN allows you to work without interruptions o latency. Talking specifically about gaming, the speed is fine and works well on an everyday basis.

Streaming service support by HMA VPN

Here are some of the streaming service support by HMA VPN mentioned below:

  • Netflix – you can enjoy nonstop Netflix streaming. Most of the small or local streaming services allow less conflict to the streaming. For instance, sports events that are aired via national broadcasters are within the easy reach.
  • BBC iPlayer – HMA VPN is ahead of everything as it allows you to have a streaming service of BBC iPayer. The reason behind it is its “donkeytown servers” through which you can connect to this service without any issue.
  • Apple TV plus – you will be able to have access to apply TV plus through specific US servers. You can also try your hands at European servers to search for the specific content of your choice.
  • Amazon prime video – as compared to other VPNs, if amazon detects your VPN then it will block your IP address. But not in the case of HMA VPN, it has optimized servers for amazon streaming service, and therefore, there is no issue.

HMA also offers incredible online gaming streaming

If you are an ardent online gamer then HMA VPN is a great boon for you. Almost all it’s servers offer 20 Gbps speeds to offer flawless and super-fast online gaming experience. One can play all intense and heavy games, including battle royale etc. One can pick servers across 190 countries to enjoy the best download speed, ping and upload.

HMA VPN offers 100% security and privacy

If you are worried about your online security and privacy then HMA offers 100% assurance to you. It doesn’t collect users’ logs and follows the No Log VPN policy. The VPN doesn’t even track users’ online activities, real IP addresses, and data. Also, HMA has collaborated with the Avast Software to keep dangerous viruses at bay.

Pricing plans of HMA VPN

HMA VPN offers three plans for you to subscribe to it. The first HMA VPN pricing plan is at $11.99/ month. The second HMA VPN pricing plan is for $83.88/ year which is a good option. But the third plan is a super saver option at $143.64 for three years.

Also, it has business plans where you can connect to five devices at the same time. HMA VPN also offers a 30days money-back guarantee.

Highly user-friendly & compatible

One can use it on both desktop and mobile phones without facing any kind of technical glitches. It’s pretty simple, flawless, and user-friendly. However, the latest version of the VPN brings an incredible feature called IP Refresh Button which helps you to change IP addresses within a one click in a particular server or location. Also, it has one more enticing feature called Kill Switch to perform split-tunneling easily.


To sum up this HMA VPN review, it is definitely a great VPN which serves a lot to its users. To keep your activities and work safe from hackers and other government surveillance then HMA VPN is the best choice to go for. Whether you are a casual user or owning a company HMA VPN is highly suitable for you. This entire HMA VPN review is solely meant for your benefit.


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