Surfshark VPN: A Low-Cost VPN but is it Fast Enough?

Have you ever thought about how important a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is while working online? Your data or files are not secure and protected until you have a good VPN by your side. It is basically a tool to achieve maximum online privacy while doing something over the web. It is designed to hide your real IP address from internet service providers, governments, or hackers. It is helpful in encrypting your all online activities and keeping you safe while using public Wi-Fi networks. The two key advantages offered by a VPN service are Privacy and Security.

Due to the growing popularity of VPN service, there are many VPN service providers in the market. However, not all VPN service providers offer maximum security, privacy, etc. But, Surfshark is the most credible, super-fast, and lightweight VPN which is grabbing the attention of people with it’s unbeatable services. It is not in the market on the basis of superficial claims but for great security and privacy.

With Surfshark you can work faster but the speed can be fickle. It aids in unblocking restricted application, websites, and perfectly works in China. Plus there are no restrictions on the connection limit. The perks of Surfshark are more than other VPNs. It is definitely a tough competition to other VPN providers available in the market.

About Surfshark

It is an incredibly powerful and trusted VPN service. It is a good pick for torrenting, streaming, and browsing while hiding your identity online. It gives you an instant access to all geo-restricted websites, and you can access all types of content without facing any kind of inconvenience. The best part is that it can unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC in real-time.

Notable Features of Surfshark

If you are dealing or working online then it is definitely necessary to have hands on a good VPN. Surfshark VPN features are striking and offer a lot to the customers. Here are some of the features of Surfshark mentioned below:

  • Speed – the network of Surfshark has ranked up to servers above 1700 number and it is available in 60 countries. The speed of Surfshark VPN is fairly good which allows one to operate various connections like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. the average speed test of this VPN was 40 Mbps. However, in various locations, the speed limit varies like its 62 Mbps in North America, 19 Mbps in Asia, and 40 Mbps in Europe. The servers which are nearby, Surfshark provides great speed and the speed may vary as this is a general indicator.
  • Various device connectivity – another Surfshark VPN feature is its connectivity to various devices. There are many VPN providers who offer restricted connection but with Surfshark you can have as many devices connected you want. For example, Surfshark connects with iOS 9.0 or new, Linux Ubuntu as well as Debian, Amazon Fire TV, Windows 7 or new, and Android 5.0 or new, etc.
  • Unblocking restricted apps – Surfshark is known for unblocking Netflix libraries comprising Netflix UK, Japan, India, Germany, Singapore, Australia, etc. Plus, Surfshark works amazingly with HBO, Sky, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, All 4, etc. It is the best service in unblocking region-restricted content.
  • Torrenting – Surfshark permits torrenting. The data is known to be unlimited in these features and allows no-logs policy. Plus, P2P is permitted. This is the best feature you can get because it offers you the choice to choose traffic that is going through your VPN. It also o offer a built-in kill switch which is a safe option.
  • Encryption: It secures your traffic with 256-bit encryption which is considered as the highest level of protection from all kinds of online threats. No third party applications, including your ISP, can access your personal as well as online data.
  • Double VPN feature: It also offers double VPN feature through it’s MultiHop mode. It basically routes your traffic from two different servers unlike one. This amplifies your privacy and protection while accessing websites online. However, it might slow down your connection.
  • Automatic Kill Switch: It also comes with an incredibly feature called Automatic kill switch which helps you to kill the VPN connection. It automatically disconnects your VPN connection to prevent hacking and fraudulent activities.

Apart from these Surfshark VPN features, it offers NoBorders mode, protocol options, 24/7 support, and a lot more.

Price plan for Surfshark

There is basically one plan by Surfshark but discount offers are there depending on the subscription options.

  • One month plan is for $11.95/month
  • Six months plan is for $5.99/month
  • Two years plan is for $1.99/month.

It also offers 30-days money-back guarantee plan for the users.


To conclude Surfshark VPN reviews, it is a great option for users who are looking for VPN offering things like torrenting, security, NoBorders mode, P2P traffic, protocol options, etc. Surfshark is providing great benefits to the users like you and that too at affordable prices.

Therefore, it is definitely worth the try. Although you can find plenty of SurfShark VPN reviews, but this is the most honest and unbiased one with the sole purpose of benefiting customers.


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