Webflow – What Makes This Website Builder So Different?

A professional website is an essential tool to reach a wider audience in today’s world. It gives your business a professional touch and one can easily reach out to a targeted audience within no time. If you are planning on making your own website then a website builder tool will help you to a great extent. It comes with a lot of beneficial features to make the entire process of website development easier for you One can create and customize a webpage with a lot of features, designs, templates, and so on. The best tool offers you templates for which you don’t have to hire a graphic designer, reduction in costs, stock images, drag-and-drop design, saves time, and much more. You can find many options for website builder tools or companies in the marketplace but remember only the best one can allow you to grow and achieve success.


Therefore, as a matter of fact, nothing is better than Webflow. It is a fully-featured website builder. The main motive of this website builder is to enable designers, professionals as well as entrepreneurs to generate for the web. It offers various products that are designed beautifully. Everything is done in a certain way so that you can have a customized webpage without giving up on flexibility.

Remarkable features of Webflow

The main foundation of a website builder is its templates. Either you can choose or customize them as per your need. Webflow has divided its template/website building Webflow features into four categories which are mentioned below:

  • Designer

With Webflow designer you have access to CSS, HTML as well as JavaScript. Therefore, you will create your own code with the help of a visual designer. Also, you can pre-built blocks, include more features as well as make customizations. Apart from this, the designer will work on a semantic code for your website.

Plus, you get your hands on trigger-based interactions like animations.

  • CMS

Webflow is also a content management system (CMS). Just like the above feature, CMS helps you to focus on flexibility as well as ability. You will be able to create new content without just depending on templates, coding languages, etc. Webflow offers you schemes through which you can create your design for your site.

  • Hosting

Webflow also offers hosting services. There are two main things which are the specialty of this company that it has more than 100 global data centers with CDNs. It will handle great traffic generated by your website.

Plus, under hosting feature the company offers a website to load in milliseconds. It offers reliability with 99.99% uptime, supports website traffic because of AWS. Plus, you get SSL certificates, collaboration tools, etc.

  • Editor

With Webflow, it becomes easy to add content to your website. It is also easy to edit things related to your content due to the support features. Beyond this, you can easily collaborate with colleagues and much more.

  • SEO tools and templates

Webflow offers SEO tools without additional plugins. You can easily add meta-descriptions and titles without facing any issues. Also, the company offers more than 25 free and highly responsive templates plus three wireframes.

All these Webflow features make it easy for you to build a website that is great at its performance and sorted to work with.

Pricing & Plans

Although it offers free signup and one can use it for free, but you will remain on the trial mode. However, with paid subscription, you can find out various plans to choose from with a versatile range of features. It offers various plans for freelancers, individuals, designers, teams, and e-commerce sites.

Customer service & technical support

It offers a self-help section where one can find out many beneficial manuals and videos on various elements, including web elements, design, SEO, etc. It also offers various technical courses on several topics including the Webflow 101 Crash Course and Ultimate Web Design Course.

When it comes to customer support one can easily reach out to the team members from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm (UTC-8).



To conclude this Webflow review, it definitely is different than other website builder tools. The feature which it offers is extraordinary and works well for anyone. On the contrary, its pricing plans are amazing. You can use Webflow at no cost as long as you want, isn’t it great? Also, you have an option to cancel your subscription. And with it’s advanced learning programs and courses, one can get to know a lot about website development and it’s related elements without going anywhere else. Through it’s comprehensive learning modules and video tutorials, one can enhance his knowledge about website development to a great extent.

Overall, this Webflow review states that unsurprisingly it is a wonderful website builder option for your website.


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