Omnisend Vs Mailchimp: A Feature for A Feature Comparison

Having a great email marketing tool can help you built a great digital marketing strategy. A lot of people often choose the wrong email marketing tool which leads them to the business downfall and much more. Whereas, an amazing tool will aid in building credibility, increase sales, manage your time as well as budget, good brand recognition, etc. Therefore, it is essential to dig deep into a tool before selecting it for your business.

Why Email Marketing tool is important for your business?

Email marketing is a simplest way to get in touch with your customers in a constant manner. By making interesting emailers, you can subscribe them to your platform and keep them updated about all the latest updates happening in your business. You can also send them personalized mails to let your loyal customers know that you value them a lot. On top of that, you can also reach out to your targeted audience without spending much money. Just through email marketing you can create your name in the market and reach out to the targeted audience all across the world. Thus, email marketing helps you to boost your sales, give your brand much-needed recognition, enhance traffic to your website, and create an excellent credibility.

Due to the rising popularity of email marketing, one can find out a plethora of email marketing tools in the market. However, Mailchimp and Omnisend are much-talked email marketing tools currently. Lets find out which is better in an overall sense.

This article is all about Mailchimp and Omnisend review. We will compare them in a detailed manner so that you get clarity about which email marketing platform is best suitable for your business.

Omnisend vs Mailchimp: Who they are ideal for?

The initial step of knowing any tool is to know who it is ideal for. The tool might be considered as the best. But if it does not serve your purpose then surely it is not meant for your business.

Mailchimp is ideal made for small businesses. The platform is super simple to use. Its pricing plans are comparatively low than other tools present in the market. Therefore, it is for the people who have just taken their first step into digital marketing.

Whereas, Omnisend benefits the eCommerce better. Omnisend has all the necessary resources that are required for the online seller as well as eCommerce marketers. This can be explained through an instance, both these platforms have automation which will let you send leaving behind cart emails. However, only Omnisend will let discount codes as well as product picker. By following this you can select products from the store and that too for your own campaign.

Omnisend vs Mailchimp: A feature to feature

Here is a comparison of Omnisend and Mailchimp features:

  • List building as well as email capture

Both these tools have an option for sign up forms for the purpose of email capture. But they do hold some sort of differences.

Omnisend provides embeddable static forms. The tool also offers the option of creating popups. Plus, landing pages along with templates are offered. On the same hand, it offers a drag-and-drop builder.

Mailchimp offers similar but the only difference is it offers gamified forms. However, Omisend offers a better deal than Mailchimp.

  • Segmentation

Under this feature, both tools stand equally. The segmentation is offered on the basis of:

  • Profile data
  • Campaign activity
  • Shopping behavior

Under this feature, Omnisend and Mailchimp win equally.

  • Automation

Both the email marketing platforms are different under this feature. Mailchimp is known for offering basic automation that allows in creating basic workflows for email drip campaigns. Whereas, Omnisend offers more than Mailchimp under automation. The automation workflow is visual. Plus, you can add automation workflows into other channels like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc.

Apart from these features, Omnisend also wins at one more feature that is the core of email marketing.

  • Pricing

When it comes to offering the best value for your money then both have certain advantages. If you are eyeing for Pro features, Ominsend’s Pro plan gives you better value for money with 1000 subscribers. However, if you are a startup or new to the email marketing thing then Mailchimp is your cup of tea to grow.


Overall, this Mailchimp vs Omnisend review clearly states that Omnisend benefits are more than Mailchimp. It has much more to offer than Mailchimp. It is much more eCommerce friendly. Plus, Omnisend’s automation is superior and simple to use. Therefore, Omnisend outshines Mailchimp almost in every criteria. If you are a professional marketer then Omnisend is highly recommended for you. However, if you are starting up your online venture, or have just entered into the world of digital email marketing then go with Mailchimp.


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