Paykickstart – Everything You Need To Know About This Software

Are you looking for shopping cart organizing solutions? Well, you are in the right place then because PayKickstart is here to solve your queries. It is an automated and customizable shopping cart organizing solution. Here the customers will be able to have access to conversion boosters and impressive features that will help in boosting sales/revenue.

Paykickstart is highly integrated with 40 plus service apps. Also, it offers payment getaways, membership signups, webinars, emails, and much more. Apart from this, in integration, there are analytics and tools for developers including service providers. The users are benefitted with it’s integrated system of tax with sales, VAT tax set which is for regions like Canada, South Africa, Russia, EU, etc. Therefore, the users don’t have to pay tax to the third-party.

It is also known to offer zero extra transaction charges from vendors as well as customers. However, the services are of the platform are given through monthly subscription plans and customers can also undergo its 14 days trial plan for free.

Above all this, Paykickstart monitors and reports all the transactions as well as activities in a highly advanced way. The activities like revenues, traffic metrics, sales, etc. are monitored through virtual tools which also manages the stores, products and increases the overall revenue.

The Paykickstart app is easily accessible Android users and iOS users which brings in greater advantages to all the users.

Remarkable benefits of Paykickstart

There are many remarkable benefits of Paykickstart which will help in managing online stores, tools and includes features to increase the sales/revenue. Here are some of them mentioned below:

  • Sell no matter what – there are no restrictions on selling products of a particular kind. The users have the freedom to sell physical, digital goods, and services as well.
  • Checkout page – Paykickstart’s API offers the users the benefit of building a checkout page, popup widgets plus customization options on them. On the other hand, users can use the checkout template from the template library.
  • Universal currencies – It has the benefit of currency exchange and it is available for more than 32 international currencies.
  • Thorough reporting – the reports which are generated by Paykickstart are very comprehensive and defines the exact position of sales/revenue, subscription, traffic, conversion, plus affiliated partners.
  • Downtime alert – when a website crashes most of the users are unaware of it but not in the case of Paykickstart. Whenever your website is in trouble Paykickstart monitors it and sends a mail. This way it is beneficial to run a website smoothly and without any trouble.
  • Various payment and plan choices: It accepts payments through multiple payment methods, including credit card, PayPal, ACH/SEPA wire transfer etc. One can also create/customize payment methods and options such as one-time payment, usage-based, on the basis of quantity, setup-fees, subscription-based etc.
  • Revenue and conversion boosting features: It offers a versatile ways to enhance your conversion rate and revenue. Some of it’s incredible features are exist popup intent, coupon codes, pre-filled checkout pages, order bumps etc without causing any kind of inconvenience to your loyal customers.
  • Enhanced affiliate management tool: It also offers excellent assistance in your affiliate marketing program. It offers in-built marketing tools with which one can permit their affiliates to make their own commissions on a per-campaign model, or via lifetime commission basis. One can easily manage and track affiliates and their actions round the clock without facing any kind of hassles.
  • Mobile capability: As it comes in the form of App, thus, the mobile app is capable enough to automatically send commission and sales alerts. You can also track your affiliates’ requests, performance and all the activities right through the app itself.

Apart from these benefits, there are many other benefits of Paykickstart such as manual transactions, affiliate management, automatic profit division plus management, conversion, revenue boosters, role based permissions etc.

Problems solved by Paykickstart

There are three major problems which are solved by Paykickstart:

  • Receiving all types of payments along with various billing models without any fuss, unlike others.
  • Endorsing products with affiliates. This is done through the affiliate management offered by Paykickstart without requiring any technical knowledge.
  • Extra charges in conversion boosting features. Many other platforms charge extra money for conversion boosting features or tools. However, it doesn’t charge you anything. The best part is that all the conversion boosting features are integrated. There is no additional fee to operate this function.

Plans & Pricing

It basically offers 3 different subscription plans, and one can pick as per his requirements. There is an option of choosing between monthly and annual plans. The best part is that it also gives you a 14-days trial time period. However, the basic level starts from $29 per month. Then comes the Professional plan which starts from $99/month, and Premium plan which starts from $149/month.

Final verdict

Paykickstart is a great way to work on your business and manage it perfectly. Many features and benefits are offered by Paykickstart which no other website operates in today’s time. In addition to that, the basic plan of Paykickstart starts at $29 per month. What else is required more? This is a great software to lay hands on. If you want to increase your sales and revenue, and to simplify the entire process by picking up all-in-one shopping cart management solution, then PayKickstart is meant for you to take you to the new heights of success.


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