SITE123 – Free and User Friendly but Should You Use It or Not?

In today’s world, a website for your business plays an important role. It creates a professional image of your business and helps you to reach a wider audience. A website is a great platform to promote your business all across the world via online. It is where an online consumer, from any part of the world, get to know about your services and products. However, it is very important to have a great website where consumers can find out relevant information about your business without facing any trouble. It has to be user-friendly, effective, productive, and capable enough to convert consumers into potential customers. And to create such a website, you need a highly professional website builder tool.

So, are you looking for a website builder that would help you to create a stunning and successful website for your business? Well, for a customer a website plays a huge role and one should not compromise with their website. In this case, SITE123 is the best choice for you and your website. It is a website builder that has been winning the hearts of people and helping them to shape their website into a successful online venture.

SITE123 is completely free for the users and there is no requirement of prior designs or coding knowledge to operate it. This software is very efficient to create a website which attracts the customers and improve online presence. The website builder provides relief from hiring a professional plus it offers a website that is adaptable to all sorts of devices as well as screen resolution. It is the easiest and fastest website builder which is free for all, what else can one ask for?

Impressive features of SITE123

SITE123 features are incredible and set according to the needs of the website building. However, all the features are easy to use and help in accomplishing the website which is user friendly and beneficial in various aspects. Here are some of the SITE123 features which are mentioned below:

  • Striking templatesSITE123 offers a beautiful and striking template which are mobile-friendly and responsive to many devices. On the other hand, it also offers design assistance where you can customize your own templates as per the convenience. Design assistance is very simple to use and involves no technical work.

The SITE123 templates have all the features which are perfect for your website.

  • Additional languages – the most impressive feature of SITE123 that it supports additional languages. In simpler words, you can add at least five languages to your website. But this feature is available for users on paid plans. Additional language feature comes with editing options and works great with eCommerce checkout.
  • 24/7 support – there are very few website building options that provide you their support. In the case of SITE123, you will get 24/7 support through live chat, email support. In addition, the official support center of SITE123 has an FAQ page where you can get information, tutorials, and videos related to SITE123.
  • Plugins – plugins of SITE123 are eye-catching and engaging. They enhance the overall website and have profitable functions for you.
  • SEO tools – there is no doubt that SEO tools are highly required for any website and SITE123 provides you that. It can be beneficial for the website rank on search engines. With SITE123’s SEO tools you will able to edit Meta titles as well as a description of your content, alt texts, and customize URLs as well.

Above all, SITE123 is a free website builder and offers free domain which brings simple solutions to build a website. Pick any of the premium plans offered by SITE123 and get a free domain for the first year. It offers over 130 domain extensions to choose from. Thus, one doesn’t need to compromise with domain name.

Offers impeccable ecommerce solutions

Site123 gives you a privilege to use Call To Actions (CTAs). They are basically prompts on your website in the form of hyperlinks that remind a user to take specific actions. The platform also offers some effective email marketing features that will be very helpful for your website. With premium plans the platform offers ecommerce capabilities. However, the advanced eCommerce features are available on only Gold and Professional plans.

Pricing & Plans

Site123 offers it’s a free option with 500MB storage, 1GB bandwidth, and subdomain. However, if you are looking for a professional solution that contains everything then you have to buy premium plan. Broadly, it offers 4 paid plans.

  • Basic plan: It offers 10GB disk space, 5GB bandwidth, free domain, and over 10 product orders each month. It is priced at $5.80/month.
  • Advanced plan: This plan gives you 30GB disk space, a custom domain, 2 mailboxes, 15GB bandwidth, and over 50 product orders every month. It is priced at $15.80/month.
  • Professional plan: It is priced at $21.80 and offers 90GB disk space, 45GB bandwidth, 5 mailboxes, and over 500 product orders each month.
  • Gold plan: It comes at $27.80 and offers 270GB disk space, 135GB bandwidth, and unlimited number of product orders every month.


To sum up the SITE123 review, it is a highly potential website builder that offers great features and benefits to the customers. Also, it is free for the users which is a great opportunity to grab without second thoughts. However, if you are a professional then free option is not meant for you. The best part is that the platform offers design assistance feature that is very impressive and effortless. Plus, the users who want some extra features can go for basic, advanced, professional or gold paid plans for SITE123. Thus, it is a great platform for all, including small, medium and large-sized companies that are planning to create a stunning, effective and productive website.


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