SurveyMonkey: Is This the Best Survey Builder?

What’s SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is a tool Which Allows you to launch any kind of online survey Project, be it for the purpose of market research, a fast survey, aggressive analysis or client or the employee feedback. This easy-to-use platform permits you to tailor your polls according to your specified target audience.

The automated and advanced features of SurveyMonkey were created to assist all Kinds of professionals to conduct various types of surveys online and receive real time results by reaching out to countless respondents. The enormous amount of data collected can easily be examined through information analysis and reporting features provided by SurveyMonkey. Moreover, for further collaborative purposes, the information and document analysis can be categorized into different formats and shared across groups. Hence, qualitative decisions are made for the better running of those organizations and its counterparts.



Pros And Cons Of SurveyMonkey


  • “You can also have qualified questions that is super useful for the forms of surveys we conduct. It is also great that you can open and close polls and make unique links easily.”
  • “It’s is a fantastic experience to understand that your opinion matters to companies and this program helps both the company to improve and the customer to be fulfilled, it is a win win scenario.”
  • “Have amazing templates which aids in designing and articulating the questionnaire which assists in precise analysis. Also you can create survey depending on your topic and customise it as per our needs.”
  • “It provides the perfect opportunity to receive opinions, and opinions from customers all over. You receive unbiased feedback for services and products.”




  • “Everything that’s involved into the paying policies of this company is crap… refunds, auto renewals, spam.”
  • “There is an issue that if someone accidentally gets from this survey, it makes the survey look broken and the consumer gets confused”
  • “Another negative aspect is that you could be disqualified from polls at any stage, even as you’re halfway through. While this does not occur frequently, it is very frustrating as it will.”
  • “We have not had any trouble using SurveyMonkey software, therefore nothing to report about dislikes of the item.”

SurveyMonkey features

Here Is what SurveyMonkey has to offer:

  • Data analytics. Analyze responses from anywhere through the internet dashboard or the program.
  • Custom reporting. Create interactive graphs and multiple customized data views, together with word clouds which can be shared or submitted to Facebook and other social networking channels.
  • Robust enterprise options. It offers a diverse range of solutions for large-scale company, such as help with writing survey questions, custom URLs, additional features for respondents, and customized surveys branded with your company logo.
  • Downloadable reports. Data collected from such surveys could be exported to PDF or XLS.
  • Internal collaboration. Its company plans allow for multiple users, and you’ll be able to control who has the power to look at and edit surveys.



How Does This Work?

If you already possess a SurveyMonkey account, use it to register in. Otherwise, Make a new account by providing your email address and hitting on the yellow”Get Started Now” button. Then, you’ll be able to enter your zip code, sex, birth month and year, in addition to income amount. Following a two minutes work, you are all set to start taking surveys.

You may always get a short outline of what you’re going to gain. For Example, my very first survey got me a sweepstakes entry for a $100 Amazon gift card, as well as $0.50 donation for Teach for America. Mind the down right-hand corner, where you’ll get an choice to select another charity if you wish. My first survey was about food delivery apps. I qualified as soon as I confirmed using them. Following the survey was completed, which required me some five minutes, I had been motivated to pick my racial or ethnic identity and marital status. This was it! My $0.50 earnings went into the charity and I got a opportunity to spin a wheel to win an Amazon gift card. Obviously, I was not the lucky winner.

Plans and pricing

SurveyMonkey is popular in large part thanks to its free Basic plan. With This, you can create an unlimited number of polls so long as they have under 10 questions each. You may only have 100 responses per survey, however you still get access to most of SurveyMonkey’s essential data analysis features.

Subscription. Just the Standard tier is available on a daily basis, but it costs $99 a month. At an yearly pace, the exact same program costs $372 annually. Meanwhile, the Advantage plan, that adds file uploads, A/B testing, and query randomization, only costs an extra $12 per year.




SurveyMonkey Performance and Interest

This tool helps many people, businesses and organizations every Afternoon to get the answers they need to make optimal decisions.

For independent researchers, the system provides easy-to-use and Robust online survey technologies , with popular features like survey templates and a question bank.

Offering several configuration choices, from the production to the Distribution of the questionnaire, the platform is positioned as the most complete tool on the market.

Available in French and very elastic, you’ve got the possibility to Customize many elements of the questionnaire in order to benefit from user opinions in a very precise way.




For the price you purchase SurveyMonkey, it is nice to know that you get Impeccable technical assistance. Email support is available 24/7, whilst Advantage, Premier, and business readers can anticipate answers in under one hour. Premier and business users also get access to telephone support.

Final verdict

If you are willing to pay for an Yearly strategy and do not mind the price tag, SurveyMonkey is difficult to beat. The stage offers a seamless survey design and Distribution procedure, as well as strong built-in data analytics tools. Attention to details like automatic query categorization, answer Randomization, and flexible formatting aid this platform to stand out even more. It also does not hurt that SurveyMonkey supplies incredibly fast support For paying clients.


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