How To Create Your Brand More Powerful With Placeit

In today’s gigantic online world, it’s very important to create your brand’s name and presence. It is quite a daunting task to make your brand visible online. To create your brand a household name you have to put a lot of things in place, including a brand logo, social media profiles, design tools etc. Before moving on to the marketing part, you have to create a powerful brand which is quite eye-catching in nature. It should instantly grab everyone’s attention. However, it’s quite a challenging task to get a good design tool which helps you to make a brand name, logo and other relevant aspects for social media. But with the help of Placeit, you can now create a powerful brand along with social graphics.

All about Placeit

If you are still wondering what Placeit is all about, then it’s an effective and creative design tool which comes with built-in and user-friendly templates to create all types of designs catering to different projects. Every templates is a piece of creativity and designed very smartly that helps Placeit to outshine other design tools and platforms in the market.

One can easily make changes and adjustments on the screen itself. One can easily change the basic template to a customized one, and make a quick logo, brand elements, or a video for social media sharing purposes. The best part is that without taking any premium design tool subscription, one can make the changes right on the screen by making using of drag-and-drop actions offered by Placeit.

Moreover, the library of Placeit has over 26000 smart templates along with beginner designs for almost everything. You can find out multiple items right from mockups to videos to logos. In addition, the platform keeps on adding more templates to make it even better for users.

How Placeit empowers your brand in the online world?

  • It helps you to create a strong brand

Today, no brand can exist without a logo or brand mark. Thus, Placeit helps you to create an effective and strong logo or a brand mark. There is a complete process to create your brand.

You can search your brand name in order to allow Placeit to create an effective, creative and strong template suggestions for your brand.

Then, you can pick a template which does justice to your brand or business.

Once you are done with the template selection, you can start with adjustements with color in order to match your brand or style.

After that, you can choose new icon elements, edit words or fonts, and then save and export to get it done.

  • A complete customization is possible

The best part of Placeit is that one can customize almost every element in order to create logo or brand name. You can mix and match, pick your favourite colors and fonts to match your brand’s theme or your personal style. The Placeit Logo Maker is the best design tool to give your brand a good start and presence online.

  • It helps you to establish social media presence

A good design always catches eye-balls, especially on social media platforms. Today, people love creativity, and it speaks volumes. The Placeit design tool helps you to create an incredible brand logo, massive online presence, and images for social media platforms. With several options for social media templates and ads, one can easily make static images, or incredible Instagram stories to attract more viewers to your brand or channel.

  • Incredible design options

It is loaded with a versatile range of design options and tools to help you to complete any creative task related to your brand. It offers a Video Maker with which you can create stunning videos for your brand within a few seconds. You can make use of images, text and audio. Knowing the fact that video content is quite eye-catching and creates a lot of attention on social media platforms, it offers several video templates and features to help you to create stunning videos for your brand. The best part is that you can also make use of YouTube Thumbnail Maker to create attractive and professional thumbnails to attract viewers to watch your videos.

  • Rich collection of tools and items

Placeit has a rich collection of tools and items that are helpful to create creative and stunning social media content, brand videos and content.

With the massive collection of mockups with almost everything from phones, mugs, shirts and many more.

One can make amazing presentations with the help of slideshow templates.

It gives you a collection of over 4500 logo starters

One can design templates for print items including brochures and business cards

  • Impressive pricing

The best part is that Placeit offers jaw-dropping pricing for it’s monthly package which starts from $29. It gives you full access to it’s library with unlimited download option.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an effective design tool at jaw-dropping pricing, then Placeit is meant for you. Every web designer, graphic designer and creative designer will get massive collection of creative digital stuff at Placeit. With easy customizations, creative elements and rich design tools, it is the most recommended design tool in the market.


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