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Conversion Focused WordPress Theme


The most well-known, sophisticated, and user-friendly WordPress website toolkit is called Thrive Theme. To provide your business with the most effective and practical boost possible, we design cutting-edge plugins and themes that are truly conversion-optimized.

Since 2013, there has been a Thrive Theme. One of the most well-known and prosperous providers of WordPress Site Plugins and Themes is Thrive Theme.

We sell experiences rather than stuff.


Features that you want to see in your product


  • New User Interface Colors
  • Header Transitions
  • File Upload Element
  • WooCommerce Mini Cart Element
  • Table Of Contents Gets Even Better
  • New Scroll Behavior: Stick to Bottom
  • Multiple Article Types in Post List
  • New Material Community Icons
  • Naming Fields in Fight Gen Types
  • International Colour Unlinking Buttons

Additionally, Thrive Theme only allows Thrive, subscribers, timely access to the updates. There is a lot more information available now regarding the advantages of the Thrive Theme for expanding businesses, which comes in the shape of the Thrive Suite (Formerly Thrive Membership).



Thrive Suite

“Thrive Membership” will be called “Thrive Suite” from now.


“Thrive Membership” will now be referred to as “Thrive Suite.” Only the name will change. The rebranding will accompany this move. The product formerly known as “Thrive Membership” will now be referred to as “Thrive Suite” as of February 1. The Thrive Suite includes access to all Thrive plugins. There is a special plan called Thrive Suite that gives you access to all Thrive plugins and themes, as well as

Thrive Suite will cost you $90 per quarter or $228 per year (the same price as the former membership).

the bundle that contains all of the Thrive plugins that you want to buy. When you buy Thrive Suite, you have access to all Thrive plugins.


Thrive Suite’s plan including the following things:-


Thrive Themes WordPress Themes

The WordPress themes from Thrive Theme span a variety of professions, but they’re all primarily concerned with assisting you in raising the conversion rates of your website. Therefore, if you’re designing a website with a certain objective in mind, these topics might be a fantastic fit.

The following traits can be found in all of Thrive Themes’ WordPress themes:

  • Site customization options and settings.
  • a fully mobile responsive design with click-to-call buttons
  • a full set of easily generated site presentation content
  • a library of shortcodes for adding useful components to your articles
  • a landing page template for creating full-width content to advertise your offers
  • automatic image compression along with also a focus on lightweight code for increased speed
  • The capacity to create custom conversion elements, such as options and calls to action, which can be inserted into your content.


Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins


Thrive Theme have seen WordPress plugins in their portfolio, which will help you to customize your website, generate more leads,engage your audience and optimize your content.All  wordpress plugins are

Thrive Membership” will be called “Thrive Suite” from now. The product that was formerly known as the “Thrive Membership” will be called “Thrive Suite”.You’ll get access to all Thrive plugins when you purchase Thrive Suite.

Eleven WordPress Plugins get access with “Thrive Suite

You’ll get access to all Thrive Plugins when you purchase Thrive Suite.




Thrive Theme Builder

($97 or $19/month For All Tools)


Thrive Theme Builder is a flexible, easy to use WordPress theme for constructing a WordPress site.

The Following generation visual Theme Builder for WordPress. Collect, edit and customize every aspect of your WordPress website in WYSIWYG fashion.

You can get access to Thrive Theme Builder as part of Thrive Suite.

Will be able to create and alter any aspect of your pages, such as headers, footers, site post templates, sidebars, page designs, search pages, category pages, 404s, etc..

This Means that you do not have to be stuck with every page elements came together with the theme. With this tool, you will have the ability to drag-and-drop distinct components to create your page appear exactly how you want it to and fully customize it to your requirements.

Interesting Fact, the website you’re on right now was created with Thrive Theme Builder and Though I’m biased, I think it looks pretty damn great.


Thrive Leads

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)



Create and publicly design every sort of opt-in form, conduct A/B tests and develop your list faster than ever before.

You can get access to Thrive Leads as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Leads Is a tool you could use to build your email lists. Everything you could need to attract and inspire visitors to sign up on your email listing is included, which makes it such a potent instrument.

You Can exhibit the types using the various options. For instance, you can choose a pop-up opt-in form or add it in your sidebar widget and only have these activate on mobile, or in your desktop. There are a ton of different display options for Thrive Leads.

Additionally, It permits you to measure performance and run split tests. You get reports that offer you deep advice on how your e mail marketing strategy is working so that you know how to enhance it.

This Is a massive deal because you can test different test or visuals to find out what will Convert better and provide you with additional email subscribers.


Thrive Quiz Builder

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)



Create Fully Customized quizzes that let you acquire valuable visitor opinions, construct a coordinated email listing, drive website engagement and get a lot of social shares with Thrive Quiz Builder. Online quizzes are very popular viral marketing strategies on interpersonal networking, or interactive elements on your own website. They create great list building tools, too.

However, The problem with creating quizzes is they frequently require either costly tools or programming.

You can get access to Thrive Quiz Builder as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Quiz Builder has Whatever you want to construct exciting quizzes to your audience. You can provide unique readers different calls to action, and also, according to their answers, you’re in a position to offer them specific opt-ins which will allow you to segment your list.

Utilizing This tool, it is possible to create some fairly awesome quizzes to boost your list Building efforts or to get lots of traffic to your blog posts. Not only that, But you can also use quizzes as polls to gather more details about your audience.


Thrive Apprentice

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)



Construct professional online Classes

You can get access to Thrive Apprentice as part of Thrive Suite.

Create pro-looking classes straight from your WordPress dashboard. You can boost your readers by quickly creating free online courses as lead magnets, or when used together with your membership plugin, create paid courses that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website.


Thrive Comments

($39 or $19/month For All Tools)



Having Comments on your WordPress site can help encourage user participation. By adding new, relevant content on your website pages, you also help to boost your SEO efforts.

You can get access to Thrive Comments as part of Thrive Suite.

With This tool, you are essentially replacing the default remarks system on all blog articles and releasing a lot more capacity, such as upvoting, opt-in functions after they leave a comment, etc. This can help you turn your opinions to a huge part of your overall conversion strategy.

For Example, when blog readers post a comment, you can give them a call to actions To talk about the blog article or opt-in to your email list. These are just a few of The means by which that you may use Thrive comments to completely change your blog comments into a Powerful marketing tool.


Thrive Optimize

($19/month but Includes All Tools)



Thrive Optimize is supposed to let you A/B test the webpages on your website so that you may maximize your conversion prices.

You can get access to Thrive Optimize as part of Thrive Suite.

A/B Testing permits you to send your site traffic to two different page versions — the first page, and a second one where one component, like the call to action text or page headline, has been transformed.

You Then you repeat the test by altering another component. This continuous process of improvement is crucial to generating landing page templates on your site that convert like crazy.

It Tacks directly onto Thrive Architect, which enables you to run complete split-testing And track conversions from directly inside your WordPress site.


A / B testing for landing pages


With Thrive Optimize, the superior add-on for Thrive Architect, we have taken all The pain, complication and intense price from A/B testing. Here is really the A/B testing tool you will really use to acquire higher conversions on your own Key pages.


Thrive Ultimatum

($97 or $19/month For All Tools)



Raise your conversions with the addition of countdown timers, run complex evergreen scarcity campaigns along with Far More

Thrive Ultimatum is a clever, customizable, and simple-to-use plugin which allows you to use scarcity to sell your digital products.

You can get access to Thrive Ultimatum as part of Thrive Suite.

I can For some reason, people don’t take action a great deal of time till they know they are about to overlook something.

This Tool lets you conduct fixed date campaigns for limited time offers, automatically Recurring campaigns in order for your scarcity campaigns happen repeatedly, and they Additionally supply the greatest evergreen system that gives all users their very own deadline..


Thrive Ovation

($39 or $19/month For All Tools)



Gather & display testimonials for societal proof

Using Thrive Ovation, you’ll have the ability to capture and display testimonials on auto-pilot. It is the easiest way to begin taking advantage of a few of the very underrated conversion boosters.

Thrive Ovation is a testimonial management plugin that helps you gather social proof, such as customer testimonials that play a wonderful part in helping to persuade your prospects.

You can get access to Thrive Ovation as part of Thrive Suite.

The System is automated to collect customer testimonials and display them in an appealing way on your website pages to help you get better conversions.

Social Evidence is an important component of your marketing, however many website owners do not request testimonials on their sites. Furthermore, if they do get a testimonial, they don’t store or use it in the most effective way.

If That is you, then Thrive Ovation might be the ideal tool for you. With this plugin, you’ll be able to automate the selection of testimonials on your own website. You’ll also have a simple way to manage and arrange everything from your WordPress dashboard.

You Can exhibit the testimonials anywhere on your website. All you have to do is drag And drop them into any page, and also you have the option of displaying them dynamically.


Thrive Headline Optimizer

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)



Thrive Headline Optimizer allows you to test different site post headlines, product names and revenue page hooks with just one click. The automatic winner configurations will put your winning headline in place automatically.

The Thrive Headline optimizer plugin enables you to A/B split test your headlines to boost your click-through rate for your own site pages. This also will help to boost different metrics, such as scroll thickness and time spent on page.

You can get access to Thrive Headline Optimizer as part of Thrive Suite.

Generally Talking, Thrive headline optimizer is built for large websites or blogs that Have a great deal of traffic and want to divide test how well their internal headlines Do to keep visitors on the website.


Thrive Clever Widgets

($39 or $19/month For All Tools)



Display targeted sidebar posts based on various blog post categories. This ensures your website indicates the ideal content to the proper individuals, maximizing visitor interaction and engagement with your website.

You can get access to Thrive Clever Widgets as part of Thrive Suite.

This plugin lets you bring a few requirements so you can display widgets contextually on your blog article. With this tool, you will have the ability to exhibit unique widgets for various posts. It’s possible to change them by tags, groups, etc.


Thrive Architect

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)



Thrive Architect is a next-generation WordPress page builder that is excellent for marketers and business owners whose main focus is on marketing.

For The ones that don’t know, Thrive Architect was known as Thrive Content Builder.

This Visual editor is actually the basis of the whole package of tools from Thrive Themes. It is the principal editor you will be using to build or edit your revenue pages, landing pages, lead generation forms, etc..

It Provides a lot of flexibility and power in contrast to the default editor in WordPress and contains many pre-designed landing pages to choose from. This can allow you to transform your webpages and blog posts to unique, responsive, eye-catching, and high-definition pages your audience will love.

You can get access to Thrive Architect as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Architect provides you with complete visual control over how your Site and any blog article seems and feels with no having Everything on the platform is drag-and-drop.

Understanding the Thrive Theme Suite

Though You can get access any of the Thrive WordPress plugins individually, they offer you a yearly subscription model that averages $19/month, billed yearly or $30/month billed quarterly.

When You get the Thrive Themes Suite, you receive complete access to all their tools, and you can use them up to 25 websites. The tools comprise everything that I just mentioned above.

Summing It up, here’s what you get with the Thrive Themes suite.

Access to all of the plugins

You can use them up to 25 sites

Free product upgrades for life

Tech service as long as your membership is active

You will also get access to Thrive University That Has many in-depth tutorials

I Personally chosen to get the Suite when I first started with the stage and have paid it ever since. For every one of the tools you get and the advantages they bring to assist you run your online business, it’s well worth the expense from my experience.





Thrive Themes pricing includes a couple of distinct options. You may either buy every one of the tools separately to get a one-time fee or you could buy access to all of the tools for $30/month paid per month, or you may elect for $19/month, paid yearly.

You will be able to buy Thrive Suite for $90/quarter or $228/year.

That is why the Thrive suite is such a fantastic deal as you can unlock everything for only $90/quarter  and $228 per year.




Thrive Themes (Pros and Cons)


Thrive Themes is one of the most advanced, yet easy-to-use suite of site building tools.

Thrive Themes offers WordPress themes and plugins, in addition to a no-code drag-and-drop editor which allows you to build unique websites in spite of no technical skills.



  • Conversion Focus: There are very few sellers in the marketplace who have such a vast portfolio of tools focused on optimization, marketing, and lead generation.
  • Countless Page Templates: You can choose from nearly 300 templates to assist you get started creating web pages immediately.
  • Simple to use: Thrive Themes has a very intuitive user interface. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to create pages — even for newbies.
  • Good 3rd-Party Integrations: You can easily integrate with tons of other marketing tools and services, such as platforms, plugins, etc..
  • Fully Responsive: The Thrive Themes page builder and templates are 100% responsive.
  • Perfect for WordPress: The WordPress plugins and themes work flawlessly for WordPress sites and are optimized for the WordPress platform.



  • Enormous Amount of Products: The sheer number of tools provided by Thrive Themes can prove overwhelming for beginners.
  • Learning Curve: exactly like any new platform out there, Thrive Themes package of products all have their particular learning curve. I really do think the platforms are intuitive, but it takes time and patience to master them.
  • Only Works With WordPress: There’s no version of Thrive Themes which works with Drupal, Joomla, or any other site platform.
  • Support Response Time: It is not that the support for Thrive Themes is bad, it is really very good. But sometimes it takes hours to get a response that’s frustrating when you are in the midst of doing something.



Is Thrive Themes Worth It?


I’ve used Thrive Themes myself for a number of years have found a means to build a portfolio of websites that produces more than 25,000/month. That’s not me gloating either, that is me showing you through my own success that this stage is exactly what bloggers and website owners need to succeed.



If this is not the best evidence that Thrive is a great platform and is completely worth the cost.

However, is Thrive Themes therefore instrumental for my own success?


Even though they make great WordPress themes and plugins, I believe the most significant thing is that their goods are conversion-focused.

This usually means that all the products they offer were built not simply to work, but to provide bloggers and business owners electronic marketing tools that they will need to drive traffic and finally, earnings for their blog or website.

This is why I am such a big fan of the Thrive Themes suite of products. Without them, I’m confident in saying that my internet business wouldn’t be nearly as effective as it is now.



Product Support


You can support from Thrive Theme by submitting a support ticket for your queries from right inside your thrive dashboard.

There’s no chat option and while the support team is good at what they do, they typically respond within 24 hours which is slow and can be frustrating if you are in the middle of a project.

Having said that,they are highly knowledgeable and friendly and will work with you to resolve any issue you might experience.

Thrive Theme also has a large forum where you can submit your queries. However, I feel it is difficult to search and find issues that have already been resolved.



Final Thoughts of Thrive Themes


Thrive Themes is a store of the best conversion optimized WordPress plugins. Along with the soon to arrive Thrive Theme builder sounds great also.

As there are no themes available in Thrive themes lately, it’s still possible to access their smart plugins. These plugins can actually assist you in making your website more effective and rewarding.

The Thrive architect is also a great option for drag and drop content construction for marketers and business owners. The Thrive landing pages plugin can actually help you create converting and tricky sales pages, sign up/opt-in webpages for your site.

Together with the goods as efficient and sharp like that, you are making no mistake if you decide to buy from multi-colored themes.

I can complete this Thrive Topics review together with the verdict that their goods and Thrive Themes conversion focused plugins are for everyone who wants to do more than simply launch content by using their site.