Thrive Themes Products In-depth Analysis | Features & Pricing Analysis


The Way Thrive Themes Were Created

Thrive Theme is a company who Creates Conversion-Focused WordPress themes and Plugins. All of the Products are designed around the concepts of making sure your website’s visitors become your client. In 2013, Paul and Shane were working hard in their own online jobs individually and has quickly become the one of most trusted vendors in the Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Space.

They fulfilled in Europe and started focusing on several products collectively, including Hybrid Connect, Viral Quiz Builder and WP Sharely.

For every item, they desired to make a fully conversion optimized site with a great sales page. On the other hand, the available WordPress plugins and topics weren’t created for that.

This is where it all started. They made the first WYSIWYG editor for WordPress which can easily be used by the tech-savvy to post content quickly and creatively.

What Makes Ever Since

Since the first version of Thrive Visual Editor was started (that we now call Thrive Architect), the company has gone through significant improvements.

Soon, the first conversion-focused Thrive topics were released along with the Thrive Theme team began expanding rapidly. In 2016 alone, the business released 3 new plugins.

The initial products also have been constantly updated. Now it literally takes minutes to turning your thoughts into great looking and highly functioning pages.

Thrive Topics is improving every day, attempting to be light years ahead of its competitors. So for, An ultimate plan is rebranding name as “Thrive Suite”(formerly Thrive Membership).It includes all Thrive Theme plugins and Thrive Theme in one package.

Thrive Suite

“Thrive Membership” will be called “Thrive Suite” from now.

Thrive Membership” will be called “Thrive Suite” from now. We will only change the name. This change will also come with a rebranding. From the 1st of February, the product that was formerly known as the “Thrive Membership” will be called “Thrive Suite”.You can get access to all Thrive plugins as part of Thrive Suite.

You will be able to buy Thrive Suite for $90/quarter or $228/year (same price as the former membership). The package including all Thrive plugins which you want to purchase. You’ll get access to all Thrive plugins when you purchase Thrive Suite. Thrive Suite package includes all Thrive Theme and Plugins.

Thrive Theme WordPress Themes

Although the WordPress themes from Thrive Theme cover a range of job types, they’re pretty much all focused on helping you to improve the conversion rates of your site. Consequently, if you’re creating a website with a particular goal in mind, these topics could be a good match for the job.

Some of the shared characteristics located in the WordPress topics from Thrive Theme include:

  • Site customization options and settings.
  • a fully mobile responsive design with click to call buttons
  • a full set of easily generated site presentation content
  • a library of short codes for adding useful components into your articles
  • a landing page template for creating full-width content to advertise your offers
  • automatic image compression along with also a focus on lightweight code for increased speed
  • The capacity to create custom conversion elements, such as options and calls to action, which can be inserted into your content.

Thrive Theme WordPress Plugins

Thrive Theme have seen WordPress plugins in their portfolio, which will help you to customize your website, generate more leads, engage your audience and optimize your content.

Thrive Membership” will be called “Thrive Suite” from now. You’ll get access to all Thrive plugins when you purchase Thrive Suite. You can get access to all Thrive plugins as part of Thrive Suite. Eleven WordPress Plugins you will get access with Thrive Suite .

Thrive Suite Includes following Products(WordPress Plugins)

  • Thrive Theme Builder– WordPress Templates which are designed with Conversions in mind.
  • Thrive Architect– A Popular Page Builder which allows DRAG and DROP designs without any code.
  • Thrive Leads- A Plugin designed for lead generation.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder– A product to create quizzes.
  • Thrive Apprentice– A Plugin to build professional online courses.
  • Thrive Comments– To Create Engagement and sticky visitors.
  • Thrive Optimize– To help with A/B  Testing of landing pages
  • Thrive Ultimatum– A Tool to Create countdown campaigns to generate scarcity.
  • Thrive Ovation-Designed to generate and display testimonials and social proof.
  • Thrive Clever Widgets-Designed to show widgets under specific criteria.

As you can see, all of the above products are strictly focused towards those who want to increase their sales and bottom-line revenue through various strategies and techniques.

Thrive Theme Builder

Create and personalize your WordPress Site at Turbo speed
Thrive Theme Builder
The next generation visual Issue Builder for WordPress. Assemble, edit and customize all aspects of your WordPress site in WYSIWYG fashion

Thrive Content Builder enables you to create custom WordPress posts and pages through a drag-and-drop user interface. You may create your own designs from scratch, or load up one of many prebuilt page layouts and sections.

Drag and drop modules on your webpage, then click to begin editing.

Launching a page template in the Thrive Content Builder interface allows you to click on its elements and items to edit them, with context-sensitive controls instantly appearing in the sidebar once you’ve clicked on a product. Because it is a front end builder, while you’re working you have to see your page as your customers will, and, since there’s no need to change browser tabs to see a preview of your work, the design and development process is responsive and fast.

Other highlights of Thrive Content Builder include:

  • A WYSIWYG WordPress editor port
  • the ability to produce full-width landing pages
  • a library of useful, customizable components for your pages
  • a large selection of prebuilt marketing-focused webpage templates
  • a habit CSS and HTML support for more control over your designs.

Thrive Content Builder compares well to other top page builder plugins, such as Beaver Builder and Visual Composer, in terms of performance and innovative possibilities. But, dependent on its prebuilt page templates and articles modules, Thrive Content Builder is much more focused on creating marketing landing and content pages. It’s definitely a good tool, but if you want help creating a larger selection of website pages Beaver Builder or Divi Builder and their more varied choice of templates may be better choices.

Price: From $97 on its $19 a month for all Thrive Topics merchandise.

You can get access to Thrive Theme Builder as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Architect

Intuitive drag & drop editor for WordPress

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is your fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress. Easily create drag-and-drop layouts, incorporate buttons and innovative content components and even more..

You can get access to Thrive Architect as part of Thrive Suite.It is their next-generation page builder that substituted Thrive Content Builder. It is excellent for any website construct, but also really shines for entrepreneurs because of its marketing attention. Whether you Are new to Thrive Architect or wondering how it’s different from the old Thrive Content Builder plugin, here are the key features and improvements Which Have Been made to this tool:

  • Works with all WordPress themes — no matter that WordPress theme you need to use or are already using, Thrive Architect should incorporate seamlessly into your website.
  • More full page templates and sections — with much more high quality templates, you can easily add almost any type of webpage to your WordPress site or create your layouts own utilizing the pre-built sections.
  • Better selection of components — updating your content is easier thanks to those modules.
  • Improved user interface for easier content editing — anybody ought to be able to pick up and start utilizing the drag-and-drop Thrive Architect content editor, irrespective of their own WordPress or web design experience.

Price- From $67 on its $19 for a month for all Thrive Topics merchandise.

You can get access to Thrive Architect as part of Thrive Suit.

Thrive Leads

Build your mailing list Quicker

Thrive Leads

Create and publicly design every type of opt-in form, run A/B evaluations and grow your list faster than previously.

Thrive Leads can help you raise your goal conversion rates. Thrive leads provides you lots of form types to choose from.

The main focus of Thrive Leads is letting you exhibit pop-ups on your website. All these pop-ups can contain any sort of content, including email option forms, text, products, pictures, videos, and calls to action. Thanks to this Thrive Leads editor, you get full control on how these kinds and pop-ups look. There is also an A/B testing tool to assist you optimize this content.

It is possible to customize the form and pop-up content through the drag-and-drop user interface.

Other highlights of Thrive Leads include:

  • A drag-and-drop editor for pop-ups and kinds
  • advanced performance reporting and analytics applications
  • integration with the most popular email advertising software
  • a sizable library of prebuilt forms, pop-up templates, and content modules
  • a selection of pop-up causes, including timed, scroll position, and depart intent
  • multiple option type kinds, including pop-ups, two-step options, in-content types, display fillers, content locks, and much more.

Thrive Leads is a powerful lead generation tool which compares well to other similar WordPress plugins such as OptinMonster and Bloom. If you would like to find out more, make sure you check out our in-depth Thrive Leads review.

Price: From $67 on its own or $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Leads part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Quiz Builder

BoostSite engagement through quizzes

Thrive Quiz Builder

Create fully customized quizzes that allow you to acquire valuable visitor insights, build a coordinated email listing, drive website engagement and get tons of social shares with ThriveQuizBuilder.

Create interactive quizzes to improve engagement.

Thrive Quiz Builder not only provides you the ability to create extremely complicated quizzes with branching logic, but in addition, it makes it extremely simple to visualize what your quiz looks like and how it flows from our quiz builder window.

Using Thrive Quiz Builder

There are loads of attributes in Thrive Quiz Builder; some simple and some advanced.

It’s simple to get building your quiz straight away by following a few compulsory actions. After you have built your quiz, then you can begin creating variations and reviewing outcomes using the advanced capabilities.

  • Creating an easy quiz
  • Create a new quiz

You can either build a quiz from scratch or use one of both’readymade’ templates.

The principal difference between these is that the’ready-made’ templates come with a predefined quiz structure. While the’build-from-scratch’ templates permit you to customize the arrangement however you would like.

Build from scratch — Quiz with no predefined configurations.

List building template — Quiz optimized for building an email list; e.g. splash page quiz > opt-in gate.

Social stocks template — Quiz optimized for social sharing; e.g. dash page > quiz > badge discuss.

Price: From $67 on its own or $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Quiz Builder as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Apprentice

Construct professional online Classes

Thrive Apprentice

Create pro-looking classes straight from the WordPress dashboard. It’s possible to boost your readers by immediately creating free internet.

The Apprentice attribute a part of some of our subjects and it is designed to help you produce a high-quality course and membership material.

Be aware that Apprentice is not a membership plugin or feature. There are many plugins available that allow you to protect certain parts of your site, create them only available to members, and cost money for the membership (e.g. S2Member, Paid Memberships Pro, MemberMouse, WishList Member, and lots of others).

Apprentice is not supposed to replace any of these plugins. On the contrary, it is about how you structure and present your content within a member’s area.

Whether you would like to produce a simple, but professional looking member’s page with download links and resources or you would like to produce a more fully-featured class with multimedia lessons, multiple classes, and much more, Apprentice is for you.​


Apprentice is a motif feature and It’s currently available in these themes:

  • ​Pressive
  • Squared
  • Minus
  • Ignition
  • FocusBlog

Price: From $67 on its own or $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Apprentice as part of Thrive Suite.

Make commenting   f​un and engaging

Thrive Comments

With Thrive Remarks you’ll add the capability to spur quicker feedback and boost engagement through several innovative features such as upvoting and downvoting, gamified remark incentives and an impressive number of after-comment-actons.

Thrive Comments enhances every aspect of remarks by enhancing the design of your comment area, making commenting simpler for users, encouraging engagement and helping streamline moderation.

The plugin depends on WordPress’s comment program — it does not replace it. So, if you deactivate Thrive Comments, all opinions will stay on your website.

The same as the default option commenting setup, you can allow guests to publish comments, or ask that everyone creates an account on your website. The plugin also lets you incorporate Facebook and Google to make logging in simpler for users.

Where Thrive Comments excels is conversions. You can display a thank-you message, encourage them to discuss your post, exhibit related posts and redirect the user to the URL of your choosing.

If Thrive Leads can also be activated on your website, you can invite the user to opt into your email list.

Another manner in which Thrive Comments helps is moderation.

The plugin provides many tools that will help you to manage comments. You are able to select which ones don’t require a response, and you can delegate comments to particular staff. As an instance, if a person asks a technical question in the comment area, you may delegate it to the mind of your IT department.

It’s a flexible solution that gives you many configuration choices.

Price: From $39 on its own or $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Comments as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Optimize

A / B testing for landing pages

Thrive Optimize

With Thrive Optimize, the superior add-in for Thrive Architect, we have taken all of the pain, complication and intense price from A/B testing. This really is actually the A/B testing tool you will actually use to get greater conversions on all your key pages.

Thrive Optimize was built to keep matters as simple as possible to produce a plugin that individuals will actually use and get results from. For this reason, there are some features that could be thought of as lost. As an example, you cannot optimize track goals like clicks on a particular link or button, or how far a user has scrolled down a page

Before we explore the user experience of Thrive Optimize to show just how easy (or not) this plugin is to use, first, let’s check out some of the best features of this WordPress A/B testing plugin.

Set-and-forget A/B testing and conversion rate optimization — Thrive Optimize tracks the evaluations and automatically admits a winner and disables the poorest performing page variation once sufficient data has been collected.

Compare multiple page variations at once — produce as many page variations as you want, to test multiple variations from each other.

Optimize three types of goals — maximize the conversion rates concerning page visits, product purchases, and opt-ins.

Simple to read results and charts — quickly see at a glance which page variants are performing the best.

Custom traffic distribution — let the plugin automatically distribute traffic evenly between your webpage variations or create a custom supply to prevent sending plenty of your traffic to an experimental webpage layout.

Works with all WordPress themes — enhance goal conversions irrespective of your theme.

No code to operate with — no code snippets to add to your own pages or code editing to customize your page variations.

Price: From $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Optimize as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Ultimatum

Create evergreen countdown campaigns

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is the best scarcity marketing tool for WordPress. Increase your Conversions by adding Countdown Timers run complex, evergreen Scarcity campaigns and much more.

Evergreen countdown timers.

With an evergreen countdown timer, each visitor to your website gets their own unique countdown timer. For example, you can give each and every visitor to your website their own individual 24-hour countdown timer to get an offer you are boosting .

Beyond those neat evergreen countdown timers, and that I’ll show you in more detail below, Thrive Ultimatum also helps you produce:

Regular fixed date countdown timers

Recurring countdown timers

Beyond supplying distinct countdown forms, Thrive Ultimatum also has a couple of other neat features that deserve mention:

Countdown timer designs which truly look good. Plus, you can utilize Thrive Architect to further customize your layouts with drag and drop, if you’d like.

Change content based on period . Thrive Ultimatum lets you change the message you show visitors as the countdown timer gets nearer to dying. These let you quickly create a complete campaign. Or, you can always create a campaign from scratch.

Countdown timers that follow visitors around. You are able to make your countdown timers “follow” your customers around in widgets or telling bars.

Lockdown attribute . Build special links for exclusive discounts.

Change performance on conversion. One time a visitor moves on a campaign, you can show a different deal.

Price: From $97 on its own or $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Ultimatum as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Ovation

Gather & display testimonials for Societal Evidence

Thrive Ovation Using Thrive Ovation, you’ll be able to capture and display testimonials on auto-pilot. It is the simplest way to begin taking advantage of one of the most underrated conversion boosters.

Thrive Ovation is one plugin in a package of tools that fall under the umbrella that’s Thrive Theme. It claims to automate a lot of the testimonial collection and display procedure (we will see about that) and expects that will assist you gather “rich, comprehensive and persuasive testimonials” for your WordPress site.

The staff supporting Thrive Ovation even goes so far as to say that using Thrive Ovation as a conversion tool for adding testimonials to landing pages, sales pages, and much more will erase all anxiety and stress that customers have when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Thrive Ovation is an all-in-one testimonial management plugin.

Thrive Ovation has three primary features that assist you:

Grab Reviews: Discover a simple way to ask people to leave a testimonial — right on your website.

Display Reviews: Have your choice when it comes to displaying the great things we have to say about your own brand, staff, goods, and services.

This plugin works nicely with or without other Thrive merchandise. Meaning there is no need to purchase any extras.

With Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is rich in features that are easy to use, even for novices.

Getting started is straightforward. Simply start incorporating your testimonials into your Ovation dashboard. This is the central hub for everything.

It is possible to edit and manage entries after and display those using stunning templates. But first, let us look closer at how to manually collect testimonials.

Price: From $39 on its own or $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Ovation as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

evelop and Optimize Headlines

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Headline Optimizer allows you to test different site post headlines, product names and revenue page hooks with just one click. The automatic winner configurations will put your winning headline in place automatically.

The Thrive Headline optimizer plugin enables you to A/B split test your headlines to boost your click-through rate for your own site pages. This also will help to boost different metrics, such as scroll thickness and time spent on page.

Generally Talking, Thrive headline optimizer is built for large websites or blogs that Have a great deal of traffic and want to divide test how well their internal headlines Do to keep visitors on the website.

Price: From $67 on its own or $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Headline Optimizer as part of Thrive Suite.

Thrive Clever Widgets

Make your Website clever and Smarter

Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Clever Widgets is the Latest WordPress Plugin to be released by Thrive Theme.

Display targeted sidebar posts based on various blog post categories. This ensures your website indicates the ideal content to the proper individuals, maximizing visitor interaction and engagement with your website.

This plugin lets you bring a few requirements so you can display widgets contextually on your blog article. With this tool, you will have the ability to exhibit unique widgets for various posts. It’s possible to change them by tags, groups, etc..

Price: From $39 on its own or $19 per month for all Thrive Topics products.

You can get access to Thrive Clever Widgets as part of Thrive Suite

Thrive Theme Purchase Options

Thrive Theme offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to buying their gear. You are able to obtain the plugins and themes separately, or access the Thrive Suite app to gain everything. Even if accessing an individual product that you can choose from a variety of options, based on how many sites you would like to use the product on.

A good example of the Thrive Theme pricing choices using their Leads plugin.

All suite access options cover the use of these plugins and themes on all of the websites you own.

Thrive Theme pricing includes a couple of distinct options. You may either buy every one of the tools separately to get a one-time fee or you could buy access to all of the tools for $30/month, or you may elect for $19/month, If you were to purchase each one of these tools separately, you would have to pay $540.

That is why the Thrive suite is such a fantastic deal as you can unlock everything for only $90/quarter  and $228 per year.


Paying $228 per year for the Thrive Suite plan might resemble a lot. However, just considering the Thrive Leads plugin, you would pay the identical price for a similar plugin such as OptinMonster (that is $19 per month or $228 a year for a similar feature set).

When you take into account the other plugins and the topics you have access to with the Thrive Theme Suite, it starts to appear to be a far better value proposition.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a package of resources to help you produce well-optimized websites, then you are part of this Thrive Theme target market. Although the individual topics are not that impressive on their own, when you think about all the topics, plugins, and educational content on offer to Thrive members, the entire of the Thrive Theme portfolio is greater than the sum of its parts.

You could probably get similar results using the lower-priced goods from Elegant Themes — specifically, their Divi motif and its own strong drag-and-drop page builder, divide testing tool, and webpage template library, together with their own Bloom plugin and its option forms. But you would not get such a powerful focus on conversion rate optimization along with also the Thrive Theme educational content to support you.

If you enjoy the look of some of those individual Thrive Theme products, they are good options. However, you are going to find the most from Thrive Theme by joining their membership program and getting access to all, including the themes, lead generation resources, articles builder, and instructional content.