StrongVPN – is StrongVPN a Good VPN or Not? Read it.

Earlier people never bothered about having a good VPN but the times are changing. There is a sense of realization that how important VPNs are for a lot of things. We all know that the online world has become so vulnerable. With the rising number of fraudulent activities online it becomes very important to protect yourself while accessing online information. To keep you safe and secure online, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service plays a vital role. It actually masks your original IP address and allows you to access geo-restricted content easily. Without sharing your location and identity you can easily access online content without thinking twice about your security. However, the market is flooded with VPN options but choosing the right one requires extra efforts. If you are expecting a VPN to have a lot of things in it then nothing is better than StrongVPN.

StrongVPN as its name suggests is definitely the strongest and proves that by staying in the market since 2005. It is known to have 950 servers in about 24 countries across the globe. The best thing is its no-logging policy. Your data or history never gets stored anywhere. Apart from this, its speed is good for the customers to binge-watch Netflix the entire time. Also, StrongVPN offers customer support through live chats, email, and phone.

Impressive features of StrongVPN

StrongVPN features are commendable and impressive in all terms. It is essential for you to focus more on the features than other things. It has many unique features that are hard for market competitors to offer to its audience. Here are some of the impressive StrongVPN features:

  • No logging policy – it is evident to understand that your data is stored means that somehow it will get shard to a third party. Fortunately, StrongVPN is very crystal clear in disclosing which data is stored and which is not. They only collect personal information which is address, name, credit card, etc. No web traffic data is stored by StrongVPN.
  • A kill switch button – this is also known as network lock function. It is the safest and most demanded feature by the users. When a VPN connection gets lost, it automatically cuts internet access. StrongVPN supports this feature for your convenience.
  • Split Tunneling – this is a feature that lets your device and app go through the VPN tunnel. This is the best method to practice less bandwidth. StrongVPN supports split tunneling only on Android apps.
  • Encryption – encryption is basically about the involvement of coding text as well as data which helps in decoding the data and information. StrongVPN uses mediums like AES-256, IPsec, and IKEv2 to encrypt the data.
  • Internet protocols – internet protocols are essential to ensure the safety and speed of a VPN service. StrongVPN uses protocols such as OpenVPN, SSTP, IPsec, UDP, PPTP, and TCP.
  • Speed – StrongVPN works amazing on Mac as well as Windows computer. You will be able to download and upload things without any worry.

Apart from these StrongVPN features, DNS leak test, webRTC leak test, etc. are features supported by StrongVPN. Thus, it leaves no stone unturned to offer the best and customer-centric features.

Subscription plans by StrongVPN

There are only two subscription plans by StrongVPN. You can either choose a monthly or yearly plan. StrongVPN does not offer any free trials but you can definitely go for 30days money-back guarantee option. Per month plan is for $10 and the yearly plan is for $5.83.


The end result of the StrongVPN review is that you can definitely go for it. It has impressive features that can benefit you in the long run. With over 650 servers in over 26 countries, a kill switch feature, 12 devices per license, comprehensive setup guides for almost every operating system, and multi-connection capabilities, StrongVPN has certainly set the benchmark for all other VPN service providers. It is indeed the best one in every criteria. And the best part is that it offers 24/7 customer support that is certainly a great way to help customers in need.

Every customer looks for reliable and responsive customer support system. Thus, StrongVPN is highly recommended VPN service provider for all professionals as well as netizens.


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