SITE123 – Is It Possible to Create a Website In 3 Steps?

SITE123 Review – Features, Uses, Benefits, Pricing Analyzed


No doubt, having a great online presence through your professional looking website is the need of an hour. But hiring a professional to design your website can be the foolish thing you can do in such changing times. You need to be smart and make the best move through a website builder. It certainly helps in reducing your costs, saves your time as well as extra efforts. Plus, it is advantageous for a great stock of images, plugins, templates, and a lot more.

Although in the marketplace there are many website builder tools available. But it has become very tough these days to find a groundbreaking website builder tool. You cannot simply rely on any ordinary tool to create your website. After all, your website is your path to success.


However, Site123 can be a revolutionary step to create your website. It does offer you all the amazing features and benefits which are required to create and operate a website. Also, the best part about Site123 is that you can create your website within 3 steps.

Simple Steps to create a website with Site123

It is definitely one of the Site123 benefits that ease your job to create a website. The process is quite simple. All you have to do is choose a design for your website, add content, and make it live. There is nothing complicated involved when working with Site123.

The tool divides the designs into general categories such as business, portfolio, and online store. Also, these categories can even break down into several more niches such as hair salons, gardening, and law firm, etc. You don’t have to grow through any complex setup process. Everything can be done easily in the browser. Site123 also offers a blog.



Attractive features of Site123

  • Eye-catching templates and customized features: One can find out a versatile range of templates and customized features to enhance the productivity and overall look of the website.
  • Study e-commerce tools: If you are planning to start a profitable and result-oriented e-commerce website then you can pick premium plans. Most of the premium plans offer different payment methods, unlimited number of products & orders per month, over 1000 marketing list emails/month, give customers an option to create wish list, and a feature to collect customers’ ratings and reviews.
  • Offers a range of apps and plugins for SEO and more: Once you take a subscription then you can get a complete access to it’s library of apps and plugins for SEO and marketing purposes.
  • Multi-lingual feature: One can also display a website in multiple languages. The platform supports over 21 different languages.
  • User-friendly website development tools: It offers very user-friendly tools to create a website. Although it doesn’t offer drag-and-drop tool, but one doesn’t need to make much effort while putting elements on different pages of the website. Thus, it allows you to create a stunning website without causing any problem.


The pricing plan of Site123

The pricing plans are better than what other website builders are offering. However, the best plan out of all is the premium plan. For the rest of the plan, you need to create a free account. You can try every feature of the tool on your account as long as you want. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with their features and offerings, you can switch to an upgrade.

You also get one of the Site123 benefits of a free domain in the initial year as well as a chance to create email accounts. Here are some of the pricing plans described below:

  • Free plan – this plan comes at no cost. It is suitable to make a small website.
  • Basic plan – the basic plan is for 10, 01 euro that comes with eCommerce. It can handle up to 10orders per month with the support of offline payments.
  • Advanced plan – the advanced method involves no ads at 15, 58 euro. It has a feature of translation in more than one language. It comes with PayPal to eCommerce.
  • Professional – the professional plan is for 21, 14 euros that contain credit card payments. It offers the translation of up to three languages.
  • Gold – this plan is available at 26, 70 euros which contains everything. You get 10 mailboxes and unlimited orders with translation up to 5 languages.



To sum up this Site123 review, we give this website builder big thumps up. It is simple to use while offering all the great features like your own domain, widgets, SEO, contact form, newsletter tool, customer support, etc.

Plus, Site123 offers an option to translate your website up to five languages. You can either go for a free plan or paid plan depending on your needs.

This Site123 review is entirely for the customer’s benefit.


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