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5 Smart Phone Features that are Totally Addictive

Smart Phones have made our life easier and faster. These phones have already replaced our calendar, alarm clock, watch, TV and music players. And with the fast-paced technology, we never know what exciting & totally enthralling might come our way.

Though almost all the features of a smart phone are fascinating, there are some features that we have literally made us phonic. Here are such features that are completely unique and you just can’t think of a life without them.

1. Monochrome Mode


This is a wonderful smartphone feature that helps save our eyesight from deterioration. It also prevents our battery from being drained out. This feature can be enabled anytime you want and does real goodness to our eyes. Switching on to this black and white mode of the phone is simple. People have become really dependent on this feature & it determines the starting of day and night. 

2. Memory


Keeping a track of all your photos and videos has never been so simple. The memory storage of smart phones is so expandable that we can alter the storage time and again. In fact, our dependency on this feature has become so high that we tend to take out our smart phones every time we need to recollect memories.

3. Lock Screen Messages


Lock screen messages are easy and more convenient to read. This feature enables us to read our messages without unlocking the phone. Remember the last time when you read a message while driving? All thanks to this feature!

4. Finger Print Security


When was the last time you had to use the figures or patterns on your smart phone, thus ending up being annoyed? Yes, this is what finger print security has done to us. We are so much addicted to just putting the finger and unlocking the various features of the smartphone in one magical go that we just don’t like any other way of unlocking the phone! 

5. Camera

Smart phones are largely bought after determining the camera quality of the phone. People are going crazy over phone selfies. The process doesn’t end here. It goes further with photo editing feature and uploading the same on social media platforms. This is not the end. Phone camera is also used for video calls & creating videos. A day without phone camera seems really unimaginable. Isn’t it?


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