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Why do you need HubSpot? A salesperson’s review

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Working in sales was not an easy job for me. There were various things that needed extra time and attention. Also, I had to follow numerous methods to keep a check on the accounts of mine. However, the methods usually included elaborative spreadsheets along with tabs that kept the records of my information. For instance, the main contact name and its information, possible prospect information using notes discussions and growth made.

Going through such a lengthy method wasn’t easy for me. Nevertheless, when I came across the HubSpot marketing tool, it made everything stress-free for me. It is super easy to manage, the team has simple and sorted access to the data. It is very convenient so therefore, here is a HubSpot review that will force everyone to try their hands on it.

Extraordinary features of HubSpot

Here are some of the HubSpot features which makes is remarkable:

  • Customized dashboard – the dashboard of the HubSpot marketing tool presents an overview of things like deal opportunities, the activity of the team, currently created companies or contacts to read through simple graphs/charts.

The information is created to show what a person actually needs a glimpse of. This is perfect to have a quick check on things and move to other stuff.

  • Effortless to manage – HubSpot works effortlessly for the users. It makes easy for a user to add a client and its account or contact information. Along with all this, the user can have easy access to note conversations, financial information on the current project.

Easy managing is beneficial to understand the monthly or quarterly targets for salespeople. Also, users can keep a check on the team’s performance.

  • Internal communications – in businesses like ours, it is common to have various contacts like accounts manager, marketing manager, etc. therefore is essential to manage every contact communication professionally.

HubSpot marketing tool allows internal communications features in which the user adds notes to an account or even at a specific level. This is very efficient for the whole team to be aware of conversations with various contacts.

  • It is free – it is free and allows users to have access to CRM from mobile phones. Therefore, one can operate it even from outside the office. It is super effective as the user can keep a check on the team and at the same time manage new clients.

The risk of using the platform is very minimal for users who have never used any CRM system. There is only one thing that is at minimum risk for a user is its time. The situation only occurs if HubSpot does not go with the requirements of a user.

HubSpot marketing tool is super adaptable. It goes well with the conditions of various companies. One of the HubSpot features is that users can upgrade it along with the growth of a business. On the same hand, various options can be added such as service hub, sales hub as well as a marketing hub.


HubSpot is a nice marketing tool to be well-organized and keep a track of things and income generated. It works for and my team effortlessly and impressively.

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