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Site123 – Pros & Cons of Using Site123 Website Builder.

In today’s online world, an excellent and professional looking website is nothing short of an asset. It adds a much-needed value to your business and helps you to reach a wider online audience like never before. Knowing the fact that getting an online presence has become an important need, thus, a professional-looking website will certainly help you to fulfill it to a great extent. But, the question is how to make an excellent website on your own? How to become a creator of your own website without having prior technical knowledge? Well, to simplify the task of creating a website, a website builder has come to your rescue. Well, it usually is beneficial in the reduction of cost, efforts, and time. It offers a rich library of stock images, eye-catching templates, designs, plugins, and much more. The best part is that without hiring any graphic designer you can create a stunning website by yourself. You don’t even need to have any programming or technical knowledge to create a website. It offers simple and user-friendly steps to create a professional-looking website without putting you into any kind of trouble. Therefore, many people play smart and start using a great website builder which leads them to success.


You can get many website builder software in the market but can you really rely on them is the real question. To ease things for you here is one great website builder known as Site123. It offers great templates as well as customization options for your website.  It is user-friendly and has some amazing benefits in the bucket.

Whether you are looking to build or business website, as a simple site, or an online store with greater needs, Site123 can be the best option for you. It offers great deals under a nominal pricing plan which you cannot anywhere else.

Pros of Site123

As an overall website solution, here are some of the pros mentioned below:

  • Direct signup process – one of the prominent benefits is a direct signup process. It is a quick method and hustle-free. You can work on things under three steps. The feature is easy to understand and highly efficient. Plus, it provides a tutorial on customizing themes.
  • It offers an excellent support system round the clock – one can easily get in touch with the team through live chat support.
  • It offers stunning and user-friendly templates – the best part is that all the templates offered by the platform are mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Simplicity – Site123 is highly simple to use which is a great benefit to even amateurs. Also, the tool offers templates on the basis of your business or website. Plus, you get accessible design options for your website. The layouts are mobile-friendly.
  • Product integration – another one of the important benefits is their wide-range product integrations. Apart from just providing DNS as well as hosting services, you also get the option of various plugins. It also provides e-commerce functionality.

The whole library of Site123 including advertising software, analytics tools, and marketing support is highly extensive.

Cons of Site123

Here are some of the cons of Site123:

  • Pricing – the paid plans of Site123 start from $12.80 per month where you get a free domain for a year, 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, and limit of sending 100 messages. As compared to other website builders, Site123 is a bit expensive. Also, it does not offer you unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Restricted feature set-design – it offers very features like fast speed, simple to use, and focuses on the content. But just in case, you are not satisfied with the template then it creates a problem. You cannot easily change that.
  • Restricted feature set-technical – restrictions on designs shows its effects on technicalities of Site123. There are some limitations on the integrations, add on as well as editing depending on the tools given to you.

Also, it can prove to be a con in culture and lock-in. It is somehow vague concerning its story, policies as well as the relationship with its customers.


Who can use Site123?

If you are an ardent blogger and want to create a blog then it is the best tool for you. It has some of the finest features to create a blog, including social bookmarking, an RSS Feed, and analytics. You can also add a comments section, display categories, and archives. However, if you are planning to create a business site then it will help you with business templates, email marketing features, and advanced e-commerce features in its professional plans that will help you to create a result-proven business site.


To conclude this Site123 review, they offer a straightforward costumer experience and are simple to use. But there are some things like functionality, customizing options, and control where Site123 completely lacks.


However, this Site123 review states that you can invest in this website builder as per your own choice and needs.


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