How to Use Zoom: 10 Tips and Tricks for Better Video Meetings


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Digitalization has made everything simpler and more convenient than before. Now people can work more efficiently and at a fast pace. It has led the workflow to run smoothly and to a new level of growth. Above all, it has led to new apps that are mind-blowing. Zoom app is one of the leading video conferencing apps that have sorted everyone’s lives, especially during current times.


It is an app that will allow you to have a virtual face to face meeting whenever and wherever you want. Plus, Zoom App features include full control over what is happening on the screen as well as recording the current video call.

The application has a lot to offer than you can even think. It will not only sort out your life but will help you work in a fantastic way possible. Here are some top tips and tricks that will help you to learn how to use this application, work, and communicate better with it virtually.


Automatic plan meetings – Zoom app lets you plan your meeting automatically. If you are busy with your work schedule and have no time to coordinate or plan a meeting then it can be done via Zoom. This is the best way to save time and work one step ahead.

Know who actually attended – suppose you are organizing a virtual event like a training session or any lecture. You definitely would be eager to know who actually attends it. One of the Zoom App benefits is that it allows you to know this after finishing the event. All you need to do is go to Zoom account management and then check the reports section.

zoom app

Record your video call – what could be more amazing then recording your web video call? Zoom App helps you do this in a simple manner. This way you can share your meeting with the people who couldn’t attend it in the first place. The only requirement for this is to have Zoom on either macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Collective annotation session – another feature of the Zoom app is that you can have a collective annotation session. In this, the host of the call can share the screen with other people as well. Simply pick an option on the top of the window followed by picking the option of annotating.

Offers attendees a waiting room – Zoom app gives an option of the waiting room to attendees. The most important benefit of the feature is that people can do a small brief up before starting an official meeting with or without having the presence of the host.

zoom app

Allow other people to schedule virtual meetings – the person with assistant benefits with this feature a lot. The person who has the power to manage your calendar can schedule your Zoom calls as well. The process to do this is, log in the app, click on meeting settings, and look for plus sign following to assign scheduling privilege. Later add your assistant’s email id and end by clicking on assign.

Important keyboard shortcuts – using the Zoom app also requires some quick and important keyboard shortcuts. This is highly beneficial and saves a lot of time. I is for Invite, M is for mute, and S is for Share. However, for different devices, these shortcuts work differently.

Seek info from attendees – if you are organizing any digital event such as a webinar, informative session, etc. then you might want to gather information from the attendees. Zoom app allows you to do so by registering your attendees. Just make use of registration in My Meetings tab in order to set up a form for your attendees.

zoom app

Generate regular meetings with saved settings plus one URL – Zoom app allows you to have regular meetings with saved settings. The major relevance of the feature is is that you can save the settings for a future while having the same URL for regular meetings. Thus, you don’t have to make efforts to compose a fresh one for your attendees.

Co-host calls – the application has the feature to co-host calls. No matter what are the circumstances, the video meetings can have more than one host. To use this feature, you need to go to Zoom meeting settings, click at the meeting tab, and choose the co-host option. It is as simple as that.

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Zoom app is creating a huge positive impact on various business segments. It is highly simple to operate and brings you the benefit of unique features. The app is definitely a great deal if you want something reliable and top-notch. Currently, the app has become a big rage all across the online world due to its incredibly useful features. Thus, it is undoubtedly an amazing application for flawless video meetings, both professional and personal.