PureVPN – Why is it Often Called a Truly Secure VPN Service?

Are you someone who is super concerned about privacy and security while working online? If yes, then Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is meant for you.  It will easily mask your IP address and protect your information from the internet service provider and third party applications. You can easily access any online site without any restrictions. Today, one can find out a plethora of VPN service providers in the market. However, it is very important to pick the best and trusted one. PureVPN is a reliable and popular VPN service that is based in Hong-Kong. This VPN service has recently given the privilege to its customers of no logs which is an amazing deal for security-conscious customers.

About PureVPN

PureVPN offers 141 server locations all across the globe. Plus, you can use its services up to five connections which is far better than other opponents in the market. Its average speed is 77.37 Mbps that is highly suitable to function without any problem. The pricing of PureVPN is varying between $2.88 per month to $10.95 per month depending upon the selected plan.

For better customer experience and satisfaction, there is a choice of a three-day trial at the price of $2.50 and there is also an option of a 31days money-back guarantee.

Remarkable Features of PureVPN

PureVPN features are remarkable as they are quite different from what a competitor has to offer. If you are looking for something which is value for money and benefits your website then PureVPN features excel in that. Here are some of the features of this VPN mentioned below:

  • WiFi security – this feature is great to detect unrecognized WiFi networks. If you are connecting to some sort of unrecognized connection then PureVPN automatically turns on and protects from fraudulent activities.
  • Unconventional port forwarding – PureVPN provides a NAT firewall which is beneficial in securing the privacy of a website. Also, the port forwarding feature helps in breaking the loopholes in the NAT firewall and allows the connection to pass easily. This is the best feature to have resources like games, media servers, LAN drives, etc.
  • Unblocking of Netflix – another feature of PureVPN is that it unblocks Netflix and relates streaming options such as Amazon Prime, BB iPlayer, and Hulu, etc. Also, it unblocks restricted Youtube videos in many regions.
  • Compatible – PureVPN is highly compatible and at the same time simple to use. It supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOs. It also offers applications for Android TV as well as Amazon Firestick. It also offers browser additions for Kodi, DD-WRT, Chrome, etc.
  • Customer service – the customer service feature is greatly maintained by PureVPN. There are options for the money-back guarantee, live chat, and 24hours support for the customers.
  • Dedicated IP addresses: The most impressive feature of PureVPN is that it can unlock any streaming service. Be it Netflix, BBC, iPlayer etc. However, if you find any problem while accessing any streaming service then you can contact the support team to get a brand new server IP address to get started. Thus, it offers dedicated IP addresses to all premium plan holders. One can also get single-user IPs that are very exclusive to your account by paying $1.99/month. The unique personal IPs are very beneficial for the users trying to access LAN resources.
  • Advanced port forwarding: PureVPN also provides a NAT firewall to avoid unreliable incoming connections to ensure highest level of security to your account and information. The feature allow users to open ports in the NAT firewall by which incoming connections can easily pass through. The exclusive feature will also help all the users willing to access LAN drives, printers, media servers, and games.

Apart from all these PureVPN features, there is a lot more in the bucket for the customers like browser add-ons, Windows client, leak tests, high speed and performance, dedicated IP address, an encryption protocol, and a lot more.


To end this PureVPN review, it is simple to use and brings a lot on the table. It is highly efficient in unblocking nearly everything for the customers. This is the best choice which you can make at an affordable price range.

With an incredible speed, performance, round the clock customer support, exclusive dedicated IP address feature, and universal compatibility, PureVPN is way more ahead than other VPN service providers in the market.


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