NEXCESS Review | Nexcess Pricing, Hosting Plans and Key Features

The web-facilitating company Nexcess is situated in Michigan and is well-known for its innovation. In addition to managed business facilitating solutions like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, StoreBuilder, adaptable Cloud facilitating, and enterprise facilitating, they also deal in facilitating products.

In addition, you can get premium SSL authentications and space names from them. With 20 years of experience in the industry of facilitating, they work with clients to create and grow their organizations through fresh innovation.

Clients can choose from a variety of server farms or workforce locations spread across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Nexcess Pricing, Hosting Plans, and Key Features

Nexcess has 7 overseen WordPress facilitating alternatives to browse.

Flash: This is a passage-level arrangement that begins at $19 each month. You get one area facilitating, 15GB plate space and 2TB data transmission, SSL endorsement, CDN, and limitless email accounts.

Creator: This arrangement costs $79 each month. You get five area names, 40GB circle space and 3TB data transfer capacity, SSL testament, and limitless email accounts.

Designer: This arrangement is evaluated at $109 each month. Host up to 10 destinations, 60GB plate space, 4TB transfer speed, SSL endorsement, and limitless email accounts.

Manufacturer: This arrangement begins at $149 each month. You get 25 area names, 100GB plate space and 5TB transfer speed, SSL endorsement, and limitless email accounts.


Maker: This arrangement costs $299 each month. You get 50 area names, 300GB plate space and 5TB data transfer capacity, SSL endorsement, and limitless email accounts.

Leader: This arrangement begins at $549 each month. You get 100 area names, 500GB circle space and 10TB transmission capacity, SSL declaration, and limitless email accounts.

Venture: This is the most elevated level arrangement and it costs $999 each month. You get 250 area names, 800GB circle space, 10TB data transfer capacity, SSL endorsement, and limitless email accounts.


About its facilitating administrations, Nexcess provides a 100% uptime SLA articulation. It depends on our prior knowledge. This cloud hosting is perfect for WordPress and electronic trading platforms since it is adaptable, safe, and extremely fast.

Even if the basic section-level arrangement has all the necessary resources, it is just not feasible. Its competitors cannot match its 2TB data throughput, 15GB capacity, and 10 PHP workers.

Overseen Hosting

Because of the Nexcess Cloud base, your WordPress website and WooCommerce store are always up-to-date and safe.

They’ll make sure your store remains open when you sign up for their Managed WooCommerce service, allowing you to continuously respond to customer requests and build your business.

Committed Support Team

Support is available 24/7 via phone, live chat, email, and tagging framework. Specialized assistance on live visits is only available during business hours, although it is always available through tickets.

You can call them at any time to find out what’s going on in a crisis. US-based customer service is acceptable, knowledgeable, and accommodating.

After this, you can access the Knowledge Library for self-improvement exercises and resources.

14 Days of Free Trial

Take advantage of a 14-day free trial to compare Managed WordPress with WooCommerce. The use of a Mastercard is not required.

You will have fourteen days to explore a dashboard or entryway interface and website that loads extremely quickly, and has auto-scaling and scheduled module and stage refresh built in, allowing you to focus on your strongest areas.

Site Migration

Each document on your website will be moved by Nexcess if your record there is dynamic. requesting a move through the entrance.

Depending on the complexity of your site and whether the early bird gets the worm, site transfer can take 2–5 days.

A great deal of Premium Freebies

When you agree with this company, you are given many premium modules as a present. The paid modules include Astra Ace, Qubely Pro, Elementor, Ninja Structures, iThemes Security Expert and Sync, and many others.

Inbuilt Caching

In all designs, NGINX Accelerator disappears naturally. It expedites the delivery of content and applications. The NGINX Cache is a little reserve that packs and temporarily saves static content in memory.

Quicker Site with More PHP Workers

The section-level sparkle plan from Nexcess includes 10 standard PHP Workers with a maximum of 20. In addition to Nexcess, we also evaluated Kinsta, which charges $30 per month for a Starter package that only includes 2 PHP Workers.

Every day Backups

The dashboard’s Reinforcement Highlight can be accessed, and a daily cycle is run. If any disaster strikes, you can always re-establish your site inside a tick.

Solid Security Features

The iThemes security professional premium module is included with all Nexcess plans. Therefore, there is no need to stress about the security of a WordPress site. It magically removes malware and corrects all of the website’s flaws.


Even if there are pros, there will inevitably be drawbacks. The drawbacks of Nexcess will not be hidden. We will discuss everything we have learned. Nothing for free

Area enlistment is not free with Nexcess. However, paid space enrollment is available.

The nicest aspect is that you receive a free subdomain that instantly activates your website.

Late reaction from the help group

Following research, there are many complaints concerning assistance. They respond slowly to support-related tickets. However, the outreach organization is always reachable. A team of professionals works only throughout business hours for Nexcess. This might use some work.

No Money back ensures on Prepaid orders

In the unlikely event that you were anticipating a typical 30-day unconditional promise. You won’t receive it. When canceled early, the monthly options do offer savings. The initial prepaid annual offer is not returnable.

This isn’t is a con with this host. You will appreciate their leadership when you are with them.

No Dedicated IP addon

Believe it or not, it’s true. According to the outreach group’s claim, Nexcess doesn’t provide dedicated IP addresses on the Managed WordPress platform’s lowest tiers. On the Producer plan or higher, they provide a dedicated IP address.


Unquestionably! Nexcess is a fantastic host that works well with WooCommerce and WordPress. When compared to typical shared facilitating, this is a quick-speed facilitating.

They refuse to compromise on-site security and speed. This is a perfect and reasonably priced managed hosting solution for online journals, eCommerce-related websites, and large ventures. Simply focus on your website or business while Nexcess takes care of everything.

With 10 standard PHP Workers included in a basic flash setup that may expand to 20 with Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting, things go along much more quickly and allow for more simultaneous connections. We energetically recommend doing this.