Fact Check: 6 Figure Email Marketing Tool GetResponse – as User-Friendly as They Say?

Are you into any email marketing software? Or are you planning to get an email marketing software? Well, a lot of companies and businesses all around the world are aware that the best marketing strategy is only through email marketing software. It is highly beneficial in reaching a targeted audience at a global level, delivering messages instantly, drive revenues, includes low cost, and what not. However, it’s quite a daunting task to find out the best email marketing tool. Since the market is flooded with a plethora of email marketing platforms, we bring to you the finest one. Here, we are talking about GetResponse which is the best solution. It is the easiest email marketing software that is famous for many things. The software has been in the industry for about 15 years. Since then, it has banged awards and featured on Forbes, CNN, etc. Currently, GetResponse is serving more than 350,000 customers in around 182 countries all around the globe. Plus, it reports more than 1billion subscribers each month.

About GetResponse

It was setup by an 18-year old polish guy, Simon Grabowski, in 1998. He designed it to transform the digital world with the help of an efficient email-marketing program. Initially, the company was named Implix, but later on, it changed to GetResponse in 2014. Its flagship product is now the GetResponse email marketing tool.

Effective features of GetResponse across all plans

Features of any software make a huge difference. And if you are in search of an extraordinary email marketing software then GetResponse benefits you through its features.

There is an endless list of GetResponse features. Although you can get some of the specific features through planned packages.

Here are the main features of GetResponse:

  • Autoresponder – GetResponse is known for offering 2.0 autoresponder. The benefit of this feature is that it sends the messages automatically based on various factors. For instance, you can set the autoresponder for a certain date or day and can send newsletters or promotional messages.
  • Landing page creator – this is an additional tool that is offered by the software. The flexibility of this feature benefits in the long run. You will be able to host a page of your choice, either on GetResponse subdomain or any other server that too free. Plus, landing page creators can help you edit the page components with the drag-and-drop tool.
  • RSS to email – whenever you post a fresh article on your website, this feature benefits you in sending messages to your blog audience automatically. This is a great feature to increase engagement as well as conversions.
  • Email editor – another feature of GetResponse is the email editor. The feature allows you to create email messages as well as provides you the option to choose from pre-designed templates.
  • Form Builder: GetResponse is also known for it’s incredible form builder. It comes with an easy interface with drag-and-drop elements. One can use it for creating sign-up forms for social media platforms and websites.
  • Efficient Contact Management: It is very important for an email marketing tool to offer swift and efficient contact management feature. Thus, the platform offers very quick content management features to help all ardent marketers to manage the list of subscribers without facing any technical glitch or difficulty.

Apart from all these features, there is a lot in the basket such as A/B split testing, contact management, create custom fields, simple to use forms, email creator with templates, etc.

As compared to other email marketing platforms and their features, GetResponse benefits you in the smartest way possible.

Types of customer support offered by GetResponse

The customer support as well as technical support offered by GetResponse is great. Here are some of the types of support resources:

  • Live chat, email as well as phone calls: One can reach the team over a call from 9 am to 5 pm EST on weekdays. However, live chat and email support available round the clock.
  • Live webinars: The platform also runs live webinars to educate people on various new features and email marketing tools.
  • Blog: The platform has a blog section on it’s website where it publishes weekly blogs on tips, tricks and trending topics.
  • Social media: One can easily get in touch with the team on Facebook via questions and comments.
  • Learning center such as video tutorials and FAQs

Quick Pros

  • It doesn’t force any limit on email sending.
  • It has an incredibly powerful and useful list of management tools
  • It also comes with a landing page creator, unlike other email marketing tools.
  • It offers one month free trial to all users.
  • One can easily import contacts from 3rd party contact books, such as Magento, Salesforce etc.
  • It also offers useful tracking tools along with Google Analytics integration.
  • It offers round the clock and excellent customer support.
  • It also offers helpful channels, and a good number of resources.


To end the GetResponse review, it is a highly reliable email marketing software. It comes with a lot of unexpectedly good features. Also, you get a month free trial and can import contacts from a third party. Plus, there is no limitation on sending emails.

On the other hand, everything offered by GetResponse amazingly works for small as well as big email marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is a great software to invest your money in.

This GetResponse review is completely unbiased.


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