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Prayagraj Video: The sky disaster took the lives of three, lightning fell on the dome of the mosque Latest Rags


In Prayagraj, people have not yet got freedom from the floods and now incessant rains have added to their trouble. One hour of heavy rain has made the streets of the city river again. Three people died in different areas due to heavy rain accompanied by lightning.

Lightning fell in different areas of Prayagraj in which three people including a child died. At the same time, two people were seriously scorched due to lightning. Lightning has fallen in Tevara and Beli villages of Sadar tehsil.

In this, 40-year-old Naresh of Tevara village and 15-year-old Usman of Beli village died. At the same time, 13-year-old child Raja Babu died due to lightning in Kata village of Meja tehsil.

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Ram Singh of Tevara village and Gyal of Beli village also got scorched due to lightning. The post-mortem of the dead is being done, while the injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The DM of Prayagraj has sent its report to the state government. Lightning also fell on the dome of Bahadurganj Shahi Mosque in Prayagraj. Due to this a part of it got damaged. Several vehicles were submerged in water in the posh Civil Lines area.

After heavy rain, the visor of a shop collapsed at the Hot Stuff intersection of Civil Lines area. Two bikes and one cycle were damaged in this accident.

People were disturbed by water logging in a dozen areas including Civil Lines, Chowfatka, Station Road, George Town, Kareli, Alka Bihar Colony of Dhumanganj in the city. The city dwellers are cursing the municipal corporation due to water logging on the roads in this way.