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Lucknow: ‘Hum Pandey, our dog is also Pandey, a little mischievous, so he got bitten…’ After release, said dog honor Latest Rags


A few days ago a pet dog attacked a person in Lucknow. The dog had seriously injured the victim by attacking the lower part of the waist. After this, the Lucknow Police arrested the owner of the dog, as well as the dog was taken by the employees of the Municipal Corporation with them. Now both have been released. Talking to the owner of the dog, Rajendra Pandey, he says that the dog is a bit mischievous, so it was bitten.

The dog’s owner Rajendra Pandey says that the person who was bitten by the dog had come to his house to call his younger brother. When he started entering the house, he was bitten by the dog.

Rajendra says that the dog is an important member of his house. We cannot live without him even for a moment. Rajendra said that when I am religious, then my dog ​​is also of religious nature. We call her by the name of Rani Pandey. He likes sweets a lot. We vaccinate him at the time of worship.

Rajendra said – the dog sleeps together, also goes for a walk

Dog Honor Rajendra says that if someone enters the house, the dog will not allow him to enter under any circumstances, he will bite. On the day the dog had bitten the person of the locality, there was a program in the locality, for which the victim had come to call the younger brother.

When he started entering the house, the dog bit him. She’s a little mischievous. If he had called by voice, it would not have happened. Rajendra said that we love the dog very much. He sleeps together. Also goes for a walk. He has got all the necessary vaccinations.