Ontraport – An Overview of This Powerful All-In-One Marketing Automation Platform

There are a lot of companies that are still working by following the old ways of sending emails, task completion, analyzing the teamwork, project management, etc. These ways are fine but hardly efficient in today’s world. However, you need to refine your business processes by having great marketing automation software in hand. It works brilliantly for your company and its team by handling everything from sales, marketing to task management.

How marketing automation platform benefits your business?

Marketing automation has become an essential part of digital marketing. It has literally revolutionized the world of marketing in many ways. It helps companies to streamline as well as automate multiple marketing processes and tasks that consume a lot of time. Thus, it automates all the complex marketing tasks and processes to enhance the operational efficiency helping companies to increase revenue and productivity to manifolds.

Why Ontraport is the best all-in-one marketing automation platform?

If you are in search of the greatest and beneficial marketing automation software then hands-down Ontraport is the one for you. It was established in 2006. The headquarters of Ontraport is in Santa Barbara.  From 2006 to 2011, the company experienced mini growth spurts. But from 2012, it has released amazing features back to back by upgrading its core infrastructure, support and marketing system, etc.

Whether you have a marketing agency, SaaS Company, Kitchen Company, or you are an influencer, legal professional, etc. Ontraport is the best fit for your business.

Amazing Features of Ontraport

The list of Ontraport’s features is very long. However, here are some of the exclusive and irresistible features mentioned below:

  • Visual campaign builder – this feature is clean and very simple to use. This is the reason that Ontraport’s visual campaign builder makes it the best. It has performance mode as well as a marketing tracking function. It allows you to do everything like contact record updates, task creation, sending emails, etc.
  • Customizable CRM/ sales pipeline – the customizable nature of Ontraport makes it par excellence. You can customize all the aspects of CRM as per your needs. It allows you to create an occasion’s database along with customizations.
  • Landing page builder – this has now become a common thing. Ontraport has two versions of landing page builder. Both these versions have some unique qualities like drag-and-drop builder, templates customization, etc.
  • Email template builder – similar to landing page builder, Ontraport has a feature of email template builder. This is the best for designing graphical emails, fast creation of simple emails, and a lot more. If you want to have a strong client base then somehow it can help as Ontraport email marketing.
  • Task management – another feature of Ontraport is task management. The things which require human attention can be solved easily by this feature. It saves a great time for big and busy team members. The tasks can be managed and customized as per your convenience.
  • Affiliate/ partner programs – partner programs or affiliate is a much-underrated feature but works wonder if used properly. You will be able to customize your partner as well as affiliate programs.

Apart from all these features, Ontraport has many other great features like metrics dashboard, Facebook custom audience integration, Ontraport card view, etc.

How Ontraport outshines other marketing automation software in the market?

The software offers incredible UI quality, the landing page, email builders, a vivid feature list, a unique visual campaign builder, customizable features, a round the clock support team, and value for money plans. All these exclusive and incredible features make Ontraport simply the best in the market.

Who all can use Ontraport?

The software can be used by:

  • Kitchen companies
  • Marketing firms
  • SaaS firms
  • School curriculum makers
  • Social media influencers
  • Legal professionals
  • Companies offering training on ecommerce products and services.


To wrap up the Ontraport review, its customizable nature, as well as automation capabilities, makes it worth everything. The software has remarkable features that can be beneficial for your business to automate, reduces its overall costs plus saves a lot of time. Therefore, investing in Ontraport can definitely be a smart move. It will surely enhance the productivity, efficiency, and revenue to manifolds like never before.


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