Beyond Hosting Review | What Are The Best Alternatives of Beyond Hosting?

Bloggers that are at least somewhat competent and want to elevate their work should use Beyond Hosting. For customers who want to modify their blog or incorporate product sales into their content, a couple of the features are especially helpful.

Many places have experienced it, even ones that were officially claimed by businesses. Both the WordPress Hosting option (more on that below) and the Managed Cloud hosting option are designed to handle locations with heavy traffic.

In fact, Beyond Hosting guarantees that your website will remain online 100% of the time, and they monitor your employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure of it. You currently utilize WordPress!

If you already manage a WordPress blog that receives a lot of traffic, Beyond Hosting is undoubtedly the best hosting option for you. The Managed WordPress product backs up your data daily and is specifically designed for high-traffic websites. It is also optimized for speed.

Although Beyond Hosting isn’t the most expensive host, it’s not the least expensive either. With Beyond Hosting, you do get a lot of extra security features and guaranteed website consistency, but if you’re looking to cut costs, these might not be the features you should prioritize.

Organizations and bloggers who manage their website as a company make up their core market. If you’re truly getting used to everything, starting small and subsequently expanding to a larger host might be the best course of action.

Features from Beyond Hosting that Stand Out

Continue to be unsure? Here are the most well-known highlights to help you decide if choosing Beyond Hosting is the best option for you.

As an Add-On, a CDN (content distribution network) is available. This speeds up load times and can help your content reach clients much more quickly.

Another reason why Beyond Hosting is beneficial for areas with heavy traffic is that it makes sure your content is accessible even under busy conditions.

A cPanel control panel is included in every plan. This is the company’s typical control panel that is provided on most web hosting sites. If you’ve ever used a website hosting service, you’re probably already familiar with the cPanel.

  • There are options for reinforcement arrangements. Depending on the documented maintenance plans for your blog, you can adjust the reinforcement schedule. You won’t need to worry about your information vanishing because it is protected in multiple places.
  • The associate program gives users the chance to earn a shared commission. You can earn a 40% recurring commission on each new client you refer who signs up for Beyond Hosting and hires staff. This is fantastic if you run a blog or large social network about a subject where your audience would be interested in creating their websites.
  • They have data centers in Amsterdam and Cincinnati, Ohio, among other places. Since it indicates that your information may be raised to more than one region or worker, several data centers can be a resource.

Past facilitating survey for bloggers beyond hosting review for bloggers

  • Generally speaking, Beyond Hosting is the best option for bloggers who are serious about starting a business. If your blog handles any type of personal data or experiences significant levels of traffic, the VPS, the managed WordPress capabilities, and the extra-close security features make it the best choice.


1. Adaptable Pricing Structure

2. Extremely Easy to Scale Server Resources

3. Repetitive Server Environment

4. High Uptime and Availability

5. Rapid Server Setup Process

6. Security from Server Hardware Issues

7. Quicker Website Speed and Performance

8. Turns out Great for Sites with Scalable Traffic

9. Straightforward Server Management Dashboard

10. Reduction of Your Overall Environmental Impact

A Portion of the Items and Administrations offered by Beyond Hosting.

  • Non-Managed Hosting
  • Overseen Hosting
  • Pre-Configured Virtual Servers
  • Altered Virtual Servers
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Space Registration Services
  • A single Click Installs (Including WordPress)
  • SSL Certificates
  • Specialized Support

Pricing and Billing

  • Evaluation of web hosting services may be made quickly. You will be charged the monthly amount to which you agreed upon the information exchange whether you choose a Managed Hosting Plan or a pre-designed Managed Virtual Server plan.
  • If you choose a modified Managed Virtual Server Plan, your costs will be determined based on the specific asset designation you’ve given, as well as the help and executive level you selected.
  • You can use the provided cost mini-computers to get an idea of how much a different Managed Virtual Server Plan might cost.
  • You can choose your charge cycle when you carry out your agreement. You can make regular payments or pay upfront for one, two, or three years of administration. The more facilitating time you buy upfront, the less expensive your whole arrangement becomes. By paying beforehand, you receive a discount on your monthly charges.


Alternatives to Beyond Hosting

  Beyond Hosting HostGator Bluehost
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
One Click Installs Yes Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Not Included Included Included
Support Unknown 24/7 24/7

Consider Bluehost or HostGator if you feel that the services and packages provided by Beyond Hosting are excessive.

The two businesses provide very high-quality products similar to those that Beyond Hosting provides, but they also provide entry-level, genuinely affordable shared hosting options.

If you use WordPress, you might find Bluehost to be more appropriate. In the unlikely event that you anticipate interacting with technical assistance frequently, HostGator will likely be a better option.

If Beyond Hosting isn’t the right hosting provider for you but you’re interested in managed cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated staff/devoted facilitating, take a look at Liquid Web.

Affordable VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting as a result

Is Beyond Hosting Right for You?

Being a private company doesn’t mean you have to go with basic or entry-level web hosting options. If you already experience a significant amount of traffic, you can choose a larger, more robust, and component-rich hosting package.

If you have ambitions for a large website with lots of high-resolution images of products, videos, and other content, you should start with something more expansive than a really limited shared hosting plan so you won’t have to worry about relocating your site anytime soon.

If you want to launch an online store or company website, the aforementioned considerations should particularly worry you. Moving a website is difficult, so if you can afford the small investment needed for upgraded hosting, you could end up sparing yourself a tonne of headaches in the future.


Past Hosting is a web hosting company that specializes in VPS and devoted-level web hosting plans, which are suitable for medium- to large-sized businesses that experience significant traffic or host dynamic, asset-intensive websites.

The company has an intriguing area of expertise; whereas most hosting companies advertise shared hosting plans as their top offerings, Beyond Hosting doesn’t provide many shared hosting options.

All things considered, Beyond Hosting provides generous accommodations together with solid assistance and qualified assistance. Beyond Hosting can be the best option for you if you’re looking for a cheap VPS or dedicated server where the pricing of your package is transparent and you can buy only the features you need without paying more than necessary.

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