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Comparing Liquid Web and GoDaddy, which one is the best option for you?

Without a doubt, Liquid Web is considered one of the best web hosting providers in the market. They offer top-notch hosting features, 24/7 support, and exceptional services that have earned the trust of many reputable brands such as Audi Brussels, American Airlines, BOSE, Ducati, ESPN, FILA, FedEx, GM, Hitachi, and more. Their offerings include premium hardware for VPS, versatile hosting options, and enhanced security features. However, many people have been comparing Liquid Web to GoDaddy, as both platforms are known for their exceptional web hosting services and have gained popularity in recent years. However, it can be difficult to decide which one is better, as it depends on specific features, services, and other technical aspects offered by both companies in the web hosting industry.

What GoDaddy offers

First off, GoDaddy offers a versatile range of hosting and support services for various businesses. Those who want to start their online journey can easily get help from GoDaddy. You can find out various domain names, security and marketing and email services at competitive rates. However, quality is somehow compromised while offering so many things. However, the kind of support and infrastructure that your company requires along with the full proof management and security is somehow not available with GoDaddy.

Liquid Web Hosting
Liquid Web (PRNewsFoto/Liquid Web)

What Liquid Web offers

Liquid Web operates in a highly organized and professional manner while maintaining high standards of management and security. They specialize in managed services, cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting. With a team of over 300 engineers, technicians, and system administrators who closely monitor and support the system, they go above and beyond to provide customers with complete peace of mind.

Features of Liquid Web hosting include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% network and power uptime guarantee
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Superior support system
  • Customized business solutions for major brands and companies
  • Specialized VPS, dedicated servers, private cloud, and email services.


What makes Liquid Web superior to GoDaddy?

At the moment, Liquid Web stands out as the most powerful, reliable, and consistent web hosting platform available. It provides a level of service and features that cannot be found elsewhere, and with complete peace of mind. This review will examine the special services and features that set Liquid Web apart from other web hosting platforms.

  • Cloudfare support and integration

Liquid Web offers complete management to the world’s most reputed CDN Cloudfare. It also offers full support to one’s website along with maximum speeds and enhanced security.

  • Optimum level of security

Security is everything in this fragile online world. Thus, Liquid Web pays special attention to the security feature with it’s special tool, ServerSecure. It gives full protection to your server with security enhancements, and blocks unwanted access in order to keep your data fully secured.

  • Built-in backups

Liquid Web offers built-in backups without charging extra. Local backups are simply free of cost. However, to add an extra protection to your backup, the platform offers an exclusive tool, Acronis Cyber Backups for dedicated and VMware products. It is a kind of offsite backup.

  • DDoS attack protection

We all know that online websites face a lot of online threats. Thus, Liquid Web offers free basic protection from tiny volumetric DDoS attacks through it’s every single server on the network. However, if you are looking for more protection from potential online attacks, then it offers a high quality lineup of comprehensive protection system.

Liquid Web Hosting
Why should you pick Liquid Web?

If you place a high emphasis on quality and security, then Liquid Web is the perfect choice for you. Its infrastructure is cutting-edge and designed with a forward-thinking approach. The team of engineers, technicians, and support staff are dedicated to providing 24/7 assistance to customers.. It offers:

  • Round the clock support in web hosting support with complete customer satisfaction.
  • A one-minute initial response time assurance over a phone or chat.
  • 59 minute initial response assurance on email without any further delay. All HelpDesk tickets are answered within 59 minutes.
  • 100% power uptime assurance


Thus, Liquid Web emerged as a clear winner here.