4 Reasons Why To Choose ActiveCampaign For Your Email Marketing

What is ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a holistic marketing platform that enables efficient growth of small to mid-size businesses with sales automation. It ensures the creation of an incredible user experience by providing a premium set of email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools.

How it helps for your email marketing

Email marketing is an integral component of your whole marketing game plan. Although there are multifarious options for email marketing software tools available to choose from, here are some of the reasons why you should consider ActiveCampaign as one of the top choices for your business goals

  • A comprehensive email marketing platform

ActiveCampaign has a versatile range of features like auto-responders, SMS-marketing, stunning templates, custom forms for landing pages, eNewsletters, email designer which are extremely easy to use and would effectively aid in strengthening of your sales automation and marketing operations.

  • Responsive user interface

If you are a beginner looking for a user-friendly interface, you need not look further beyond ActiveCampaign. It has a well-designed, responsive layout that would enable you to create amazing email campaigns, with multiple features to amplify your customers’ experience. A cherry on top is that they also project useful guidelines to point you in the right direction when you aren’t able to easily proceed further or are getting stuck at any step.

  • Linkage with other apps for smooth automation

To save your time and energy, you can connect other web apps like Zapier, Google Sheets, Unbounce with ActiveCampaign for automation of generic business tasks in your workflow. This feature allows you high level of customization using their respective integrated tools.

  • Highly affordable

ActiveCampaign offers a very cost efficient subscription of $9/month for the Basic Plan that includes email marketing and marketing automation, which is extremely gainful and would provide you valuable assets within a decent budget. For access to automated sales CRM features, you can opt for the Plus plan that starts at $49/month.


 ActiveCampaign has a set of multifaceted features to reinforce your email marketing processes, such as –

Email segmentation – for creating and broadcasting personalized and targeted emails in a short span of time.

Dynamic content – allows you to modify content like images and text in an email in accordance to the nature of targeted groups of people.

Split Testing – to test things like email subject lines, email content, contacts, images in order to enhance the effectiveness of your automated follow-ups.

Subscription forms – to help you in capturing potential contacts. In addition to that, it may also tag people based on their interests, start a welcome series and notify your team to follow up with prospective leads.

Importing automation – to automate and handle tedious tasks such that you can focus on the required work for quicker and better handling of projects.


ActiveCampaign with its variegated automation and campaign features is one of the most reliable and authentic platforms for ameliorating your email marketing operations. With an inexpensive subscription, this user friendly marketing tool shall anchor you in garnering profitable businesses and should be your go to software for the same.


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