GLAMBOT | Everything You Need to Know About Glambot


GlamBot, made in organization with Camera Control, is a rapid camera rig on a colossal automated arm which was utilized to catch honorary pathway fabulousness shots at the Grammys and Golden Globes. Robot cameras additionally fit flawlessly into this classification.

The man coordinating the Glambot at every one of the shows is Canadian producer and photographic artist Cole Walliser. The Glambot itself is notable Bolt high velocity cinebot by Camera Control holding up a Phantom 4K Flex camera with a Leica Summilux focal point mounted on it.

The principle reason for the Glambot is to grandstand the entertainer’s honorary pathway closet — with shots normally including broad perspectives just as various points as the entertainer moves around while the shot is recorded.

Individuals hoping to purchase less expensive or ceased variants of their top picks were consigned to gatherings and Craigslist, Horiuchi revealed to Business Insider. She began Glambot as a side-business in 2013, however in the previous year the group has developed to 12 individuals and is on target for $1 million in deals.

The Glambot itself is notable Bolt high velocity cinebot by Camera Control holding up a Phantom 4K Flex camera with a Leica Summilux focal point mounted on it.

“The pressing factor is on in light of the fact that you just at any point have ONE take, and this is a perilous apparatus that can take you out,” Walliser composes. “I get the hang of clarifying things, yet now and then the climate is so frantic you can’t genuinely hear me or core interest.”

 Look at it in real life:

The fundamental reason for the Glambot is to feature the entertainer’s honorary pathway closet — with shots regularly including broad perspectives just as various points as the entertainer moves around while the shot is recorded.

The most effective method to Step UP Your Homemade GLAMBOT Camera Setup

            Everybody’s been building their hand crafted Glambots for their ideal TikTok shot. Kitty (from Atola Visuals) needed to perceive what she could do utilizing his Nikon Z6 and Moza Aircross 2 gimbal, to take her ploy to a higher level.

This natively constructed Glambot camera arrangement was somewhat sorted out in an off-kilter way, yet it worked! She fundamentally took a C stand grasp to hang her Moza Aircross 2 on.


Honorary pathway Robot carries the great side of advanced mechanics to Houston. We need your occasion be considerably more vital, uncommon and one of a kind. Our objectives are to make the gathering seriously energizing, and pull in each visitor or career expo participant to your corner, so you become the discussion.

Look at Video Dance Booth Bot (with 10ft screen), the Houston glambot experience. We get visitors moving and making some extraordinary memories at that point film utilizing high velocity moving robot with a very lethargic movement camera to give everybody energizing recordings and boomerangs to post on friendly! Appreciate a beverage poured by Bartender Bot! It can pour beverages of any sort for your visitors. Indeed, even have Product Bot hold your items and show them off with eye getting wonder. Be what visitors talk about and recall. They’ll be sharing photos and discussing the unfathomable involvement with your occasion. Honorary pathway Robot is the energizing expansion to any vital corporate occasion, private gathering, and wedding gathering.

Honorary pathway Robot was eager to take part in the @dreamliteproductions alarming shots occasion highlighted on Fox26. Honorary pathway Robot was in the front pouring a few beverages for all participants. Entire not appeared on TV, individuals were all the while taking photographs with it and of it pouring beverages. It showed the astonishing worth it brings as an extra to any showcasing actuation stall for drawing in a crowd of people and getting the fans. It can go about as Houston’s own special Glambot style arrangement. Where the robot moves the camera and visitors dance in front. Ideal for wedding gatherings, corporate occasions, and all the more significantly exhibitions and tradeshows.

Glambot on your phone

Slice the crate down the middle or to whatever size you explicitly need to accommodate your telephone and the one thing that is truly critical to recollect here is you need the highest point of your slice box to hit right.

Slow motion video on your phone

Moderate MOTION HAS for quite some time been one of the coolest (and abused) impacts in video. The procedure was once selective to fancy, costly cameras, yet as convenient gadget innovation improves, slow-motion has gotten better a lot. Regardless of whether you need to underline an artistic second or draw out the shame of a companion you recorded in a trading off circumstance, slow-motion is an incredible apparatus that you ought to figure out how to employ.

Most telephones offer slo-mo highlights in their default camera applications. Simply tap the settings symbol on both Android and iOS telephones and select the “slo-mo” or “moderate movement” alternative, at that point shoot your video. To hold this recording back from getting cumbersome, it’s ideal to record your slo-mo scenes in short explodes, around five to 10 seconds each. (Remember that whatever you record will come out twice or even multiple times as long when you convert it to slo-mo.) When you go to play it back, the application should give you the alternative to drag a couple of handles around the video timetables to control precisely the amount of the video eases back down.