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How ActiveCampaign takes your email marketing strategy to the next level?

Nowadays, it’s very important to connect with your audience online. An effective online campaigning helps you to reach a wider audience in no time. There are various tools and platforms to connect with the right set of people. ActiveCampaign is one of the finest and most effective tools to engage and expand your business effectively. It basically helps a business or company to interact and connect with their existing contacts through highly result-oriented ways, including email marketing and contact management. For any business, offline or online, it is very important to stay connected with the customer base by giving them regular updates on products, services, offers etc.

So what is it all about?

It is precisely an effective email marketing automation and customer relationship management tool which literally makes your job easier to connect with your contacts. It is a very effective and attractive option for all small businesses, freelancers and bloggers who don’t have a workforce, or starting with email marketing. However, it is equally effective tool for large companies that are already running huge email marketing campaigns, but are looking for a deep study into customer’s behaviour and trends to plan their marketing strategies.

Features of ActiveCampaign

Email Marketing

  • It helps you to build customized newsletters to update your contacts on mail.
  • It helps you to send triggered campaigns focusing on selective features or services.
  • One can create personalised messages for every contact in order to address their concerns, interests and requirements. It can also give you an opportunity to apply advanced user tracking feature which allows you to track every single visitor to your site. Thus, you can easily target every visitor according to their daily activities.
  • It comes with an in-build campaign builder along with full template library to help you to create attractive mailers or emails without putting much effort.
  • One can easily send a customized mails to their contacts, without relying on a universal format, template or design.
  • It also offers an extensive image library to make your campaigns super interesting.
  • One can enjoy sending mobile optimized mails.
  • It also offers reporting and analytics feature to help you to follow the progress.
  • You can also engage your visitors with the help of Live Chat Conversations and Messaging. You can turn your visitors into a subscriber and regular customer by asking them their email address or some further information.

Customer Relationship Management

  • It offers a calendar and reminder system to track the updates of all your contacts
  • It gives you an opportunity to do efficient email marketing.
  • One can easily perform segmentation and lead scoring with the help of ActiveCampaign.

Marketing Automation

It clearly means that the ActiveCampaign offers you an incredible amalgamation of latest technologies and social platforms to enhance the productivity of your marketing team. This will help you to target your services and products effectively to the desired group of customers. In fact, you can make use of different channels online in order to promote your products wisely and nicely.

One can easily manage multi-channel marketing campaigns targeting a particular group or a couple of people to easily track the progress of the campaigns, customers’ response and benefits over a specific period of time.

It also helps in lead generation by capturing customers’ information followed by filtering, grading, distribution and qualification process of leads generated with the help of ActiveCampaign over a specific time period.

Thus, one can easily monitor various marketing campaigns running in a particular company, and create a detailed analysis of the progress of the company.

Quick benefits of ActiveCampaign

It offers numerous automation features

This is arguably the most prominent benefit of using ActiveCampaign. You can create any or many automation sequence without any limit. It has it’s specific automation marketplace where you can find out plethora of automation sequences.

It offers an interesting affiliate program

One can easily make a good amount of money with the help of affiliate program offered by the ActiveCampaign. It can pay out around 30% recurring commissions till the time your referral is a customer. Just promote your ActiveCampaign as an affiliate to get started.

Pretty flexible in nature

It is very flexible in nature, and offers a versatile range of 3rd party integrations. It means that you can easily make use of other productivity, CMS and different ecommerce tools.

The bottom line

If you are a freelancer or a small businessman who doesn’t have much time or resources, then ActiveCampaign is simply a boon for you. With email automation and several other benefits, it will allow you to have good time with your friends and family without making much efforts. It simplifies your email marketing and campaigning to a great extent, giving you more benefits like never before.


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