iThemes: Incredible online space for powerful themes & more


iThemes is one of the best online marketplaces where one can pick some of the most powerful themes, plugins and hosting services.  It’s credibility and popularity can be measured from the fact that it is the most recommended and sought-after name for WordPress themes. However, iThemes is also known for its pro WordPress plugins and hosting services. The businesses which are new or small can easily go with it’s themes, WordPress plugins and beneficial hosting services at affordable prices. It manages and controls the whole process from starch to end. 

The best thing about iThemes is that they provide auto WordPress holdup plugin which is built-in. on the same hand, its security packages are ultimate. iThemes is ideally best for website admins, bloggers, and freelancers and also for the agencies that are working on WordPress websites. 

iThemes introduction

It was founded way back in 2008 by Cory Miller in Oklahoma City. During that period WordPress was at the phase 2. The main goal of the iTunes was to offer all sort of website development services, including themes, plugins and hosting plans.

iThemes Builder Themes

Currently, iThemes offers an extensive range of WordPress themes that are mostly powered by the Builder framework. In other words, Builder has emerged as it’s flagship WordPress theme and framework to create a full-fledged WordPress site flawlessly. As per the official reports, nearly 100 Builder child themes have been made to simply the process of creating an incredible online website. The Builder comes with a pre-planned layout and editor to give a customized look and features to any website. One can also find a Style manager embedded in the Builder to create a stunning fonts and formats. Also, one can find out Builder Blocks feature which gives you the chance to add new content to your website.

Likewise, you can find out Builder Child and Noise themes designed for to cater to specific genres or industries.

Types of hosting offered by iThemes 

iThemes is known for keeping its hosting options very simple and minimalistic. The hosting process only involves a simple signup process. The businesses and people involved in it that are unable to get into the in-depth points of web hosting have a great benefit at it. 

The reason behind this simple hosting process is that it is easy to use, straightforward, and provides valuable hosting solutions. It does not involve any terminology, dizzying picks, and heartbreaking price tags. 

The hosting plan of iThemes has 20GB storage in it, 80K page views. Apart from this, users also get a chance at SSL which is a secure socket layer certificate. The features can be used for two websites at the same time. 

This is a solid and bold plan with all the necessary things. Nevertheless, without a doubt, it is the best hosting plan, and plus here are some extra things for the users: 

  • Backup buddy – this is a backup plugin by iThemes. It is known for handling backups and restorations of websites. Moreover, this feature helps in the migration and managing stage of the website journey. The users have full control over backups as well as automated, off-site, and database rollbacks. 
  • Security pro – it provides no-frills services. There are some of the security features of iThemes safety pro like: malware scanning, user blocking, action logging, hide pages as well as URLs, brute force discovery, file change checking, and away mode. 
  • iThemes sync – this is the best feature by iThemes. It lets the users sync up to 10 websites in free. It is beneficial to control the comments, activities of users, and installation of updates on all websites. 

Apart from these, here are some of the other extra things included uptime and performance, website builder features, email, control panel, and help and support. 

Affordable prices of iThemes hosting 

The prices of iThemes hosting are very affordable. The user only has to $15 per month for their hosting plan. Any business or small scale business can purchase this feasible hosting plan. The plan is charged annually and includes all the extras in the plan. 

There is only one standard plan by iThemes where the users can host two websites at the same time. If a user wants the plan for more than two websites than it would be better to be in contact with customer service officers. 

Final verdict 

iThemes is the best choice a user can make for strong and reliable hosting for the WordPress website. It is user friendly and super feasible. it is a positive move for better website hosting.