10 Apps To Help You Work Remotely

Ever since the coronavirus has hit the world, work-from-home has become a new popular phrase. Every company is now asking it’s employees to work from home to avoid catching the deadly and contagious virus. As the Covid-19 cases have been rising with each passing day, it’s very difficult for employers and employees to visit the offices. In fact, all the governments are asking employers to abide by COVID-19 rules to avoid complete shutdown and the spread of the virus. In such a scenario, many technology companies have been working rigorously to make work-from-home a seamless and effortless experience for employees. Knowing the fact that working right from home is quite a daunting task, here are 10 effective apps that will help you to work from home smoothly without facing any technical glitch.

  • Zapier

If it’s difficult to complete your daily routine tasks, or you forget them over and over again, then this app will help you to automate your routine tasks without making any manual efforts. It will automates your Toggl time entries, email attachments to Dropbox or Google Drive, giving you enough time to focus on important projects.

  • HubSpot

It is a life-saving platform for all start-ups and small businesses that are closed right now. It will help you to get in touch with your important clients, or schedule important business related posts to send across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram right from one platform.

  • Google Hangouts Meet

It is a credible and trustworthy platform to hold regular video calls or conferences with your employees and clients on a regular basis without any technical glitches.

  • Slack

It is an effective group messaging application which any employer can use to send messages to all his employees at a same time. It is faster than email and can be used on smart phones or desktops. One can share short messages, files and images.

  • Canva

Visual attention is required for some professionals and businesses, including websites, social media handles or mails. As one can’t have a proper photoshoot during lockdown, this app comes with intense stock library of over million visuals helping you to make logos, infographics, memes etc.

  • Serene

If you find it hard to prioritise your work or goals, then this application will help you to prioritise your goals right from the start of your day. Once you have assigned yourself a goal, you can set app to block all disturbing social media apps and to silent your phone to enhance productivity and focus.

  • RescueTime

If you find it difficult to manage time then this application will help you to tally your working hours. The app will help you to track of your time allotted to each work right behind the smart phone or desktop.

  • Daywise

If you are missing the art of fine work-life balance, then this application will help you to pick various apps and schedule the right time to see the notifications from them. All the notifications are stored in the Daywise inbox that you can review once you are back to work.

  • Kronos Workforce Mobile

This application helps you to focus on important tasks even when you are offline. It helps managers and staff to impart workforce management responsibilities, to view employees benefits information, how to pay employees as per their working schedules etc.

  • 5S Audit

It is a special COVID-19 application to allow all the employees to stay healthy without getting the virus. The application suggests important ways to stop the virus spread, has multiple questions related to coronavirus detection, and tips to safely work from home to avoid catching up the coronavirus.


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