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10 Sad Animal Pics That Will Make You Hug Them Instantly

Animal lovers are aware of how adorable and amazing dogs are. Even if you are not an animal lover, after viewing these 10 images you will sense a love for animals.

We never miss an opportunity to capture the nicest moments, and here is a collection of such charming photos that will instantly make you smile.

The Cute Sad Face that Kitty Makes to Get Her Things Done!

The Time When His Master Scolded Him

The Face She Makes When She is Hungry & No One is Home

Why Didn’t I Die Before You loved Furry More than Me?

Why Do I Need this Cold Treatment? Why? Why?

What if I play? Will You Shout at Me?

I Need a Hug NOW! NOW!

Take Me Wherever You Go..Please..

I Am Too Sad to Open My Eyes Today! 

Either Your Lap or This Floor-There is No in Between!

Hope your heart has already been melted & you want to hug these babies!