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QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services & Small Business Accounting Software New Features You Must Use in Business – March 2020

Accounting and bookkeeping services take lots of effort for entrepreneurs to run their SMBs. QuickBooks software, as an accounting services provider meeting the requirement of business owners for long. This March 2020, QuickBooks accounting touched a milestone by revealing their revolutionary extended and new features in its bookkeeping and accounting services that can be accessed in the Quickbooks accounting app also.

Industry experts have confirmed that these features have been presented in the form of accounting service proposals for enterprises. According to them, these improved features will assist owners of SMBs in mastering the art of achieving their financial goals.

Introducing: QuickBooks Cash Flow System

Quickbooks accounting software comes with QuickBooks Cash Flow system, a set of services that ensure effective yet uncomplicated money management. The usage of this Cash-flow planning tool gives insights into the business finances. Consolidated view of cash management provides small business owners with the assistance of how they can surge profits by handling finances properly.

Planner: Through the feature of forecasting of this tool, you will be able to see your cash flow projections for the next 90 days.

Envelopes: This feature stresses the critical or non-negotiable funds (payroll, taxes, etc.) of your business so that you can set it aside and start planning accordingly.

QuickBooks Cash: IIt is a no-fee business account that has all the modern facilities you need for your business.

QuickBooks Debit Card: A Digital and physical card that helps you in accessing funds stored in a QuickBooks Cash account.

Introducing: ProAdviser Tier Batches

With this ProAdvisor certification, business owners can show their badge to their peers, prospective partners, and clients. Downloading a badge is now possible with your current ProAdvisor level that can be displayed on your site.

Upload Bills or Expense in Receipts Tab

Bookkeeping services in India from now on will not become a matter of concern, thanks to QuickBooks Upload bill in receipts tab feature. With this, uploading a receipt via mobile app, web or can categorize bills or expenses will be possible. Owners can also track expenses and bills easily.

QuickBooks Online Advanced Chart Builder

Thinking about the bookkeeping services for small business, QuickBooks also added this new chart builder feature. Professional-looking custom KPI dashboard and charts will be created with just a few clicks. You can check which area needs your attention.

QuickBooks Online Advanced Budget Import

As one of the effective bookkeeping services in India, QuickBooks presented Budget Import. It will be used to ease up the burden of budget files creation and tally the figures with actual reports. Importing the budget files in CSV format will lessen the manual labour of owners.

New Payroll Standalone Line-up

With a new payroll lineup, this accounting service of India will be able to manage a wider number of clients with more flexibility than before. It offers you contents for direct discounts and wholesale.

Custom User Roles Functionality

Custom User roles functionality helps in role creation and provide users with access to what their job requires. Task management and banking needs will be fulfilled without hampering the security, efficiency and privacy of your business data.

Advanced Custom Fields

Custom fields feature increased business efficiency and reduce entry errors of the business. You can search, track and sort all the metrics to give your attention where it is required.

Updated Batch Transaction Functionality

Streamlining expenses, invoices, and batch transactions functionality will now become effortless. Workflows will get better with these four improved features.

Batch bills: Creation and editing of multiple invoices, expense bills will be done effectively.

Search and filter capability: Search, and Filter menu permits you to find data as per the requirement.

Copy/paste functionality: Batch transaction panel information can be created simply by copy-pasting the data from the Excel spreadsheet.

Batch select online payments: Tracking your online payments now, can be done directly from the Batch Transactions panel.

Workflows Intelligence Reminders

Workflow Intelligence Reminders of QuickBooks software comes with Payment Due reminder that helps you to remember high-priority clients first.


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