What is Kick Booster? How Kickbooster Works?

The ideal subsidiary application for unique or specialty goods! The Kickbooster commercial center is amazing and brings new colleagues without charge who unquestionably know how to highlight your product. We haven’t exactly been using it for a month, but we have already had amazing results.


Kickbooster is the first tool designed specifically to help crowdfunders manage their member, reference, and influencer network across all platforms.

A companion stage for promotion is Kickbooster. They’re the greatest tool we’ve seen that can most precisely follow associate agreements and references and then reward these subsidiaries in actual money, underpinning 2016’s Kickstarter campaigns. Midway through 2018, they barely managed to deliver the Shopify version and the form for Indiegogo.

Even before launching your mission, Kickbooster Pre-Launch Pages can help you create a crowd. When that happens, our Affiliate Program helps you raise money while on a mission, increasing your chance of achieving your subsidized goal.

Kickbooster helps creators manage and run their partner, reference, and influencer marketing initiatives on a generally integrated stage. They accomplish this by automating the crowdfunding reference cycle.

Crowdfunders can pay Boosters (the local region of subsidiaries) within these reference programs for securing sponsors for the mission. Supporters can participate by sharing tasks and earning money when people pre-request through their affiliate connection.

A Kickbooster Case Study

In a previous campaign I was involved with, we specifically used Kickbooster to spread the word. Here are the results of that campaign’s conclusion.

Before the project was completed, the Booster groups had received more than 6,000 hits to the Kickstarter website and had raised an incredible $14k. This totaled 3.5% of the total funds raised for the mission. Except for the costs associated with the Kickbooster stage, everything of this was accomplished for free.

How Does Kickbooster Operate?

When you use subsidiary advertising as a marketing strategy, you allow your sponsor, media partners, and brand promoters to draw attention to your crowd financing campaign in exchange for a reward when their mention inspires a promise.

A Creator’s

The confusing and mentally taxing parts of a reference program are computerized on stage.

While Kickbooster handles the technical tasks like following, authorizing, revealing, and commissioning the executives, you are tasked with developing relationships with your audience. You are now prepared to modify the reference software to meet your needs. The commission rate—the amount members receive upon fulfilling a promise—plays a significant role in this situation.

To Boost

Kickbooster boasts of having over 30,000 boosters in the neighborhood. Boosters have access to all active tasks on the Kickbooster Marketplace once they have registered. They are prepared to review the commission amounts offered for each task and select the missions they want to proceed with. Each booster approaches a personal booster dashboard that boasts the number of clicks on external references raised, and commissions acquired.

The Secret to Kickbooster Success: Online Publishers

Kickbooster has invested heavily in partnerships with online distributors ever since its early days. Simple: Online distributors write articles about crowdfunding battles in exchange for a percentage of any deals that result from such articles. This encourages distributors to elaborate on ideas on Kickbooster, which provides the creator with more deals and the legitimacy that comes with the press. Furthermore, because they already have a group of enthusiastic crowdfunding supporters on their list, why not use them to raise further funds?

Here are the Top Boosters from a mission that was similar to the contextual investigation from earlier. The mission’s primary 4 boosters, as you can see here, are typically quite significant internet distributors.

Step-by-step instructions to Set Up Your Project On Kickbooster

Presently, we should get you set up on Kickbooster to get the openness you need to arrive at your crowdfunding objectives!

Step 1: Snap Get Started on the landing page

Hit the Get Started catch to start the interaction.

Step 2:Snap Get Started on the landing page in step two.

Choose a campaign owner

Be sure to pick Campaign Owner as we’re learning how to set up a Booster account as a creator.

You will need to repeat these steps with a different email address if you want to join the branch local area as a booster in the future.

Step 3: Pick referral marketing in step three.

Be sure to select Referral Marketing. We’re not here to work on your pre-dispatch; we’re here to bring you the most visitors and promises to your life mission.

If you need help creating a successful pre-dispatch page, take a look at the free online video course I produced here.

Step 4: Select your base.

Depending on the stage you’ve decided to launch on, choose the appropriate stage for you.

Step 5: Add to your crowdsourcing endeavor the URL

Enter the URL for your crowdsourcing campaign. If you’re just getting set up, it might also be your see or draught interface.


Step 6: Enter your project information

It’s quite simple, just provide your name and location.

Step 7: Make your recording

To execute a reference program, you should have a record with Kickbooster, therefore enter this information. Make sure you agree to their Terms of Use before continuing.


Step 8: After logging in, click Get Started

Furthermore, you are already inside! Snap To set up your reference program, click Get Started.


Step 9: After logging in, select Get Started.

Fill in the specifics of your project.

Use the Connect Now button to connect Kickbooster to your Google Analytics account. Kickbooster will be able to track pledges made for your project more precisely as a result of this.

Follow the rules to accept Kickbooster as a business partner.


Decide on your Booster bonus rate in step 10.

For a few reasons, this is probably one of the major components of your mission arrangement.

  • Some Boosters organize campaigns according to “highest elevated commission” and only choose to distribute campaigns with the greatest rewards.
  • Your chosen commission should be appropriate for your cost structure.

Simply choose a prize that you can live with rather than one that would put you into financial ruin.


Top Boosters

Kick Booster Pricing


Kickbooster has evolved into a simple decision-making tool for crowdfunding creators looking to get exposure for their cause. Kickbooster will easily help you obtain additional money at a little cost because of its fair pricing and thorough management.