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DomainRacer Web Hosting – The Surprising Web Hosting

The times have changed and working on a website has become easier. Although, it is getting complicated at the same time because one has to choose from various options. If you are thinking what is the reason behind a website’s success then the answer is incredible support of web hosting. Web hosting is the key to any website’s growth. There is so much benefit of buying or investing in a fabulous web hosting service.

A lot of factors are involved in web hosting which decides a website’s performance, SEO friendliness, storage, etc. Therefore, if you are searching for one of the best web hosting software or company then there is no comparison with domain racer.

Domain Racer is an Indian web hosting company that was established in 2012 and since then it is offering superb benefits and growth to its customers. It is known for its services in the web hosting like VPS, reseller, enterprises, and much more.

Apart from this, the people who are initials or are entering newly into the business can make a preeminent decision with domain racer. The reason behind, the prices of domain racer are highly affordable even for a beginner. It provides KVM VPS hosting at the cheapest prices.

DomainRacer Web Hosting

Exceptional features of Domain Racer

The best web hosting company is known through its exceptional features. Here are some of the features of domain racer mentioned below:

  • Let’s Encrypt certificate of SSL – the web hosting plans offered by domain racer comes with free let’s encrypt certificate of SSL. There is no requirement for extra payment to be done for this. This feature helps the website connection to speed up and it transfers data very faster as it is designed with HTTP/3 as well as QUIC protocol.
  • Lite speed store technology – this is the best feature that any user can get for its website. The feature helps in increasing the website speed and boosts the website’s loading time.
  • Development friendly – domain racer is highly development-friendly. all the stuff which is required for a great website is covered under this feature such as various languages PHP, support to PHP7 version high performance, and great security, MySQL.
  • CloudLinux Infrastructures – domain racer offers cloudlinux infrastructures which benefit in refining the virtual server setting as well as stability.
  • Due to it’s incredible web hosting service and features, it has now over 47000 plus customers.

Benefits offered by Domain Racer

  • SSD storage – the RAID 5 technology is amazing to check the website data from crashing. Apart from this SSD storage is highly beneficial in storing the data in a secure manner.
  • Migration – sometimes it is difficult to migrate websites but with domain racer one can do that easily. It can be done conveniently through migration from an old to a new server.
  • SSL certificate – one of the domain racer’s features as well as benefit. It is highly beneficial in protecting the data of the website from hackers. SSL certificate varies the uniqueness of a website.
  • Mobile-friendly website building – domain racer assures that every website works smoothly on mobiles as well. It is because of SitePad which has over 1000 plus templates, scripts, etc. Also, one does not require any coding knowledge for that.

DomainRacer Web Hosting

Apart from all these benefits, domain racer benefits with 99.9% uptime security, jet backup, one-click apps.


To conclude, Domain Racer provides amazing web hosting services by fulfilling all the requirements for a website to build and run smoothly. It is highly affordable as its basic hosting plan starts from $0.99/month. Domain racer is a great catch for any website. And with best round the clock support over call, live chat, and WhatsApp Chat, one doesn’t need to chase anyone to troubleshoot technical problems.


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