Helzberg Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know About Helzberg Diamonds


Helzberg Diamonds is an American diamond and jewelry retailer that advertises as “Here’s to Love®”. The big question is whether this is just a marketing line, or whether Helzberg Diamonds really hold pieces that’ll communicate your love (when you are the giver), or that’ll make you feel loved (when you are receiver).

Helzberg Diamonds – Introduction

Helzberg diamond is one of the oldest jewelry brands in the world. The brand was started by Morris Helzberg in Kansas in 1915. Sickness severely limited Morris’ contribution to the business, and he passed the business on to his son (Barnett Helzberg Sr.). Barnett will later also pass the business to his son (Barnett Helzberg Jr.). Helzberg continued as a family business until 1995 when Barnett Helzberg Jr. sold it to Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

Helzberg Diamonds Overview

  • Established in 1915
  • Currently owned by Berkshire Hathaway
  • Provide diamonds, engagement and wedding rings, jewelry and watches
  • Ships to only locations in the U.S.
  • Offers free standard shipping (and with a low minimum order requirement of $99+ orders)
  • Offers free returns and exchanges
  • Offers a generous 60 days’ return window (albeit, 30 days for watches)
  • Offers a couple of financing plans (that include buy-now-pay later plans, leasing plans, and layaways)
  • Customer support is available via email ([email protected]), telephone (1-800-435-9237) and live chat

What about their services; do Helzberg Diamonds offer sound services that we’ll expect from a modern diamond retailer (such as easy ordering, lifetime care warranty, easy returns, effective customer service, etc.)? In the first place, is Helzberg Diamonds product real or not? Helzberg Diamonds is a legit diamond and jewelry retailer. It is not a scam because they will never steal your money. And you will definitely receive the product you ordered from the store. But is Helzberg Diamonds products genuine?

Though still going by the name Helzberg Diamonds, their product offering has expanded beyond diamonds to include gemstones, jewelry, watches and more. Helzberg Diamonds is one of the most recognizable jewelry chains in the US, as the brand has a robust store network that consists of over 210 stores in the country.

Though the company is an established brick and mortar diamond and jewelry retailer, expansion saw them join the online bandwagon, and they launched their e-commerce site in 1999. The official website of the brand is – http://www.helzberg.com

Helzberg Diamonds also states that they list only conflict-free diamonds. Not only do the Company subscribe to the Kimberly Process, but they also have a strong social responsibility focus that has seen them given back to diamond mining communities.

Is Helzberg Diamonds safe?

Yes, Helzberg Diamonds is also safe. An online store will collect information such as personal data and credit card details when you use it for your purchases. If such information leaks to unauthorized third parties, you’ll be exposed to online fraudsters. Thus, the ideal online retailer should not only be legit but also safe in ensuring the protection of customers’ sensitive data.

Helzberg Diamonds comes out as one such store. The store employs SSL technology; which channels all communication through a private network, as well as encrypting the data before relaying it through the channel. Thus, the sensitive data is not only shielded from eavesdroppers but also encoded such that only the company can read it. Thus, even if captured, sensitive data will not be compromised. That said; it’s safe to say that Helzberg Diamonds is safe.

Product Range

The ideal jeweler should have a wide product range; so that you can conveniently get all your related items in one place. For example, when shopping your engagement ring, you wouldn’t want to buy the diamond in one store and hop to another store to get the setting. Though this is often done, it is not super convenient; and it is only done because of not finding all the desired pieces in one place.

Engagement Rings

You’ll have a lot to choose from when shopping engagement rings in Helzberg Diamonds. For convenience, you can choose from their pre-set engagement rings collection; alternatively, you may choose to create your own engagement ring.

Pre-set Engagement Rings

Helzberg is one of the few jewelers in the industry that have a collection of lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are created in the lab using technology that replicates the conditions of natural diamond formation. Thus, lab-grown diamonds are obtained without the devastating effects of mining. However, these beauties have identical chemical make-up with the naturally formed and traditionally mined diamonds that even an expert gemologist cannot tell one from the other. In Helzberg Diamonds, you’ll find dozens of engagement rings with these eco-friendly diamonds, which they call the “Light Heart” collection.

Create Your Own Ring

It should be mentioned that creating your own engagement ring, while you can choose the clarity, color and carat, you cannot choose the cut. This was disappointing because the cut largely determines the optical performance of the stone. Not being able to choose this all-important quality spec means that there’s no way of telling the cut quality of the stones that you’ll get.

Wedding Rings

For the beautiful bands that you’ll exchange vows with, you can shop from the women rings section or the men’s rings section. You can also choose to shop by metal, and you’ll have White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum.


You’ll be able to shop by category, which will open up Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Pendants, Bracelets, and Watches. In each of these sub-categories, you’ll find a variety of product types. For example, for earrings, you’ll find studs, hoops, dangle earrings, and more.

Inventory Size

It’s not enough that the ideal diamond and jewelry store offers a variety of products; the store should also be able to offer a large inventory of each product type. For example, it’s not enough that a store also holds diamonds; if it has only a couple of stones in its inventory, you’re not very likely to find something that you like or that matches your budget.

In terms of inventory size, Helzberg Diamonds does so-so. Given that the company has diamonds in its branding, let’s start from their diamond offering.


The ideal retailer should hold only quality items so that even if you pick an item blindfolded, you’ll not end up with an item that will fall short of some quality expectations.

In this regards, Helzberg Diamonds declares that Quality means everything to them; and as a result, they do not take any shortcuts in ensuring that their products meet the highest quality standards. According to their website, every item listed goes through a rigorous quality assurance process (that is sometimes up to 15 steps).

Helzberg Diamonds does have some beautiful pieces, especially their masterpiece collection which is their “super ideal cut” diamonds. Also, these pieces come with AGS certificates so you know that what you get is not simply bump upgrading. However, if you move away from their masterpiece collection, you’ll find that many of the other diamonds held feature poor cut quality.

Price, Promotion, and Related Policies


Even when buying symbols of love and appreciation like diamond and diamond jewelry, you’ll want to get value for money. Thus, you’ll want the ideal store to be reasonably priced.

Reasonableness can only be determined by a comparative analysis of prices in one store with that of the competition. However, it should be remembered that Helzberg is a brick and mortar jewelry store, while the price leaders are online jewelry stores. The brick and mortar stores simply cannot compete with their online counterparts. As mentioned earlier, holding inventory is hugely expensive; and there are lots of overhead in maintaining the stores that are simply passed on to the customers.