Thryv Launches Small Business Adapt Program: “Pay What You Can Afford” Software During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of uninvited changes in the lives of people. It is not just affecting the lives but also businesses all over the world. The small businesses are at stake especially. Therefore, to overcome this situation and to let small businesses survive in such times, collaboration is done. It is an alliance of business technology and leaders of small businesses where Thryv Inc., Zipwhip, Yext have joined hands and have announced cloud-based software named “Pay what you can afford.”

Thryv Adapt is software launched. It offers independence to small scale businesses to consider and work according to recent limitations. The Adapt program by Thryv is the software for small businesses and their needs during the pandemic situation. However, the aim main of the program is to support them with “pay what you can afford.”

Features of Thryv Adapt Software 

Keeping aside other sorts of Thryv, this software is diverse. The features are set in a manner that permits small businesses to function virtually. Here are some of the features of thryv adapt software:

  • SMS texting as well as email communications. This two-way communication between the sender and the receiver can be maintained through one inbox.
  • To serve the customers in better ways there is a feature of providing unlimited appointment reservations. This strengthens the relationship of customers with the company.
  • Correct Business information-driven by Yext on around 60 plus websites. One can update their information and working hours wherever they want and as per their convenience.
  • A comprehensive outlook of leads as well as customers with the contact list. This way it is appropriate to remain in touch with the customers and aware of them about coming business changes.
  • Unrestricted online payments are another feature of Thryv Adapt. One can do around 50 monthly estimations as well as invoices. This feature lets small businesses have clear cash flowing and payments. In addition, one can run payment processes through mediums like Square, Braintree, PayPal, or Stripe. Whereas, on the contrary, get paid through credit cards, Venmo, Google Wallet, or Apple Pay.

Training and support services provided by Thryv Adapt

Thryv Adapt also makes sure to provide training as well as support to the users:

  • It provides unrestricted “how-to” leaders, video library plus one-on-one instructions.
  • Highly convenient and simple interactive setup expert.
  • The in-depth teaching is done free through group webinars on the app Zoom. It is done a couple of times in a day to let the business owners learn properly and work smoothly.
  • It also provides a dedicated Facebook group where every owner can interact about their queries, practices and seek help from each other within the country.
  • Thryv Adapt provides virtual as well as online resource centers helpful in sharing business strategies and positive stories during the pandemic.


To conclude, the Thryv Adapt program is very beneficial for all the small businesses. It helps them to meet their daily demands and have complete control over it. The plus point of this software is that it is very modern and solves the problems accordingly. Thryv Adapt, hands down, is a savior for all small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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