What Is ReferralCandy: Tool That Will Help You Create Your Affiliate Network

About ReferralCandy

Referral Candy is a customer referral program ideal for those just getting started. The web application is meant for online shops to boost sales. You can easily set up the program you need, customize program and rewards, change the way things look with the need for help from programmers. Reports are created on how your campaign is going and how to improve it if needed.




What Are the features of ReferralCandy?

  • Easy Store Integration: Establishing referral programs is a significant issue because the majority of the owners possess a non-it background. Referral Candy provides the easiest of integration choices with no programming knowledge required. You can easily connect your stores on any of those programs to the app.
  • Tracking Features: You can easily monitor the performance of your referral application from one area. The dashboard shows all the important data related to your own efforts. You even reward the highest performing referrals with additional bonuses. This also allows you to calculate your ROI from your campaigns and assess if they have been profitable or not.
  • Easy Reward Distribution: Having a strong referral process is excellent but if it’s not backed by great reward distribution then the program is likely to fail. This program permits you to distribute the rewards readily. You can award cash, coupons or a custom made gift. This makes your clients contented and they tend to talk knowingly with raising rewards.
  • Multiple Templates: It is very important for you to have a message which can connect with your audience. Utilizing Referral Candy, you can easily customize the templates to match with your brand messaging.
  • Cross-Channel Promotions: Customers nowadays engage through various social media platforms. Thus it is necessary that your message reaches on all platforms. This program enables you to send your message into multiple channels thereby covering the majority of your intended audience.
  • Competent Support: Having strong customer care is important for you as a business owner. Even minor issues take a good deal of time if they aren’t addressed with the best experience.
  • Automated Reminders: There’ll always be warnings which would register and then forget about the program. It is your duty to engage with those referrals. Using their automatic reminders, you may often put a reminder and also make them know how they may gain from these types of programs by making referral rewards.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Using a referral program is the initial step in the right direction. You need to keep track of all of your campaigns and also reward the referrals that are converting well. This helps to ensure that you never miss out on the important information which is essential for your enterprise.
  • Email Template Editor: The first step in sending out the app to your first-time customer would be to send them emails that are effective. Referral Candy supplies an powerful template which allows you to create branded mails for your campaigns. It’s important for you to have the perfect messaging since the customers would forward the connection only if your offer/ message is effective.



Pros And Cons Of ReferralCandy


  • “We have deployed couple of referral campaign and all of them is success. We’re getting good quantities of traffic and sign up from these resources.”
  • “As we’re working an eCommerce site its important for us to grow our customers foundation and what is best is to get referral traffic from existing customers.”
  • “The ease of installation and implementing in our woocommerce marketplace. Rep was a great help in ensuring we had been functional and live with ReferralCandy.”
  • “It’s been a fantastic experience up to now, though we haven’t had much luck thus far getting referrals, but this is more on our clients, not the program.”


  • “No dash for advacates, so they hardly to monitor their own performance.”
  • “It could be a limitation that our system has, though– because I am not the person who implemented I wouldn’t understand.”
  • “Integration was somewhat perplexing seeing that there are several distinct ways to incorporate it, so you may need to trouble shoot multiple distinct options in case a problem arises.”
  • “Works but has restricted fraud test capabilities.”



Is ReferralCandy The Best Software For You?

As you have probably figured out, I can’t seem to find any downsides to using this e-commerce referral program. I I’d have a difficult time not recommending ReferralCandy to anybody.

It makes it easily possible for Increasing your brand and for scaling up when you get larger. Together with the automated tools, beautiful templates, and easy stats, you can not go wrong anywhere.

Get Good Support

You do not have to worry about anything as there Are support team with best guiders to make referral program. The support team can quickly answer whatever issue you face since they can solve the issues immediately without any requirement to send email. Additionally, you can get greatest hints or ideas on the best way to create best referral programs so that you can get success after possible.




ReferralCandy Pricing

They have a very easy two pricing arrangement. They have two main plans Catering to both small and large companies.

For small businesses, they Must pay a monthly charge of $49 and additionally a Certain percent of the referral earnings. It begins at 5% when you just begin and eventually reduces with increased earnings. It might reach as low as 0.25% when you’ve crossed $100k in total referral sales.

For large businesses, they have only pricing of $3999 and You’ll Have to Get in contact with them if you have such a requirement.


Now its time to complete everything You Have gone through ReferralCandy. No matter you have big online store or little one, using the tool can allow you to gain positive customer response and attract a number of different customers as well.



This instrument consists of automatic referral monitoring System, which helps to track referrals and reward them properly on time. Those Clients who use the software will get intense enjoyment after using it.


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