HelloTars – Doctor Appointment And Healthcare Chatbot. How It Works?


Tars, part of the top chatbots available, can increase your conversion rates and generate leads. With its conversational work process, Tars engages with your prospects who click on your ads, offers them a post-click understanding through conversation, and converts them.

Botsify enables individuals to build AI-powered live chat for their organizations without the need for coding. Botpress, on the other hand, is a flexible, fully on-premise conversational solution for businesses to automate conversations and work processes.

How does It work?

Produce Chatbot Conversation Workflow

Sites that use chatbots from to capture leads are significantly more user-friendly, optimized for mobile devices, and engaging compared to traditional sites.

This results in a smoother buying experience, leading to a 50% increase in conversion rates. The net result is a higher return on investment for the time, effort, and funds invested in marketing campaigns.

The Success-Driven Chatbot Platform

Tars are utilized by marketing and customer service teams to enhance their conversion funnels, automate client interactions, and transform the customer experience. This helps to maximize results and provide a more efficient and effective approach to customer support and marketing efforts.


Automate 80% of Your Call Center Conversations

Chatbots handle routine inquiries, allowing your agents to focus on more complex issues that require their attention. Additionally, chatbots are available 24/7, so even when your agents are not working, your chatbots can provide support and ensure customer satisfaction. This allows for a seamless and uninterrupted customer experience.

Bring Customers To Your Chatbot

With, you can view and analyze conversation data within the Tars dashboard. With over 1000 integrations available, you can easily transfer data to your CRM or database. You have the option to publish your chatbot as a widget on your website, as a standalone page, or even on WhatsApp. Choose from a variety of pre-built chatbot templates and make modifications using their intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

HelloTars: Doctor Appointment And Healthcare Chatbot

The Hello Tars chatbot is a popular healthcare chatbot designed specifically for hospitals and features a sophisticated intent recognition system. These chatbots are utilized for feedback and order, ensuring constant communication with patients. Hellotars provides code-free development of reusable components and companies can utilize the URL to access the pages. Hellotars offers a variety of industries including Mortgage, Insurance, Real Estate, Legal, Education, and primarily Healthcare.

HelloTars Chatbot Features

Personal URL to Effort the Webpages

Chatbots for ordering and Opinions

View and download conversational Information

Integrates with Favorite CRM and Marketing Programs

Code-free development of reusable Elements

Contextual Advice with a virtual Helper

On-screen Talks via pre-configured bots

An Innovative Intent recognition system



What do you enjoy best?

The TARS team is highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. They consistently offer suggestions to improve performance and maximize the use of the system. The chatbot builder interface is user-friendly and the chatbots are simple to launch and customize.


Our company utilizes a live chat platform to assist clients in real-time during business hours. Our most successful application of the TARS chatbot has been to supplement live conversation with an “off-hours” chatbot when our staff is unavailable. This allows customers to receive prompt answers to their questions and provides them with the option to directly send inquiries to our sales team.

What do you dislike?

Measuring the success of your chatbot can be challenging, depending on your goals and how you implement them. The platform is designed for lead generation and sales conversions, so when you use it for tasks like directing traffic to an informational website, you may need to get creative in defining success.

“Great company to work with”