FastComet Hosting

FastComet Hosting: Why You Should Buy This Hosting?

What’s FastComet Hosting?

FastComet is an internet hosting company based in San Francisco. The company has been in operation since the late 2000s and moved into public hosting in late 2013. FastComet can also be one of the few private companies in the hosting business and being private way that there are just a couple of dozen men and women in the organization.

FastComet Hosting

It now serves over 40,000 Customers in 80 countries globally, as at April 2019.

When FastComet launched its public cloud service, it switched its focus slightly. By doing so, they placed emphasis on packed solutions rather than simply hosting services.

It currently mostly focuses its business on SSD hosting solutions.

FastComet Hosting Plans

FastComet offers 3 primary Types of hosting: shared, cloud VPS, and dedicated.

FastComet Shared Hosting

FastComet’s shared hosting is provided from a Selection of Datacenters and is marketed in less technical language that will appeal to new hosting users.

It offers a basic plan for a single website or more Innovative strategies for multiple websites and domains.

FastComet Hosting

The three shared hosting programs are StartSmart, ScaleRight, also SpeedUp.

All Plans gain from unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage, and servers run CloudLinux with FFmpeg support. Free SSL certificates are also supplied through Let’s Encrypt.

Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS Hosting

FastComet’s cloud VPS plans are more expensive but offer an upgrade in performance. Any firm with a decent quantity of traffic ought to be considering these VPS programs.

With shared hosting, you share a server’s assets with other sites. Your source allocation will be inconsistent because it is dependent upon how much they use.

Having a cloud VPS plan, you’ve got your personal specific Space on a server (much more than just on a shared plan), and no other websites impact the performance of yours.

FastComet Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

For even better performance, you can choose a dedicated Hosting plan. These are the most costly and highest functionality on FastComet.

The feature set Is Extremely similar to the cloud VPS programs, just with more resources available. Dedicated servers are provided on a completely managed foundation, together with cPanel on all plans, plus hybrid HDD and SSD storage.

Free Setup and Protection

Applications and modules are installed Free of charge by the FastComet technician group on all hosting plans; applications can also be upgraded at no price.

All servers have been provisioned with a free Web and CSF antivirus that helps mitigate the risks connected with DDoS attacks and other malicious hacking attempts.

Customer Service and Support

FastComet provides fully managed hosting with 24/7 Support, that is always free with any strategy. Historically, FastComet support claims to have solved over 93% of inquiries within 10 minutes.

Users generally log into their control panel to create a Ticket, but support is also available via live chat and email.

We analyzed FastComet’s live chat and the client support Rep responded quickly with a thorough response. You can contact the sales team toll-free if you are at the U.S, but will not be able to find technical support via telephone.

FastComet Hosting

Technical Support Policy

FastComet includes a Couple of clauses in its specialized support coverage you want to consider before signing up.

The hosting firm “may deny” technical support for a “technical problem requiring excessive amount of time”. Your request could also be denied if you’ve submitted an “excess” amount of requests during the past billing cycle.

Now most — likely all — hosting suppliers have terms of Service that specify the reach of free technical support. Nonetheless, you don’t usually see a clause around resolution the volume of support requests.

Pros of FastComet

  • Free Cloud CDN and SSD on all plans — just a few other web hosts offer you these contemporary hosting attributes on shared hosting plans.
  • Free domain for life — This is an exceptional offer I have not seen elsewhere. Virtually all hosts who provide a free domain only take action to the first year, and then charge a significant renewal fee.
  • Massive tutorial base — If you would like to learn about internet hosting, FastComet has the best collection of high-quality tutorials I’ve come across.
  • No hidden fees on renewal — I love how translucent FastComet is. When you register for a strategy at a specific price, that’s what you cover when you renew. Various other hosts jack the cost during renewal.

Cons of FastComet

  • No traditional knowledgebase — While tutorials are great for learning in general, they do not usually provide immediate help if you’ve got a specific issue.
  • No uptime guarantee — if uptime is crucial for you, there are other hosts offering close to 100% uptime guarantees.
  • Installation fee if paying monthly — If you select a monthly billing cycle, then there is a $19.95 setup fee, even on economical shared plans.

FastComet Hosting


FastComet does not have a traditional knowledgebase which provides support documentation to guide you through problems.

They expect you to Use the 24/7 Free support instead. This is fine for many users, but you could have a different view. Rather than a traditional knowledge base, FastComet has produced a collection of tutorials to educate customers the best way to use a specific facet of hosting.

Uptime Guarantee

FastComet does not offer an uptime guarantee on its web Hosting plans.

Most hosts that have them allow you to monitor uptime and then in most cases, they are for display, but don’t really mean much.

I think a host being transparent and for example Tons of additional functionality and support attributes such as FastComet does means far more than the uptime guarantee.

FastComet Hosting

Final Verdict

With its cloud hosting services, FastComet takes aim at some of the most established hosts in the industry and markets its strategies fairly sharply against them.

There are a whole lot of reasons to investigate further: Multiple datacenters, full control, and support guarantees are compelling.

With a broad geographical spread, a diverse cloud hosting Catalogue, and a clear focus on future growth, FastComet is going to be an appealing solution for clients at all levels of business.

While we have covered all the features you’d need in a Hosting company, and how FastComet stacks up, you may choose to try the hosting Support on your own. Stop by FastComet to check its offering — you’ve got 45 days to decide whether it’s a fantastic fit.


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