Convertkit Vs Activecampaign Differences

Convertkit Vs ActiveCampaign Differences: Which One Is Better To Use?

If you are struggling to create organic and potential audience to your site, you really need an effective digital marketing tool to do the needful. Online world has becoming massive with each passing day. It’s not easy to survive in front of competitors without an effective digital marketing campaign or tool. An effective tool will help you to create an effective email list, send messages to potential leads, and automatically perform various essential marketing tasks of the campaign. Nowadays, there are two main marketing tools that help you to learn an efficient and effective digital marketing campaign. ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit are the two major digital marketing tools that can do incredible email marketing through various technology-driven ways.

What exactly ConvertKit & ActiveCampaign do?

Both tools are basically known as an effective and most sought-after email marketing tools in the market. Knowing the fact that email marketing helps to build and manage the targeted audience, these tools majorly help you to perform that efficiently.

ActiveCampaign review

It was started in 2003 and offers a comprehensive email marketing strategy. Since past one decade, the platform has registered a rise of 250% in it’s user base, and a 160% rise in the number of employees. It largely pays heed on the eCommerce feature of a business by offering a complete package of effective marketing tools to run an effective and apt campaign. Thus, ActiveCampaign benefits are many.


It was started recently in 2015, and works in a very different manner. With a modern startup culture, it has over 24 employees who work remotely from 17 different countries. It is largely caters to, or recommended for professional bloggers, freelancers and creative millennials. It’s main aspect is automation solutions to run effective email campaigns.

So, which one is better for you? Let’s find out point by point

Why & when to use ConvertKit?

If you are an independent blogger, or freelancer seeking to build up your email list to run campaigns, then you should use this tool. If you require assistance to organize your email list with tags and categories, then you should use it. And if you want to make some customized sequences and hits for sending automatic emails, then you should use it.

When should you use ActiveCampaign?

If you are running an eCommerce campaign for your business, or seeking an eCommerce feature, then you should pick ActiveCampaign as it effectively manages and creates your email list. It offers a comprehensive and user-friendly tool to assist you to customize your messages with a drag-and-drop email designer feature, which is missing in ConvertKit. It also helps you to gather and organize data on potential and common leads present in your email list for research and analyses.

Comparison between the two tools

1 Email Templates

Here, ActiveCampaign clearly takes an edge over ConvertKit. The former allows you to create stunning and very interactive emails for your marketing campaigns as well as funnels by making use of drag and drop feature. It also offers you a versatile range of email templates with a lots of more features to create customized emails for every lead. On the other hand, ConvertKit doesn’t offer any email template and you need to integrate 3rd party email templates.

2 Analytics & Reporting

Here also ActiveCampaign takes the edge. It offers you a detailed analytical data and important statistics generated from performance and reporting. One can get detailed analytics and reporting tools that will help to create an apt marketing campaign. These reports and stats along with CRM and sales information can be used to research your target audience, create leads etc. On the other hand, ConvertKit provides only specific features like open-rate, click rate, subscribers, and unsubscribers without giving you detailed analytics and reports.

3 Automation

With respect to automation feature, ActiveCampaign offers the sales and CRM features along with Google extensions as well as machine learning tools. It will help you to analyse your campaigns performance in a better manner. Whereas, ConvertKit also offers email automation tool along with a sequence feature. However, it lacks in front of ActiveCampaign features.

4 Customer Support

It is one of the most crucial features that every client/user looks for. Here, ActiveCampaign outshines ConvertKit by offering live chat support, email support, webinars on a weekly basis, one-on-one training sessions, and with an assurance of giving response within 5 minutes. Whereas, ConvertKit only offers an option to open a ticket.

5 Integrations

ActiveCampaign offers incredible integration with signature CMSs, including Zapier, ClickFunnels, Salesforce, WooCommerce etc. On the other hand, ConvertKit integration plugin makes you to embed signup form, posts, specific pages. Here also ActiveCampaign integration plugin is more effective.

6 Pricing and packages

ActiveCampaign is more versatile in offering different plans. It offers 4 plans to choose from. Every plan is different, customizable, and you can pick as per the number of subscribers you wish to manage. The lowest plan contains basic email marketing plans that are sufficient for any small business. For advanced features, you need to look for higher plans. However, ConvertKit offers only monthly and yearly plans without any flexibility.

Final Thoughts

It is quite clear that ActiveCampaign offers more value and features, in comparison to ConvertKit. The former has better automation features, customer support, and value for money, drag-and-drop editor, templates, and different pricing plans. Thus, ActiveCampaign clearly emerged out as a winner. ActiveCampaign features are more diverse than that of ConvertKit.


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