What Is SURVEY SPARROW? What Problems Will Survey Sparrow Solve?

Survey Sparrow is a survey platform that enables organizations to create and manage surveys to assess the pulse of their employees and customers. The platform allows users to easily design and distribute surveys, resulting in genuine and accurate responses, feedback, and opinions from participants.

Employee Pulse Surveys help organizations create a work environment that promotes employee growth, collaboration, and increased productivity. On the other hand, Customer Pulse Surveys help companies understand what motivates their customers to purchase their products and services, what frustrates them, and what keeps them coming back.

Survey Sparrow provides a comprehensive solution for both, giving users a clear understanding of their target audience’s opinions and harnessing the power of feedback to steer their business in a better, more efficient direction.


Survey Sparrow allows you to effortlessly create professional-looking surveys and boasts an impressive 40% completion rate. You can distribute your surveys through various channels, enabling you to reach your target audience efficiently and quickly.

Survey Sparrow helps your organization create and maintain a positive work environment where employees are satisfied with their conditions and empowered to perform at their best. With this survey and feedback management system, you can gauge employee engagement, understand what motivates them, and identify areas for growth.

As a customer pulse survey application, Survey Sparrow enables you to connect with customers and identify flaws in your products and services, gather feedback, and improve overall quality. Deep customer insights help you understand what makes them happy or dissatisfied with your product or brand, identify dedicated customers and detractors, and compare your performance against competitors. This information is crucial in determining your strengths and weaknesses and making necessary improvements.

What Problems Will Survey Sparrow Solve?

A. Automated Surveys at Scheduled Intervals

The HR administrator has decided to conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys on a bi-weekly basis to gauge their attachment to the workplace. These surveys will be brief, consisting of 10 questions each, and he wants to automate the process so that they are sent out at regular intervals without his intervention.

Survey Sparrow provides a solution for this requirement. Its repetitive survey feature allows clients to automate the studies so that they can be sent to respondents at scheduled intervals. Set it up once and the results will come in automatically.

B. Conditional Questioning

Jonathan is conducting a survey as part of his research on Water treatment. Question 5 focuses on water harvesting and the next five questions in this survey are only applicable to the respondent if they answered ‘Yes’ to question 5. If they answer ‘No’, a different set of questions should be posed.

This can be easily achieved with Survey Sparrow’s Display Rationale feature. It allows you to ask questions to respondents based on their responses to previous questions. Display Rationale can be used to filter responses based on different criteria such as Previous responses, Respondent, and Share. You can also set multiple conditions to skip questions using this feature.

C. Monthly Billing and Refund Policy

Samantha is the Customer Director of a Clothing company. She is conducting a survey among her customers to gauge their reaction to a new line of scarves. She intends to conduct the survey among 5000 respondents, but her current plan restricts the number of respondents to 1000. Samantha does not want to switch to a higher plan permanently to avail the feature of unlimited respondents.

Survey Sparrow offers a solution with its monthly billing feature, which is not offered by its competitors. Samantha can switch to a higher plan for just one month and if she wants to switch back to her normal plan later, she can do so at any time without losing out by paying for a year. Additionally, Survey Sparrow offers a pro-rated refund based on the time left on your current plan.

Survey Sparrow Highlights

The key features include recurring surveys, audience management, analysis customization, and embedded surveys.

Different highlights are:

Simple to-utilize stage.

Exceptionally unrivaled report channels that produce advantageous audits.

Proficient individual administration to upgrade the work process.

Custom CSS to highlight your own private contact in each study.

Simple sharing a few channels to get the most reactions.

Productive combinations.

Wide scope of inquiry layouts.

Talk like conversational reviews which can be discernibly captivating.

Exemplary studies ask each inquiry in turn.

NPS studies estimating buyer feeling with an unmarried inquiry.

Discretionary open-finished notice-up question for NPS studies to close the input circle.


The amount Does Survey Sparrow Cost?

Survey Sparrow offers a variety of pricing plans that are both affordable and flexible, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

There are 6 plans available, ranging from Free to Elite. Clients have the option to be billed either quarterly or annually and there is also a pro-rated refund option.

The plans include the Basic Free Plan at $0, Starter Plan at $19, Premium Plan at $49, Enterprise Plan at $149, Enterprise at $599/month, and Elite Plan.

1. Free Trial

Get started with a 14-day free trial, no credit card is required. The free trial version includes features such as embedded surveys, 10 questions per survey, 100 responses per month, over 1500 app integrations, and advanced report filters.

You can buy into the free arrangement before you completely take a crack at any of the different plans beneath:

  1. Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is priced at $19 per month and includes all features from the free version, plus 1000 responses, display rationale, unlimited questions, scoring, and sharing through social media, email, widget, web URL, and QR code.

  1. Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is priced at $49 per month and includes all features from the Basic Plan, plus scheduled reports, reminder messages, payment acceptance, 10,000 responses, display and skip responses, and recurring surveys.

  1. Business Plan

The Business Plan is priced at $149 per month and includes all features from the Premium Plan, plus 2 offline devices, 100,000 responses, 2 user accounts, white-labeling, Hubspot, and Salesforce integrations.

  1. Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is priced at $499 per month and includes all features from the Business Plan, plus 5 offline devices, 10 user accounts, NPS workflows, NPS word cloud, NPS trends and dashboards, and NPS sentiment analysis.

  1. Elite Plan

The cost of the Elite Plan is determined by Survey Sparrow. It includes all features from the Enterprise Plan, plus a minimum of 10 users, IP whitelisting, single sign-on (SSO), custom server farm, sub-accounts, and consolidated billing.

Is Survey Sparrow Right For Me?

We highly recommend Survey Sparrow as the best online survey tool. Even if you’re a beginner at using online surveys, the platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Survey Sparrow transforms a traditional survey into a conversational format, allowing you to gather feedback in a non-intrusive way.


If you’re seeking feedback from your customers or employees, Survey Sparrow is the powerful solution you need. Start using Survey Sparrow today and discover the new best tool for growing your business.


The sorts of overviews accessible at this stage include:


Smart Surveys:

These are surveys that use show-and-skip logic, where questions are based on the respondent’s answers.

Video Surveys:

These surveys appeal to the emotional side of the human brain, resulting in a higher volume of responses.

Conversational Forms:

These surveys are a combination of smart, personalized, and engaging surveys that focus on the customer’s preferences.

Embedded Surveys:

These surveys can be found within your website, such as in chatbots, pop-up cards, and inline forms. They minimize the loss of respondents due to distractions.

Repeating Surveys:

These are surveys that are conducted repeatedly, on a daily, monthly, weekly, or quarterly basis. Survey Sparrow saves these surveys to save time in creating them from scratch.

Mobile First Surveys:

These surveys are accessible on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 70% of respondents use mobile devices.

Secure Surveys:

These are surveys that secure survey data and prevent spamming, which interferes with the results. Survey Sparrow uses SSL to handle these surveys.

White-Label Surveys:

These are custom-branded surveys that help you promote your brand identity and increase brand awareness.


Surveys are a crucial task for any business. They provide valuable insights into customers, market trends, competitors, and more. The survey design has evolved from traditional polls to more advanced interactive forms.

Survey Sparrow is a software that offers these forms. Its key features include the various types of surveys available.