Mix Breed of Dogs that will Melt your Heart Straightaway


Dogs are the cutest creatures on this Earth. There are so many breeds of dogs that have been winning hearts over the years. We have carefully chosen some of the best cross breeds and you will surely love them. 
Be ready to dive into cuteness. Have a look-


It is a dog breed obtained by breeding a Maltese & a poodle. We surely don’t need to tell how adorable it is!


Rottsky is the breed that is a combination of Rottweiler and Siberian Husky. It has the dashing looks of a husky and is totally dependable and loyal.


Chabrador is the hybrid of Chow Chow breed from China and Labrador from Canada. This international breed is worth keeping and surely keeps us completely amazed with its beauty.

Pekingese and Pug Cross

The pugs are everybody’s favorite and when they come with the hairy look of Pekingese breed, they are just perfect. This hybrid breed of Pekingese and Pug is simply adorable.


Huskita is the breed obtained after the breeding of Akita and Siberian husky. It looks dashing like a wolf with cute traits of Akita.

Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle is a wonderful breed obtained after the crossing of saint Bernard & poodle dog. It has the fluffy fur of poodle with the innocence of saint Bernard.


Pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. It is super cute and is known as designer dog breed.


We get this fluffy cute little creature when Siberian husky and Chow-Chow breeds gets crossed. It has the structure of husky, loaded with the cuteness of Chowksky.

German Shepherd + Labrador Mix

Nothing beats the impressive looks of Labrador and German shepherd. This breed is a combination of Labrador and German shepherd and ends up being super endearing.

Keeshond & American Eskimo Mix

What else can we expect other than a snugly fluffy bear obtained with a combination of Keeshond and American Eskimo? This is a fleecy and shaggy bear-like dog and it can melt hearts!