10 Astounding Facts from Reddit that are totally worth reading


Friends still makes a billion dollars a year

It sounds unbelievable but trust me it is true. The famous TV series Friends went off air on 2004 but the actors got assigned for 2% syndication rights for the show, which is why the actors still earn almost 20 billion dollars for the amazing show they did 20 years ago.

Earth has more trees than stars in milky way

As per National Geographic Channel, there are more trees on earth than there are stars in Milky Way. Since we humans are rapidly cutting down trees, keeping up the score will be tough in the coming times.

Suitcases had no wheels when we landed on the moon

Man landed on the moon much before he added wheels to his suitcases. First things always first!

Lobsters never die of old age

Lobsters are believed to never die of old age. They grow indefinitely but they are not immortal or something. With the growing age, lobsters start molting shell. Sometimes they die of exhaustion or due to infections while shedding skin.

China is the leading producer of cement in the world

This fact shows how powerful and independent China is as a country. China happens to be the largest producer of Cement in the world than the rest of the countries together. Isn’t it surprising?

Time gap between the first flight ever to landing on the moon


Humans are the most intelligent creatures on the Earth undoubtedly. The creation of first plane and reaching the moon were two things that made a great difference in our lives. And it is fascinating to know that it took us just 66 years from the first flight to reaching the moon.

Fanta came as a substitute to Coca Cola in Germany

Fanta was created as a substitute to Coca Cola in Germany owing to World War II, when US and Germany became enemies. World War led to cutting down of business by both the countries which eventually gave us Fanta.

Alpha zero learned chess in 4 hours

Alpha Zero is a computer program developed by the AI company called Deep Mind. It was trained for just 4 hours to play chess and it plays chess just like humans. In fact, it was even called the first multi-skilled AI board-game champ.

150000 tons of food is wasted everyday by Americans

Where the points mentioned above state how human intelligence is worth praising, this point states the other side of the story. Food is being wasted every day by Americans & it is mere carelessness. As per Guardian, “the volume of discarded food is equivalent to the yearly use of 30m acres of land, 780m pounds of pesticide and 4.2tn gallons of irrigated water.”

Pluto couldn’t even complete one round of the Sun

Pluto was discovered on 18 February 1930 & it is so far and slow that it has not yet completed one round of the sun. Apparently, it takes 248.09 Earth Years to complete one round around the sun.