10 Astounding Facts from Reddit that are totally worth reading

Friends still make a billion dollars a year

Although it seems impossible, it is real. Friends ended in 2004, but the actors were given 2% syndication rights, which means they continue to make about 20 billion dollars from the incredible show they created 20 years ago.

Earth has more trees than stars in the milky way

More trees grow on Earth than there are stars in the Milky Way, according to the National Geographic Channel. In the future, it will be difficult to maintain the score because humans are fast destroying forests.

Suitcases had no wheels when we landed on the moon

Much earlier than when he gave his baggage wheels, man first set foot on the moon. First things first, always!

Lobsters never die of old age

According to popular belief, lobsters never get old. Although they continue to develop, they are not immortal or anything. As they get older, lobsters begin to molt their shell. Sometimes while shedding skin, they pass away from weariness or diseases.

China is the leading producer of cement in the world

This statistic demonstrates China’s strength and independence as a nation. China produces more cement than the rest of the world’s nations put together. Is this not unexpected?

The time gap between the first flight ever to landing on the moon

Without a doubt, humans are the most intelligent animals on the planet. Two events that significantly changed our lives were the development of the first airplane and the landing on the moon. The fact that we reached the moon in just 66 years after the first flight is also interesting.

Fanta came as a substitute for Coca-Cola in Germany

Due to World War II, when the United States and Germany became adversaries, Fanta was developed as a Coca-Cola substitute in Germany. Due to both nations’ businesses being cut back during the World War, Fanta was eventually created.

Alpha zero learned chess in 4 hours

The AI startup Deep Mind created the computer software, Alpha Zero. It just needed four hours of training to play chess at a human level. It was even referred to as the first multi-talented AI board-game champion.

150000 tons of food is wasted every day by Americans

In contrast to the statements made before, which highlight how human intelligence deserves praise, this point presents the other viewpoint. Americans waste food every day, and it’s all due to negligence. According to the Guardian, “the volume of wasted food is equivalent to the use of 30 million acres of land, 780 million pounds of pesticide, and 4.2 trillion gallons of irrigation water annually.”

Pluto couldn’t even complete one round of the Sun

Pluto was found on February 18, 1930, and due to its distance from the sun and slow rotation, it has not yet made one full orbit. It appears that one orbit around the sun takes 248.09 Earth years to complete.