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Interesting Relationship

The Best Opening Lines That Start Interesting Conversations

2020 is here at last! The time has come for women to take charge of their relationships and go on with them. Gone are the days when the male would strike up a conversation. Only women have the ability to strike up a conversation and initiate contact on dating apps like Bumble. We comprehend that it can be unclear how to approach the man. Therefore, we have prepared the ideal introductory sentences for you.

“I see you like the Beatles. I’m a big fan too!”

You’ve got the perfect mutual interest topic right at the outset. Unquestionably, one of the few intriguing things that may unite individuals is music.

“Wow, you seem like quite the fitness fanatic!”

In real conversations, compliments on his beautiful biceps are surely alluring. You might find yourself with a great workout partner if you lob this statement at another fitness fanatic.

“Important question: pizzas or burgers?”

You never know what will work out for you. An exciting conversation about food and other possibilities can be a great place to start. These types of questions are quite straightforward and very fruitful.

“It’s Friday! Got any big plans for the weekend?”

When you realize there isn’t much to say, just keep it simple. To make the weekends operate more smoothly, have more knowledge about them.

“Damn, it seems like you love to travel with your friends! Your pictures are travel goals.”

Travel is one topic that appeals to all sexes. Bring up their memories, discuss the trip images, and then depart.

“Do you think the ‘Girl, interrupted’ movie was better than the book?”

Are you an avid reader? The dialogue should begin with this phrase and never end! If all goes well, you might arrange to meet up at a reading event or bookstore.

“What do you like to do when you’re not working?”

Expressing interest in his interests can be helpful. Ask about their hobbies as you make matches with the trigger points.

“Looks like you’re a pro at binge-watching TV shows. What are your top three shows of all time?”

It can be worthwhile to your relationship if you pay attention to their favorite TV show. You may also find out his preferred TV series by asking him about his interests.

“You seem to really love eating out. First date at your favorite restaurant?”

It is usually a good idea to talk about food options. If he is a foodie, inquire about his favorite eatery. It’s the ideal topic, and you might even be able to win his devotion with it!

“I see you’re a software engineer. What’s your favorite part about the job?”

It can be truly engaging to talk about his career background. As a result, you might get to know him better. Just be sure to keep it amusing and distinctive, and steer clear of an interview.

“Your dog is adorable! Are you planning to get more pets?”

If you know he owns a dog, ask a question regarding pets. He has a cute puppy, and it’s intriguing! (Wink)

“If you had to pack a bag and go on a trip tonight to anywhere in the world, which place would you pick?”

Instant travel-related questions can keep a lively conversation going. You could learn something from it and gain some understanding of his trips.

“Can you describe your top interests with just three emojis?”

Emojis may make a scenario much more exciting and enjoyable.

Such cute topics are rarely mentioned, but it’s a great way to keep the conversation lively.

“My first impression is that we’d get along really well. Want to test it out on a date?”

It’s easy to keep things simple with this query. Make sure your conversation is riveting to him because a meeting so soon could be especially unsettling.

“I’m no photographer but I can picture us together”

Everyone agreed that a small flirting was harmless. Such charming discussions could have an impact on him.

You have it, then! You now have access to these and more amusing and realistic conversation starters. Enjoy Bumble and discover your ideal partner. Making the first move might be difficult and stressful, but thanks to these lines, it’s currently much more comfortable. Make the conversation enjoyable and lighthearted by paying attention to their profile, interests, and hobbies.