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There was a time when male anchors predominated on TV news networks. However, as times have changed, you may now see more female news anchors on television. The top female anchors of all time are listed below. You’ll enjoy getting a glimpse into their real-life and on-screen lives. Look over the list!

Maria Menounos – on air

Maria has become the journalism world’s rock star. She started working as an anchor for Channel One News while a student at Emerson College. Her second accomplishment was finishing as the Miss Massachusetts USA’s first runner-up. She also served as a host for well-known programs including Access Hollywood and Extra TV. After Buzz Tv, she produces and hosts an online podcast.

Maria Menounos – off the air

Maria’s parents were janitors for the school. She has labored arduously to become famous. She is a dependable anchor with an estimated net worth of $7 million. 2014 saw the discovery of her brain tumor. She is married to Keven and is thinking about having her child through surrogacy.

Yanet Garcia – on air

Janet covers the weather for a Mexican television station. She has gained popularity as a result of her show’s well-fitting attire. She gained even more popularity after TMZ and Playboy called her “a girl that makes you desire the weather forecast.”.

Yanet Garcia – off the air

Janet has a sizable 6 million-follower Instagram fan base. She has posed for several lingerie companies. She even employs models she trains at her modeling school, Yanet Gracia’s Models.

Erin Andrews – on air

In 2004, Erin first began working for ESPN National Hockey Night. Since 2012, she has served as a Fox News anchor. Her job includes speaking with athletes and reporting big games.

Erin Andrews – off the air 

Erin is connected to social organizations in real life. She participated in the Kraft Foods project and the StubHub campaign. She’s regarded as one of the most attractive sportscasters. In 2016, Erin battled cervical cancer. She is fine and healthy right now.

Heidi Watney – on air

Heidi competed in the Miss California pageant and finished second. She commenced serving as an MLB NETWORK host. She hosted Quick Pitch and reported on numerous baseball games.

Heidi Watney – off the air

In addition to reporting sports, Heidi has taken involved in activities including cheerleading, gymnastics, and diving. In 2014, she wed Mike Wickham.

Melanie Collins – on air

Melanie Collins has been enjoying an interesting career in sports news & broadcast since receiving her degree in broadcast journalism. She has worked for numerous well-known networks, including NFL, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and many others. She is currently seen anchoring and casting news segments for CBS Sports and Golf Channel.

Melanie Collins – off the air

Melanie Collins talks about golf in real life but enjoys playing it in the movies. Despite loving athletics, she pursued an additional degree in interior design.
Reading is one of her favourite activities, and she is open to new ideas

Natalie Morales – on air

Natalie worked as a banker to begin her career. After that, she covered significant events like 9/11 while working for a local channel. She later served as an MSNBC anchor. She began working for NBC in 2011 and hosted The Today Show.

Natalie Morales – off the air

Because she enjoys sports so much, Natalie has run in five marathons. She has two kids and is married to Joe Rhodes.

Jen Brown – on air

Jen has regularly covered sports for ESPN, CBS, CMT, and HDNet. For the past eight years, she has been presenting college baseball and football events for ESPN. She was given an Emmy for Outstanding Studio Show in 2008. For ESPNU, she co-hosted RoadTrip as well.

Jen Brown – off the air

Jen worked as a news anchor and a model for the Under Armour company. She has even appeared in the television show and movie Two Tickets to Paradise. Jen married the actor Wes Chatham in 2012, and the couple has two kids.

Charissa Thompson – on air

As one of the best sportscasters, Charissa has reported for Fox Sports 1, ESPN, Sports Nation, and numerous other channels. Some of her most well-liked sports coverage includes the NBA All-Star game, the Super Bowl in Texas, and the FIFA World Cup in South Africa for Yahoo! Additionally, she co-hosted the well-known program “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.”

Charissa Thompson – off the air

California’s Malibu is home to Charissa, who is unmarried. Additionally, she co-hosted Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster and ABC’s Splash.

Jenna Lee – on air

Fox News has employed Jenna as a reporter for a while. Additionally, she co-hosted the program Happening Now. In 2017, she quit Fox News and started working on other things.

Jenna Lee – off the air

Leif Babin is their spouse of Jenna. They have two kids as their offspring.

Julie Banderas – on air

Before joining Fox News, Julie worked for a number of Boston-area local news outlets. In 2008, she began working for Fox News as an anchor for the Fox Weekend Report Show.

Julie Banderas – off the air

In 2008, Julie made her private life public. She mentioned her connection to Andrew J. Sansone, the director of Habitat for Humanity. The pair has three children and a happy marriage.

Dana Perino – on air

From 2005 through 2007, Dana served as the White House’s deputy press secretary. She eventually attained the rank of Assistant to the President. She then became a television host for The Five, a Fox News program.

Dana Perino – off the air

Dana participated in the Jeopardy television competition. She even made cameos on numerous more shows. Let Me Tell You About Jasper: How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog is another book by Dana. It concerns Jasper, her dog. She adores her puppy and frequently shares images of her on social media..

Laurie Dhue – on air

In 1990, Laurie started hosting a weekend show on CNN. She changed to Fox News in 2000 and began working with Shepard Smith on the Fox Report. She also debuted as an anchor for The Blaze TV before departing in 2015. She is now writing a book on her time working at Fox News.

Laurie Dhue – off the air

Throughout Laurie’s whole career—which spanned 15 years—she battled addiction. She made her struggle public in 2011 and came out. She has since overcome her addiction and is now engaged to Joe Schrank.

Ainsley Earhardt – on the air

Ainsley graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in journalism. She is the host of the channel’s original “Ainsley Throughout America” programs, in which she travels across the country and reports on stories.

Ainsley Earhardt – off the air

Ainsley wanted to study theatre, but her unsupportive parents encouraged her to study journalism instead. She is currently wed to Will Proctor. They have a daughter named Hayden and are happily married.

Megyn Kelly – on air

Megyn Kelly gained notoriety for her contentious inquiries during the 2016 Presidential debates. Prior to that, she worked for Fox News on her own program, The Kelly File. In 2016, she joined NBC after leaving Fox News.

Megyn Kelly – off the air

Megyn has been recognized as one of the “Titans” category’s top 100 most important persons. Megyn is the author of the book Settle for More. She has three children and was married to Douglas Brunt.

Molly Qerim – on air

Molly Qerim has been dispelling the stereotype that women do not enjoy sports. She hosted College Football live on ESPN and ESPN2, for which she won an Emmy. Her career in sports is still active, as she currently serves as a First Take newsreader for ESPN.

Molly Qerim – off the air

For the most part, the media has been kept in the dark about Molly Qerim’s life. Nevertheless, her Instagram account provides a window into her life. She has 379000 followers, and that number is increasing daily.

Robin Meade – on air

Robin is a well-known television anchor and a former Miss Ohio. She is the host of The Morning Express with Robin Meade, her own program. She also presents another well-liked TV program called Ask Oprah’s Stars. She is listed as one of the most well-liked people on Lycos. Even so, she has won an Emmy.

Robin Meade – off the air

In addition to being a news anchor, Robin is a well-known singer. Brand New Day, her debut album, was released in 2011. She has numerous hats to wear because she also writes part-time. Her novel Morning Sunshine actually became a New York Times bestseller.

Melissa Theuriau – on air

After earning her journalism degree, Melissa began working for M6. Even after 2006, she continued to be connected to the French publication Zone Interdite. She hosted La Chaine, which helped her gain notoriety as a French anchor. Her fame is further aided by the web video compilations she produces.

Melissa Theuriau – off the air

Melissa, a mother of two children, wed the French actor Jamel Debbouze in 2018. Melissa is currently engaged in a charitable activity to earn money for the operation of La Rose, an organization that supports the education of girls.

Sara Walsh – on air

Sara has enjoyed success since the start of her career. She began her career working as a local anchor for a Nashville, Tennessee, news station. She won an Emmy for her efforts. She even started working as the Sports Director for a Georgian local station. She was given the chance to work as an ESPN sportscaster in 2010.

Sara Walsh – off the air

2014 saw Sara wed Matt Buschmann, a former pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks. In 2017, she gave birth to twins.

Erin Burnett – on air

On CNN, Erin Burnett hosts her own program, Erin Burnett Out Front. She has made numerous television appearances, including on NBC’s Meet the Press and Nightly News. She now travels all over the world for her own show, providing live updates from China, Israel, and Afghanistan.

Erin Burnett – off the air

Before she became an anchor, Erin Burnett worked as a financial analyst. Since she was a little girl, she had a great crush on CNN anchors. After sending a letter to CNN, she was given the opportunity to appear on the program MONEYLINE. She is now David Rubulotta’s wife and has two kids

Kimberly Guilfoyle – on air

Kimberly completed her legal studies in 1994. She continued to work as a prosecutor up until 2004. She received her first show, Anderson Cooper 3600, in 2004. She presently serves as a co-host on Fox News’ The Five.

Kimberly Guilfoyle – off the air

Actress Kimberly is quite versatile. She may certainly be described as beautiful with brains. Before beginning her career as a lawyer, she appeared in numerous wedding modeling ads. She has been in advertising for Macy’s as well. In 2003, she got married to the San Francisco mayor. They broke up in 2006. After that, she gave birth to a boy and wed Eric Villency. Later, in 2009, they separated.