There were times when TV news channels were ruled popularly by male anchors. But with the change in times, you can see more female news anchors on the screen. Here is a list of some of the all time favorites female anchors. You will love to have an insight into their real & reel life. Check out the list!

Maria Menounos – on air

Maria has been the rock star of journalism. She began anchoring for Channel One News during her college life at Emerson College. Her second achievement was to stand as the first runner up in Miss Massachusetts USA pageant. She also hosted popular shows like Access Hollywood & Extra TV. After Buzz Tv, an online podcast is created & hosted by her.

Maria Menounos – off the air

Both Maria’s parents worked as janitors. She has worked hard and risen to stardom. She is one anchor who is really down to earth & has estimated wealth of 7$ million. She discovered her brain tumor in 2014. She is married to Keven & is considering surrogacy for her child.

Yanet Garcia – on air

Yanet is the weather reporter on Mexican TV Station. She has become the apple of the eye because of her well-fitted outfits in the show. She became even more popular when she was described as a girl that makes you want the weather forecast, by TMZ & Playboy.

Yanet Garcia – off the air

Yanet has a huge instagram fan following of 6 million followers. She has modelled for several lingerie brands. She even runs her own modelling school called Yanet Gracia’s Models where she trains models.

Erin Andrews – on air

Erin started off working for ESPN National Hockey Night in 2004. She was an anchor for Fox News since 2012. Her work involves interviewing athletes & covering major games.

Erin Andrews – off the air

In real life, Erin is associated with social organisations. She has been a part of Kraft Foods initiative & StubHub’s Campaign. She has been named as one of the best looking sports casters. Erin struggled with cervical cancer in 2016. Today she is fine & healthy.

Heidi Watney – on air

Heidi participated in Miss California pageant & became a runner up. She started hosting for MLB NETWORK. She anchored Quick Pitch & covered multiple baseball games.

Heidi Watney – off the air

Heidi has not just been covering sports but has also participated in sports like diving, gymnastics & cheer leading. She married Mike Wickham in 2014.

Melanie Collins – on air

Melanie Collins graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism & has been living an exciting career in sports news & broadcast. She has worked for various popular networks like NFL, ESPN, Yahoo! Sports & many other networks. Now she can be seen hosting & news casting For CBS Sports & Golf Channel.

Melanie Collins – off the air

Melanie Collins talks about golf in reel life whereas in real life she loves playing this sport. Despite having love for sports, she took another degree in interior design.
Her favorite pastimes include reading & always open for new suggestions.

Natalie Morales – on air

Natalie started her career as a banker. After that she worked for a local channel & covered big events like 9/11. Later she anchored for MSNBC. In 2011 she started working for NBC & hosted The Today Show.

Natalie Morales – off the air

Natalie has participated in five marathons because of her love for sports. She is married to Joe Rhodes & has two children.

Jen Brown – on air

Jen has been a regular sportscaster for ESPN, CBS, CMT, and HDNet. She has been presenting college football & baseball games for ESPN for the past 8 years. In 2008, she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Studio Show. She has also co-hosted RoadTrip for ESPNU.

Jen Brown – off the air

Jen not only was a news anchor but was also a model for the brand named Under Armour. She has even made an appearance in television series and the film called Two Tickets to Paradise. Jen married actor Wes Chatham in 2012 & has two children.

Charissa Thompson – on air

Charissa has reported for Fox Sports 1, ESPN, Sports Nation & many other channels as one of the top-rated sports casters. FIFA World Cup in South Africa for Yahoo!, Super Bowl in Texas & NBA All-Star game are some of her most popular sports coverage. She has also co-hosted the popular show “The Best Damn Sports Show Period”.

Charissa Thompson – off the air

Charissa is single & lives in Malibu, California. She has also co-hosted ABC’s Splash & Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster.

Jenna Lee – on air

Jenna has been a long time reporter in Fox News. She has also co-hosted the show Happening Now. She left Fox News in 2017 & pursued other projects.

Jenna Lee – off the air

Jenna is married to Leif Babin. They are the parents of two children.

Julie Banderas – on air

Julie has worked in many local news channels in Boston before joining Fox News. She joined Fox News as an anchor for Fox Weekend Report Show in 2008.

Julie Banderas – off the air

Julie revealed her personal life in 2008. She stated her relationship with Habitat for Humanity’s director, Andrew J. Sansone. The couple is happily married & have three kids.

Dana Perino – on air

Dana worked as a Deputy Press Secretary for the White House from 2005 to 2007. She later rose to the position of Assistant to the President. Then she joined Fox News Program The Five as a television host.

Dana Perino – off the air

Dana was a contestant on television show called Jeopardy. She even made guest appearances on many other shows. Dana is also the author of the book Let Me Tell You about Jasper…: How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog. Its about her dog Jasper. She loves her dog & is mostly posting her pictures on social media.

Laurie Dhue – on air

Laurie became a CNN anchor in 1990 for a weekend show. In 2000, she switched to Fox News & worked for the Fox Report with Shepard Smith. She also premiered for The Blaze TV as an anchor & left it in 2015. Now, she is compiling her experiences in Fox News in the form of a book.

Laurie Dhue – off the air

Laurie was suffering from addiction for 15 years all through her career. She came out in public & revealed her struggle in 2011. Now, she is far from addiction & is engaged to Joe Schrank.

Ainsley Earhardt – on the air

Ainsley is journalism graduate from the University of South Carolina. She hosts her own segments of the channel titled, “Ainsley Across America” in which she travels across America & reports stories.

Ainsley Earhardt – off the air

Ainsley wanted to join theater but due to non-supportive parents she joined journalism. Now, she is married to Will Proctor. The couple is happily married with a daughter named Hayden.

Megyn Kelly – on air

Megyn Kelly became popular for her heated questions during 2016 Presidential debates. Before that she was with Fox News working for her own show The Kelly File. She left fox News & joined NBC in 2016.

Megyn Kelly – off the air

Megyn has been honored as one of the 100 most influential people in “Titans” category. Settle for more is a book written by Megyn. She married Douglas Brunt & has three kids.

Molly Qerim – on air

People believe that women do not like sports & Molly Qerim has been breaking this myth. She hosted College Football live on ESPN & ESPN2 and has received an Emmy Award for the same. Her career in sports in ongoing & is newscaster on ESPN news casting for First Take.

Molly Qerim – off the air

Molly Qerim’s life has been hidden for most of the time from the media. Though her Instagram account gives insight into her world. She has 379000 followers & its growing day by day.

Robin Meade – on air

Robin is a leading Tv anchor who has been former Miss Ohio. She is the host of her own show called The Morning Express with Robin Meade. Ask Oprah’s Stars is another popular TV show that she hosts. Lycos has named her as one of the most popular personalities. She has even received an Emmy Award.

Robin Meade – off the air

Robin is a popular singer along with being a news anchor. Her debut album Brand New Day was released in 2011. There are many feathers in her hat as she is also a part time author. In fact her book Morning Sunshine was a New York Bestseller.

Melissa Theuriau – on air

Melissa completed her degree in Journalism & started working for M6. She even stayed associated with Zone Interdite, a french magazine since 2006. She became popular as a French anchor after hosting La Chaine. Her online video compilations also contribute towards her popularity.

Melissa Theuriau – off the air

Melissa married french actor Jamel Debbouze in 2018 & is the mother of two kids. Melissa is now involved in charity work to raise funds for running an organization called La Rose, to help girls education.

Sara Walsh – on air

Sara has been a star since the beginning of her career. She started off as a local anchor for a local news channel in Nashville Tennessee. She grabbed an Emmy Award for her work. She even joined a local station in Georgia as Sports Director. In 2010, she got the chance to be sportscaster by ESPN.

Sara Walsh – off the air

Sara married former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Matt Buschmann in 2014. She gave birth to two twins in 2017.

Erin Burnett – on air

Erin Burnett is seen on her own show Erin Burnett Out Front on CNN. SHe has appeared in many shows like NBC’s Meet the Press and Nightly News. Now in her own show, she travels all around the world & gives live updates from China, Israel & Afghanistan.

Erin Burnett – off the air

Erin Burnett was a financial analyst before she became an anchor. She had a huge crush on CNN anchors since childhood. She got a chance to be on the show MONEYLINE after she wrote a letter to CNN. Now she is the wife of David Rubulotta & has two children.

Kimberly Guilfoyle – on air

Kimberly graduated in 1994 from Law School. Till 2004, she kept working as a prosecutor. In 2004, she got her first show Anderson Cooper 360⁰. She is currently the co-host on The Five on Fox News.

Kimberly Guilfoyle – off the air

Kimberly is a versatile actress. It won’t be wrong to call her beauty with brain. She has been the face of many bridal modelling campaigns before working as a lawyer. Macy’s advertisements have also featured her. She married to the Mayor of San Francisco in 2003. They split in 2006. After that she got married to Eric Villency & gave birth to a boy. Later they split in 2009.