10 Toilet Ideas that will Freak You Out!

The time when using the bathroom was just a need is long gone. People have begun spending time designing toilets as a result of the rising trends in every industry. It may sound fantastic to some people and ridiculous to others. But we defy you to look at these photographs of toilets without going crazy!

Take a look at these Instagram posts and let us know your thoughts!

Deposit and Withdrawal at the Same time

When the bin came between the forever together!

It is one of those times when you want to do everything together!

The Haunted Glass toilet

The Set Up Toilet

The Gangsta Toilet

Are you a gangsta there??

The Game of Thorns

The Thorn game is surely not easy!

What about the Poop’o’clock?

Trump or dump it is!

Booty special

Scaring the Shit Out of You, Literally!