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17 Ways to Grow Your Business with Constant Contact Email Marketing

To thrive in the business world a lot of things matter. You cannot just run your business by sticking to old norms or methods. The smoothest way to gain success is by marketing your products as well as services via email. It has become the smartest approach through which you can reach out to your customers easily and in a more cost-effective way. Plus, email marketing helps in retaining your customers.

Email marketing is a method where you can create targeted as well as personalized messages. This way you can build a significant relationship with your customers and can improve response rates. The marketing method via email brings in the benefit of permission-based, flexible design, scalable, increased conversions as well as sales, time-saving, less intrusive, shareable, and much more.

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However, searching for a great email marketing tool can be a tricky job. You won’t be able to find a reliable email marketing tool effortlessly. But to make things easier, Constant Contact email marketing tool is the most-effective as well as an engaging tool that integrates seamlessly. It will help you in creating attractive email marketing campaigns that will grow your business plus will leave a fresh mark on the minds of your customers.

About Constant Contract

Constant Contract have been offering prudent email marketing solutions since 1995. During it’s initial years it managed to achieve the reputation of being the most used email marketing tool in the market. Due to it’s incredible email marketing solutions it has now over 650,000 customers all across the world. In the last couple of years, they have added plenty of new features to enhance the productivity, flexibility, and efficiency of professionals using it. Some of the exclusive and most popular features offered by the platform are surveys, social campaigns, in-built event management tool, over 400 apps integration, and many more. On top of that, the company starts offering its plans at highly affordable prices. One can get started with it’s result-proven email marketing tool at just $20 per month with 500 subscribers. With high deliverability rates and incredible performance, Constant Contract is nothing short of a go-to email marketing tool in the market today.

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Knowing the fact that email marketing is the essence of any business today, and this tool can be a great example of it. Here are 17 ways via which you can grow your business with email marketing while using the tool.

  1. Endorse your new products and services

What could be more amazing than sending an email campaign to endorse your new products and services? Constant contact email marketing can clearly help you in promoting your new ventures. But don’t overlook to list the benefits of the products and services in the email. If that email draws the slightest attention of your reader then it certainly will have its impact. Plus, you can lure your contacts via exclusive discount coupons, etc.

  1. Educate your customers

To answer your customer’s “frequently asked questions” you can try hands-on blog post, webinar, etc. The other way to do this is by asking your customer service representatives about the questions regularly asked. Later you can produce those questions into content and publish it on your website. The easiest way to do this is by seeking help from Constant contact. Otherwise, customer calls might lead your business to extra costs.

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  1. Ask for testimonials

Asking for references from the recent buyers of your products and services is a smart move. This way you can solidify your business reputation. You can use these testimonials either on your website or on social media. This email marketing tool can help you in fulfilling this point. Plus, you can offer your client a thank you note later.

  1. Automate your follow-ups

It is evident to neglect some of the tasks such as communicating with your prospects on a regular basis. However, this can be solved with the help of an email marketing tool. It is one of the best Constant contact features. You only need to automate the process and the rest is taken care of by this tool. If you want to send a welcome email or email related to any tips or tricks, everything can be automated.

  1. Construct client loyalty

This is one of the most crucial points. You need to build a strong relationship with your customers and this can be done by emails. Sending personalized emails like birthday greeting cards, a monthly newsletter about happenings of your business or automated emails, etc. Constant Contact tool makes it easy to build customer loyalty.

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  1. Organize a contest

After setting up various strategies that will allow you to communicate with your clients in an effective way and later convert them into customers. Now it is time to produce more leads. You can create or organize contests with the help of Constant Contact email marketing tool especially if you have a customer base of B2C.

  1. Send a case study

A better way to provide something more detailed than testimonials are case studies. It is will give you the opportunity to communicate with your customer about the problems overcome by your business. A tool like Constant Contact can help you in sending a successful case study.

  1. Save some money

Out of all Constant Contact features, being a highly cost-saving tool is the best. You can’t just grow your business by focusing only on sales. You also need to cut some costs. Therefore, it means you can send emails rather than mailing letters.

  1. Make a cross-promotion with some other company

It is an interesting concept to cross-promote your over the years developed partnerships. This will help in building new contacts from both sides. This can be done through the Constant Contact tool.

  1. Recover your brand’s image

It is a fact that the more your customers are aware of your logo or branding, the more they are going to purchase from you in the future. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize daily email communication. This way your readers will start expecting your email. Email marketing tools like Constant Contact can be very beneficial in this.

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  1. Generate web traffic

Constant Contact is the best solution to generate web traffic. This can be done by sending one newsletter every month. In fact, if you are the owner of an online store then this is a very imperative step. This way your clients will be aware of a lot of things about your business. However, make sure the impact of the monthly newsletter shows a positive change in your sales.

  1. Wake up “dormant” customers

A lot of businesses forget old customers while focusing on new ones. However, it is super easy to re-engage with the customers who have already purchased from your store. The most impressive way is to present them with discount coupons. Constant Contact can be beneficial in automating virtual greeting cards with discount coupons.

  1. Upsurge your credibility

With Constant Contact features, you can upsurge your credibility. It is done with a combination of quality content and specific topics. Therefore, your readers will then definitely take decisions in favor of your actions.

  1. Convert visitors into clients

The biggest problem is when a client visits your website but does not purchase or request for information. This wastes your invested time as well as money. Therefore, to combat this situation you can add registration form using Constant Contact tool. Further, you can add those prospects to your list of emails by fulfilling what was promised to them.

  1. Generate new opportunities

To grow your business is to generate new opportunities. This can be done by publishing a quality newsletter because there are chances of opportunities knocking your door through a shared article and not contacts. Email marketing tool Constant Contact can help you create informative content.

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  1. Propose related products

The best strategy is to offer your existing customers with related products. For instance, a customer buys a lawnmower. After a few days, you can send the same customer discount coupons of hedge trimmer, lawn care accessories, etc. Above all, this entire process can be automated by Constant Contact.

  1. Make your new customers and prospects feel wanted

Everyone likes to feel welcomed and wanted. You can do the same with your new customers. However, it is super simple to do this electronically. You can automate welcome emails with Constant Contact to greet your new subscribers. This is the best way to create a positive impression with minimal efforts.


To sum up this Constant Contact review, these 17 ways can be the route to your new business success. Once you decide everything, the rest is handled by Constant Contact. The only thing which you need to focus on is to send relevant email content to your customers and they will definitely be connected to your business. The tool is not just offering value for your money, but also an incredible user experience like never before. Its affordable plans give you powerful tools, unlike other email marketing tools in the market.

This Constant Contact review is unbiased and meant solely for the benefit of customers.


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