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5 Reasons To Use Hubspot As Your Marketing Platform

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If you are into inbound marketing, or a marketing professional, then HubSpot is one of the finest platforms available in the market today to give wings to your business. It is all-in-one platform which can handle multiple marketing roles without any problem. Knowing the fact that the market is getting competitive with each passing day, and it’s difficult to spare much time for multi-tasking, HubSpot enables you to perform multiple marketing activities for your business without taking much time. It literally takes care of all the activities involved in the inbound marketing process. Thus, it will take care of all your leads, right from the generating to nurturing to conversion process.

So, let’s quickly take a look at 5 reasons to use HubSpot as your next and only marketing platform

  • It is an all-in-one marketing tool

This is certainly the best part of HubSpot. It is quite a daunting task to manage multiple marketing tools or software in today’s hectic lifestyle. With so many professional liabilities and priorities, one can’t spare much time to manage multiple screens on a daily basis. However, HubSpot marketing tool allows you to manage everything related to your inbound marketing process only on one screen. It gives you a privilege to have one password and one platform to manage your blog, landing pages, email, forms, SEO, social media etc.

  • High on personalization unlike other platforms

HubSpot has literally revolutionized the inbound marketing process with incredible personalization options. For an instance, it offers Smart Call to Actions that one can build in his website along with the Content Optimization System to enable you to carry on with website personalization and generating personalized call to actions. You can make personalization for your visitors and audience on the basis of location, source, device, language etc.

  • Incredible automation

Today, automation has become a go-to phrase for many marketing businesses. It saves a lot of time and efforts. HubSpot offers several automation features to make your daily tasks easier. For an instance, it offers an exclusive marketing automation application, Take Workflows which helps you to create a particular item like emails lists on the basis of various criteria, including custom lead scores, person etc. You can easily set your goal on an automation mode, including sending emails on daily basis. You can also schedule them in order to keep your marketing and sales effort going without any interruption. Likewise, you can also automatically start or schedule several other tasks in order to minimize human effort.

  • User-friendly platform without giving any nightmares

Many marketing platforms are quite complicated. But, the HubSpot marketing tool is very user-friendly, convenient and easier to navigate. It’s main aim is to simply the entire process of inbound marketing. By offering you all the marketing tools at one place with user-friendly features and software, it leaves no stone unturned to save a lot of your precious time and effort. It keeps on adding new features and tools to keep you updated, and enable you to meet all new demands generated in the industry.

  • A solid CRM

Undoubtedly, HubSpot offers a solid and incredibly seamless customer relationship management. It’s CRM helps you to keep an eye on sales process, leads and conversions. It gather every essential information about a particular lead in order to give it to the sales team to convert it as a potential lead. With it’s incredible Timeline feature, one can stay organized, tack all the details related to the lead, organize tasks or day, record phone calls, mails etc.

Final Thoughts

In short, HubSpot is nothing short of a perfect marketing tool which is capable enough to simplify the process of inbound marketing. It is a one-stop to make your marketing requirements and tasks easier, compared to other marketing platforms.

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